Western Europeans Start Migration East

Western Europeans have already started migrating toward the eastern part of the continent in response to the nonwhite invasion, the Visegrád Post has revealed.

“Central Europe will soon become an El Dorado for Westerners who want to live the European way of life,” the newspaper said.


In an article titled “Is Hungary becoming an Eldorado for Westerners?” the Visegrád Post—a news source dedicated to providing unbiased news from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and the Balkans, said that “Central Europe will soon become an El Dorado for Westerners who want to live the European way of life.”

Referring to the fact that the central European nations have refused to commit collective racial suicide along with the western Europeans, the Visegrád Post pointed out that “for some time now, western and northern Europeans have chosen to migrate to Hungary.”

“Far from the image of underdeveloped country that some would like to give her, Hungary distinguishes herself in particular by her politics in favor of the people and the ambient climate of safety, which seduces western populations abandoned by their government,” the paper continued.

Increasing numbers of Germans, Belgians, French people, and others have already made the move, the paper says, adding that these people “have understood that after having spent their summers in crowded campsites near the Balaton lake, there are many who have made their favorite tourist destination their home.”

In Hungary, the paper adds, it is possible to buy a village house for €300 per square meter, “where one can enjoy a peaceful existence.”

It is also an area where it is possible to “create real communities” and where there is no solitude as long as the language does not frighten them.

“And if the real estate and everyday life prices are tempting for western Europeans, the ambient climate can be even more attractive.

“Hungary loves its European tradition and, contrary to what one can see in some other European countries, is proud of her identity and her culture.

“The inhabitants thrive there without being afraid of a terrorist attack, a norm that has become a dream,” the paper adds.

However, the article points out, in the near future, “Central Europe will have to intelligently manage these migrations,” because they do not wish to be overrun with the “cosmopolitan thinking” which dominates western Europe and which has had such “fatal effects.”

People who, the article says, chase “anything for a lifestyle where immediate pleasure is king and the future insignificant,” will have to be kept out.

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  1. Thank God for Hungary and the rest of
    of the V4. I equate this with Victory 4.
    Piss on junker juncker and moron merkel jerkel and the rest of the belgian bozos. Learn history, Hungary fought
    the ottoman scum bags for nearly 200
    years essentially saving Europe. Let
    the west wallow in racial dilution as ia happening in the US.

      1. Isn’t it ironic the white nations, minus Russia, who took down “Nazi Germany”–America, Britain, France– are flooded with nonwhites, degeneracy, usury, unemployment with their native population, their youth are taught to hate their own race,etc?

        1. Russia under the old Soviet rule was Bolshevik Jew. It was not run by whites. Stalin and his Jew elite genocided
          40 – 60 MILLION white Russians; orthodox Christians.

        2. The parents have not taught youths of today this. They are indoctrinated in Schools and Universities with the UN “Global Citizenship”. They are taught to have pride in your Country is wrong, have pride in the fact they are citizens of the world. They are the future and they have the rights, that’s why the remainers outwardly viewed their hate towards older (white) people. 21st Centre education is an American funded plot with George Soros, Bill Gates, Planned Parenthood, UNESCO to name a few backers. Expressive arts and Health and well-being are given priority as well as the sick agenda of sex education for 5year olds. The Common Core Education plan “no child left behind” along with the UNs children rights laws passed, means it will be harder to home school your child, to stop this indoctrination. Wales is bringing in this sick plan and the address given on our local Council website is
          One Massachusetts Avenue NW, Suite 700 Washington, DC 20001 202-312-6429.
          This plan is part of Agenda 21 for a sustainable future. It involves putting the rights of the environment about individual rights to own land. Rural living is not Carbon efficient so under “saving the world” your land rights will be lost. You will live close enough to to walk or cycle to work have no garden just a communal grass piece to share. California, Mega Cities, ICLEI are all part of this plan. A Global workforce of the future e.g conforming slaves the Government wants.

