US White Population Increases to All-Time High—But Declines as Percentage of Total Population

The number of whites in America has increased to an all-time high of 197 million people, an increase of 5.1 percent from 1990—but because of mass Third World immigration, their percentage of the total population has dropped to just 60 percent, a new analysis of Census Bureau figures has shown.

Media coverage of an analysis of overall white decline—issued by the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Applied Population Lab—has focused exclusively on the findings that whites have dropped as a percentage of the total population, and ignored the actual real growth in white numbers.

That report said that the number of white non-Hispanic Americans declined by 0.02 percent between 2016 and 2017, and now total 197.8 million.

Given that the US population currently stands at 325.7 million, this means that whites now constitute 60 percent of the total population.

Focusing on this reality has allowed the controlled media to start gloating over the “imminent demise” of white America—but ignores figures from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey Demographic and Housing Estimates of 2012, and the 2010 Census, which show that the real number white non-Hispanics in America is actually increasing.

According to US Census figures, the number of non-Hispanic whites in America in 1990 stood at 188,128,296, or 75.6 percent of the total population.

In 2000, there were 194,552,774 whites, an increase of over six million over the 1990 figure.

However, despite this remarkable growth, whites only made up 69.1 percent of the population  due to mass Third World immigration and the already-present Hispanic population’s birth rate.

In 2010, the real white numbers increased once again to 196,817,552, but their overall share of the population continued to drop to 63.7 percent.

By 2012, the white numbers had increased again to 197,243,423, but continued to drop to 62.8 percent of the total population.

As the latest figures show, the white population has increased once again to an all-time high of 197.8 million.

This means that between 1990 and 2018, the white population of America has actually increased by 5.15 percent.

Despite this increase, when white numbers are expressed as a percentage of the total population, their relative numbers have declined over the same period.

In 1990, the total population of America was 249.6 million, compared to today’s 325.7 million—which means that the nonwhite population is growing even faster.

It also means that the white population—despite its real increase in numbers—dropped by 11.9 percent when expressed as a percentage of the total population for the period 1990 to 2012—a figure, which, if repeated, will mean that whites will become an absolute minority within the next ten years.

According to the latest analysis, the Hispanic population increased 2.1% to 58.9 million, and made up 18.1% of the nation’s total population in 2017. The gain was primarily due to natural increases (the difference between births and deaths), not net migration.

The black population increased 1.2% to 47.4 million, and the Asian population, the fastest-growing racial group in the nation, increased 3.1% to 22.2 million. Their increase is primarily due to net migration.

Even though white numbers are currently still increasing, unless they increase their fertility rates, this will not continue. As the latest analysis showed, more whites died than were born in twenty-six states in 2016, more than at any time in U.S. history.

The extent of the potential decline is highlighted by the fact that white deaths exceeded births in just four states in 2004 and seventeen as recently as 2014.

Two  important conclusions can be drawn from the latest figures:

  1. White fertility rates will have to increase, especially as the population ages, otherwise the real growth in numbers will not be sustained.
  2. Unless nonwhite immigration is halted and reversed, whites will have to start consolidating in areas within the contiguous United States if they want to stand any chance of achieving or retaining political control over their destiny and culture.

Staying within the current constitutional unitary state will guarantee subjection to a combined nonwhite majority within two decades, which means that the final destruction of European America, despite the rising numbers.

The halting and reversing of nonwhite immigration will require a presently unimaginable political revolution.

It is therefore clear that the creation of a physically separate European ethnostate is now the only viable political option open to those white Americans who do not welcome the extinction of their race and culture.

* Important note to the above figures: the US Census Bureau definition of “White” includes Middle Easterners, which means that all Jews in the US are counted as white as well. There are currently officially around 6.3 million Jews in America, plus an indeterminate other number of Middle Easterners and others classified as “white” by the Federal government. This fact does not however affect the overall thesis of this article, nor its conclusions.

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  1. A 5% increase over 30 years – itself an artifact of past generations fertility – is neglible.
    It’s in the range of 0.1% per annum growth compounded over that period – about the amount of dust in your trouser turn-ups.
    Put it this way, Nigeria racks up the same amount of growth in 28 months that white America does in 28 years.
    No matter how you sugar the pill, it’s all over for whitey in the USA.

    One can only hope that the central Europeans are mindful of this long and terrible story, and stay staunch and unyielding despite MASSIVE EU hostility and oppression.

  2. The libtards, high tech, meat packing, agriculture, industries and labor unions want the nonwhites. It’s all about money. Keep bringing in cheap labor. White birth rates are decreasing in my opinion is due to unfair marital laws and the huge financial expenses especially in the US. Why marry and have kids.

  3. “Middle Easterners” have been falsely classified as “white”, when they are part of the Indian Subcontinental Ethnic Group. And since they include everyone from Saudis to Iranians living in the US, the proportion of real “whites” = (European Ethnic Group) must be drastically smaller than these figures show. There are also many Indian Subcontinentals who classify themselves as “white” if one of their parents was Ethnic European, so they will falsely bloat the “US white population increase”. The necessity of “safe havens” for real Europeans = “whites” to prevent extinction worldwide has never been greater.

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