Trump’s DACA Amnesty Will Mean Instant Nonwhite Majority of Under-18s

US President Donald Trump’s campaign-promise breaking offer to give amnesty to “double” the number of “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” (DACA) illegal aliens will instantly flip the number of US citizens under the age of 18 into a nonwhite majority, and will cost at least $134 billion per year.

Trump’s offer was detailed in a recent tweet in which he specifically stated that he intended to “double the number of recipients” for an amnesty. By this it is meant that Trump intends to offer amnesty to at least 1.6 million invaders rather than the 800,000 currently enrolled in DACA.

Even if the “chain migration” scam is ended as part of this deal, the granting of amnesty to 1.8 million illegals will still result in the instant legal importation of the DACA recipient’s parents and immediate family—which will boost the total number to well over six million.

According to figures released in September 2017 by the Pew Research Center, the legally resident Hispanic population in the US was already 58 million in 2016, and is “the principal driver of U.S. demographic growth, accounting for half of national population growth since 2000.”

Adding the DACA recipients and their immediate families to this total will instantly boost the Hispanic totals to well over 65 million, given that the Pew figures are already nearly two years old.

In 2016, Hispanics accounted for 18 percent of the US’s population and were the second-largest racial or ethnic group, eclipsing even blacks in America.

Hispanics are also showing a natural growth rate of two percent per year, the Pew Research revealed, with the “foreign-born share” of the Latino population declining to 34.4 percent of that group’s total, down from a peak of 40.1% in 2000.

The share of the US-born Latino population grew to 65.6 percent in 2015, up from 59.9 percent in 2000.

Given that whites become a minority of live births in the US a few years ago already, it is already guaranteed that by 2020—now only two years away—more than half of all US citizens under the age of 18 will be nonwhite, according to official US Census Bureau figures.

Bearing in mind that that Census Bureau prediction was made before the DACA figures are added in, it is clear that Trump’s amnesty offer instantly transform the 2020 Census Bureau prediction into 2018 reality—and will cement the nonwhite overwhelming of America.

In addition, a September 2017 study released by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) revealed that, “At the federal, state, and local levels, taxpayers shell out approximately $134.9 billion to cover the costs incurred by the presence of more than 12.5 million illegal aliens, and about 4.2 million citizen children of illegal aliens.”

This, the report says, is a nearly $3 billion increase in the cost since 2013.

According to Steven Camarota, director of research at the Center for Immigration Studies, “…The average cost of a deportation is much smaller than the net fiscal drain created by the average illegal immigrant,” in part due to the fact that “illegal immigrants overwhelmingly have modest levels of education — most have not completed high school or have only a high school education…creating more in costs for government than they pay in taxes.”

Finally, the cost to society of letting the country be overrun with these DACA recipients in terms of criminality was the subject of a paper by John R. Lott, Jr., president of the Crime Prevention Research Center.

According to Lott, who used Arizona’s prison population as a microcosm for study, the crime-rate among illegal immigrants in the US from 1985 to 2017, said in his report that:

“Arizona’s prison population data allow us to compare undocumented immigrants’ share of the prison population with their estimated share of the state population…For the first time, we break down the data to examine differences between US citizens, undocumented immigrants, and legal permanent residents. One advantage of using convictions rather than just reported crimes is that convictions depend on a ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ standard of evidence and thus are much less likely to count innocent people.

“Undocumented immigrants are at least 142% more likely to be convicted of a crime than other Arizonans. They also tend to commit more serious crimes and serve 10.5% longer sentences, more likely to be classified as dangerous, and 45% more likely to be gang members than U.S. citizens…There are dramatic differences between in the criminal histories of convicts who are U.S. citizens and undocumented immigrants…

“[Y]oung undocumented immigrants commit crime at twice the rate of young U.S. citizens. These undocumented immigrants also tend to commit more serious crimes. If undocumented immigrants committed crime nationally as they do in Arizona, in 2016 they would have been responsible for over 1,000 more murders, 5,200 rapes, 8,900 robberies, 25,300 aggravated assaults, and 26,900 burglaries.”

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  1. We are all so [email protected]#ed.

    The “great white hope” is a disaster. And he was supposed to be the savior of the white race. But he was a controlled puppet just like the rest of them. There is no solution in politics.

    1. Trump was a puppet from the beginning, like all of them. This cannot be fixed within the system, when the system is so utterly corrupt. We were way past the “call you senator” era decades ago. The uni-party is a runaway train, and we’re not on it. We are, however, right on track to experience the same fate as Rhodesia and South Africa, once this non-White majority votes themselves in to all offices and the White voice becomes irrelevant. Forced mass immigration and decisions like these of Trump’s are an act of war. It’s a proxy invasion.

  2. Well done to the New Observer for seeing through yet another Globalist deception. Europeans (“whites”) were so desperate for a “saviour” that they fell for it hook, line & sinker. No one can blame them for that, but I hope they are beginning to awaken to the fact that nobody gets to be leader of ANY country unless they are a fully paid-up member of the Illuminati. There is only One Saviour, and it isn’t Drumpf.

  3. This was not an “offer” in the since that it could ever be accepted by the Left.

    What it is, is evidence of a Grand Master Troll at work.

  4. How can Americans sleep at night while the USA is collapsing?

    Soros, Obama, Clinton, and Trump all support endless wars, debt, and tyranny. What’s the difference?

    Has Trump opposed trade wars, starting wars with Iran, Mexico, China, Russia, and North Korea, driving up the debt, ending minimum wages, opening concentration camps, banning free speech, religious freedom, freedom from warrantless searches, freedom from torture, security cameras, license plate readers, checkpoints, redlight cameras, speed cameras, FBI facial and voice recognition, curfews, gun bans, NSA wiretapping, the end to the right to silence, searches without warrants, private prisons, mandatory minimums, 3 strikes laws, DNA databases, CISPA, SOPA, IMBRA, private prison quotas, no knock raids, take down notices, no fly lists, terror watch lists, Constitution free zones, stop and frisk, 3 strikes laws, kill switches, National Security Letters, DNA databases, kill lists, FBAR, FATCA, Operation Chokepoint, TSA groping, civil forfeiture, CIA torture, NDAA indefinite detention, secret FISA courts, FEMA camps, laws requiring passports for domestic travel, IRS laws denying passports for tax debts, gun and ammo stockpiles, laws outlawing protesting, police militarization, and Jade Helm?

    Has Trump arrested the bankers, decreased taxes, kicked out the illegal aliens, ended the Fed, ended the wars, ended welfare, ended Obamacare, and restored the Bill of Rights?

    Trump doesn’t work for you. He works for the elites.

    The time for supporting Trump has ended and the time for buying gold, guns, and food has arrived.

    Wake up. Think. Spread the word. Dark times are coming.

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