  2. How the gov of the of the U.K. As allowed this I will. Never understand We will never surrender We will never surrender what our fore fathers and today’s youth gave lost there lives limb to b free we do not belong to Merkel !!!!!!!!! Ne ver av been R!!!!!!!! Will b if you bow down to this dictatorship don’t even think of buying a poppy again !!!!!!!!!!!!!! U sold them brave lads out!!!!!! Proud now ? Think not !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Because the government of the UK is NOT run by the UK! The politicians are PUPPETS of those who wish us ALL harm. It has been run for many years by foreign interests, ie; Private Central Bankers, the Illuminati and Zionists! 100% TRUE. Those who rule us are the REAL BAD GUYS! Shocking but true. Many Western Nations are run by this same elite. Only Russia, Syria, and Iran would seem to have escaped the elites clutches. That is why the insane satanic elites are determined to crush them. The last country to challenge the elite Zionists was Germany in the 1930’s. They paid a terrible price, and still are by way of huge amounts of cash they are paying Israel for a crime that NEVER happened.

    2. Germans aren’t your problem, as they are are bombarded now with nonwhites. The Jewish bankers and the EU are causing the destruction of our nations. I hope your nation and the rest of the West turns things around.

    3. The poppy is a symbol for the SACRIFICE of millions of potential defenders of white Europe in a civil war. You celebrate Butcher Haig, how perverse for a true nationalist.

  3. I’ll say this, I’m not old (though I feel it), and if I see the grand old age of 45 just 3 months from now, I know I won’t see 46…bummer:(
    Now don’t get me wrong, none of that which I post is intended to generate pity, (thank you, but no thank you!), nor said out of self-pity…life isn’t fair to most of us – but if I were a young man, I’d be doing everything I could to get to a country which values its culture, history, people, and I’d advise anyone who could do, to do so.
    Western Europe is finished, already too far gone to be saved, and the only genuine resistance is in the east.
    Once, we (the UK) stepped in to try and save Poland, but sadly there is no-one who can save the UK…get out if you can, and if you can’t, then encourage your children/grandchildren to get out, because if you don’t, then start learning Arabic, reading the Qur’an, get used to the sight and smell of blood, and say goodbye to everything which took so long to bring about a civilized society.
    Western civilization, Rest In Peace!

    1. well said Stuart I am to old to think of moving being nearer to seventy but think they should be teaching Hungarian or polish in our schools instead of French, my granddaughter has just wasted two years GSCE french complete waste of time the other option was Spanish another waste of time I am voting out of this nightmare but feel there are plenty of voters wearing rose coloured glasses god help us.

        1. If she goes to Spanish speaking America she will be even worde than in Spain. I am Spanish…please believe me. Canada sounds better…

    2. Stuart. Your historical facts are wrong. England had obligation to help Poland fight the Nazi but you did nothing in September 1939. It is Polish pilots who helped to save Britain later on. At the end of WWII it was your prime minister Churchill who sold Poland to Russians for half of a century signing pact in Yalta with Stalin.

      1. Tell that to the families of all the British young men who eagerly joined up after Chamberlain announced that we were at war with Germany.
        It’s politicians who betray people!

        1. I totally agree with you on that. The only irony is that it is us, the people who keep electing those morons.

          1. Shocking isn’t it…I mean we all learn from an early age that if we touch a flame we get burned, so we don’t touch flames.
            Then we ‘grow up’ and keep electing the same self-serving, treasonous politicians over and over, never learning from our experience.
            You might blame Churchill for selling you out after the war, but just for the record, Chamberlain was the Prime Minister for the first 8 months of WW2.
            I think the time for recriminations is past though, if for no other reason than we all have a more pressing common enemy, and it really is out to destroy us!

      2. Mariusz, thank you for pointing out the obvious.

        The concept of Western betrayal refers to the view that the United Kingdom and France failed to meet their legal, diplomatic, military and moral obligations with respect to the Czech and Polish nations, and sometimes referring to the treatment of other Central and Eastern Europe nations in the prelude to and aftermath of the Second World War.

    3. Stuart, Your comment made me cry, then I woke up at three a.m. still thinkng about it and this poem came to me. I hope you like it. It’s called Sweet Gentle Warrior
      When your mortal vessel falls and breaks
      Valkyries then your soul will take
      Transport you to Vallhalla’s shores
      And comfort you forevermore.
      Then once your soul is hail and strong
      They’ll lead you to the feasting hall
      Your horn of mead, be ever full
      Fair maidens wil all vie for you.
      But look pray – every now and then
      Down to the earth – abode of men
      Remember us who struggle still
      And send brave thoughts down if you will.
      Shoot arrows that are straight and strong
      Into our hearts at restless dawn.
      With courage, wisdom, strength and faith
      The gods’ protection for our race.

