The End of America Part II

The recent fracas in the United States over the government “shutdown” and budget battle in the Congress has obscured the real burning issue which will forever seal the future of that nation: the Obama administration’s plan to legalize around 17 million “new” nonwhite illegal immigrants and thereby finally crush European Americans as a voting force.


According to reports, immigration reform has been stalled in the House for months during fights over government spending and the debt ceiling that left some Republicans in the Congress unwilling to support the Senate’s proposed immigration reform bill. Now however, they have announced that they are back on track and House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said Wednesday he still thinks “that immigration reform is an important subject that needs to be addressed” and is “hopeful” it can be done by the end of the year.

The senate immigration bill will in effect turn 17.3 million newly legalized Hispanic invaders into voters, a significant change in the American electorate given that 81 per cent of that group voted for Obama in the 2012 election.

The 17 million figure has come from a new report by the Center for Immigration Studies, a Washington, DC think-tank. The 17 million are in addition to the 14.9 million extra Hispanic voters whom analysts already expect to appear without the proposed law.

“To place these figures in perspective,” writes Steven Camarota, the group’s director of research, “the last four presidential elections were decided by 4.5 million votes on average.”

In the 2012 elections, 77 per cent of those who voted supported Democratic candidates for Congress, according to the polling group Latino Decisions. Seventy-five per cent voted for Obama.

Among Hispanic voters who weren’t born in the US, Democratic congressional candidates picked up 81 per cent of the vote. Obama rated 80 per cent.

The figures make it clear that even without the new immigration reform bill, white Americans will have permanently lost the ability to determine the government and policy of the United States well within the next decade.

Those white Americans concerned over this state of affairs should start considering alternatives to living under in an increasingly Third World nation, such as creating local communities and working towards a new ethnostate, either within the continental US or without.

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  1. When I look at Mexico I see a country of immense natural wealth and beauty – a virtual emerald waiting to be polished! So what is holding Mexicans back? Why can they not create industry, agriculture, social infrastructures, education services and welfare services to benefit their own people? What is holding them back?

    Look at Australia, another country of great natural wealth and beauty. And for 60,000 years there was not a single white man in sight to blame for the nation’s lack of intellect or industry. While Europe and South East Asia evolved into great cultures, Australia lay dormant. It lay socially stagnant. Only after European settlement did the nation evolve into a great one.

    So what is the problem? It is one of native intelligence. No matter what you try to do to help people if they do not possess the natural ability to do things nothing will happen. You will go on making excuses after excuses to justify why these peoples are still not improving.

    America will be flooded with Hispanics seeking a better life, but they will end up creating a new America several orders of magnitude worse than the original America. They will create a newer Mexico no better than the one they left.

    As the old saying goes:



  2. Americans need to retake America while numbers are strong enough to mount an offensive otherwise just sit there and the moturds will do something for you.

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