      1. That’s beautiful Justagirl…
        I’m guessing you’re one of our Nordic friends then…being Scottish, I share a quantity of that blood 🙂

  4. Let me take u by the hand and lead u through the the streets of London I’ll show u something that will make u change u r mind and many more counties in the land of brittania where is ur patrisom don’t let our colourful history b distroyed by them who we distroyed we r an island we can still squire our selfs do not sell ur children / grandchildren out do not ever forget what ur our lads in uniform did for u and what quality of life u AV been given remember those kids fought for freedom for King an country and suffered don’t turn ur back on them now !! One cross in a box!!!!! In a quite voting booth not incessant bombing sat in a bog trench piss wet through!!!!!! Wake up eu !!!!!!!!’ We fought fought for freedom an we will not give it up easily!!!!!!!!! GOD SAVE THE QUEEN FOR ENGLAND AND ST GEORGE!!!!

  5. I think there’s a very real chance of Europe dividing between the old east/west lines of the cold war. Germany is very torn. West Germany welcomes their demographic suicide, and the east has 15K+ people marching through the streets against Islamization.

    1. It’s not the Germans but those Zionists who control their country, the Private Central Bankers. They want to destroy the German race. The same satanic elite control most countries and are behind the mass immigration invasion of white civilized countries. They want to destroy us. They are more evil than people can possibly imagine.

  6. Funny thing: Dutch and Danish folk have been moving to Visegrad for more than a decade now. There’s entire Dutch village out there in the Czech-German borderland. Mostly wealthy pensioners looking for something “different”, they unwittingly turned out to be early adopters of an upcoming trend.

  7. Unfortunately – ‘wherever the Englishman goes, the Paki is sure to follow’.

    A nursery rhyme phrase which is born out by the reality of mass black/brown immigration to Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc etc.
    Central Europeans MUST realise that a huge, nay, enormous number of ‘British citizens’ are, in fact Pakistanis and Indians, or Africans. Under EU rules they must be treated exactly the same as real English people.
    When life in England gets so bad, forcing an exodus of real English people, rest assured that their parasites will follow them, like fleas on a dog.

    1. The muslims and jews follow the white man like flies around a horses arse. They are parasites. They are incapable of forming cohesive societies and are intent on destroying ours.

    2. that’s what scares me too! I hope the “Western Europeans” fleeing to the East are 1) white and 2) not liberals. It’s time for the White Man to put his foot down hard and tell nonwhites and Jews, “No more! You’re not living in our nations anymore. You’re not getting money from us. You’re not going to terrorize our people anymore. You are, in fact, leaving right now.”

  8. I have a grown son, but I also have two girls and a boy all under four years of age. (They are 3/4 German and 1/4 Scotch-Irish.) I will have to see how I can teach them the Hungarian language. But I wonder: Are the western/northern Europeans moving to Hungary entirely or largely old people? Or are there significant numbers of young who can, if they would be willing, create babies and a demographic future in Hungary?

  9. You should do a test to anyone trying to live in Central Europe a Patriotic Test and see the party that these people voted if they voted in any party besides the nationalists don´t let them in.

    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking. How do we know these Western Europeans fleeing into Central and Eastern Europe didn’t vote for the pro immigration and/or liberal left wing parties? It’s the same in the USA. As whites in California or Northwestern states, like New York, voted for liberal policies, like gun control or open borders and bigger government, fled to more conservative states like Texas or Montana or Idaho, etc, and now they’re bringing their same liberal, elitist anti white attitudes with them.

      I hope Eastern Europe and Central Europe is very VERY selective about the whites they let in. Make sure they are vetted for not having left-wing tendencies, no degenerates, no race mixers, no liberals, no welfare hounds, etc. Make them pay an expensive entry fee too! And be very VERY intolerant if they express the slightest liberal or naive viewpoint.

  10. Western Europeans are not going to be very welcome in eastern european countries, particularly the slavic ones, if they are sick and old, or simply bring their weak liberal western values with them. They might be running away, but that in itself is an indictment of their poor character.And this is no solution because if the non-whites take over Western Europe, the east is finished in the long run too; they will under siege and encircled, cut off from maritime trade and support.

    1. My biggest concern is Western Europeans fleeing East are leaving behind those Germans, Brits, French, Irish, Scots, Belgians, Swedes and so on who are willing to stay, fight and die for their nations. Also, how do we know the Western Europeans fleeing aren’t liberals or open border types and that they won’t bring that same mindset with them to Poland or Hungary or Georgia or Russia etc?

      To my Slavic friends, make sure you keep your nations white and make any whites you take in are vetted strongly. Please don’t turn Eastern Europe into the dump the rest of the West is today!

  11. Actually we are not very happy about this trend. Who are the people who don,t have empathy for their ethnic group, homeland, friends, relatives, schoolmates and who are ready to throw all away without blinking an eye….???
    Do only I feel that this is pretty much a liberal behaviour. And despite all nationalist rejecting it, liberalism is genetical disease and our worst enemy. Why jews failing everywhere from Middle East to China. Because other races don,t have genetical defect causing liberalism and selfhatred, something jews may exploit.

    And we don,t want a liberal gene carriers to our homelands spreading the poison. Like those pensioners mentioned above whos votes are the cause of decades of cultural marxism. They need enrichment by diversiy not peaceful rest after lifelong anti white activity.

    1. I’m also worried the ‘western europeans’ fleeing to the East might be nonwhites since you can be black or brown and be ‘English’ or ‘Swedish’ or ‘French’ etc. Unless Central and Eastern Europe has the balls to openly say “whites only” they will get swamped with nonwhites too.

  12. This is good news. They are retreating, and so like-minded people will understand the dangers of diversity(the globalist kind). Let’s hope the liberals are left to defend for their kind in their own mess. Try and keep thewhite liberals out of Eastern Europe.

  13. Hungary is only the first stop. Last year a well known Polish website concluded that if the immigrant invasion of Western Europe is not reversed, then the whole of the native European population of Europe will flee to Russia for protection. This is not as fantastic as it sounds. As for Hungary, it can only accept so many arrivals, as its a small country. Soon Russia will become the latest fashion in emigration.

      1. Here is the ethnic composition of Russia according to the CIA World Factbook:

        Russian 77.7%, Tatar 3.7%, Ukrainian 1.4%, Bashkir 1.1%, Chuvash 1%, Chechen 1%, other 10.2%, unspecified 3.9%

        As you can see Russians are a similar proportion of the population as whites are in many white countries, but the situation is not as bad as it seems because modern Russia is the remnant of an empire that expanded into Asia and incorporated various Turkic peoples. I am sure the Russian heartland is more white than these figures would suggest.

  14. No! Older, retired folk with money, or older, business orientated folk, are choosing to buy cheaper property in the East. I know this, because people have told me this. Not the same as is being reflected upon. We are all here, stagnating in our multicultural hell, and the only hope we have is a formative resistance!

  15. This is not good, to be in retreat, to give up all that is Western Europe to the true infidels. And the invaders will still come – how far will whites retreat, to the Pacific? No, they will be blocked by the Asians. It’s a squeeze play and the outcome will be the same, the end of the white race.

  16. En realidad son personas mayores ( jubilados ) que marchan con sus dineros ( ahorros ) buscando tranquilidad y estabilidad cultural, donde naciones como Hungría todavía protege y fomenta la seguridad occidental auténtica y real.

    Puede significar los primeros síntomas por un evento de guerra civil en Occidente, donde muchos no podrán abandonar por falta de recursos ( la gran mayoría ) y otros se quedarán para combatir en un bando ( patriotas occidentales e identitarios ) u otro ( comunistas, anarquistas e islamistas ).

    Pero ese evento bélico y político previsible ( nos lo dicen constantemente hasta militares con rango de general y expertos en seguridad ) en Occidente será de incalculable dimensiones ( el enemigo no será el habitual de Hollywood, estará en casa, en cada nación
    occidental, dimensiones que un pequeño grupo de élite ha organizado para los occidentales. Antes que eso ocurra internet será censurado, y luego prohibido, y mucho antes las bolsas de todo Occidente ( o del mundo ) caerán.

    La zona del Este tampoco es segura, yo buscaría un lugar como Islandia, islas remotas y apartadas de cultura occidental, además de Nueva Zelanda, etc.

    América del Sur tampoco se librará de ésta guerra civil occidental, y los bandos serán los mismos antes mencionado. Habrá confusión y numerosas víctimas por ambos bandos, pero al final la raza blanca se salvará, e Israel previsiblemente borrado del planeta Tierra, no importa que guarden sus genes o los congelen o se escondan en el fin del mundo, volverán a ser deicidas por la auténtica Roma.

    Vaya tela.

  17. Hungary must be careful not to allow its own culture to be swamped by Westerners. We have a sickness in our Western culture, and we cannot allow it to spread to our kinsmen in the East.

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