Zulu King: Blacks Destroy S. Africa

The official king of South Africa’s Zulu tribe has announced that that country was economically, militarily, and socially better under white Afrikaner rule—and that history will judge blacks as only having destroyed everything that they had inherited from the white government.


King Goodwill Zwelithini, who has been Zulu king since December 1971, made the remarks during a speech at an official royal household event in Nongoma, located in the northeastern part of the eastern seaboard province of KwaZulu-Natal, over the past weekend.

The event, held to mark his forty-fourth year on the Zulu throne, was reported on by the Natal Mercury newspaper.


King Zwelithini said the former white rulers of South Africa had “built a powerful government with the strongest economy and army on the continent.”

He went on to say that the white government had “a mighty army, and that the South African currency and economy had shot up” under the National Party government.

“But then,” he continued, “came this so-called democracy in which black people are destroying the gains of the past. The economy that we are now burning down.”

Addressing himself directly to black people, King Zwelethini said that “you do not want to build on what you had inherited. You are going to find yourselves on the wrong side of history.”

“History will judge black people harshly as they have failed to build on the successes of the Afrikaners,” he said, before continuing to explain that “black people loved to use matches to burn down infrastructure” built by the white government.

Below: Three photographs taken on December 7, in Johannesburg, South Africa. The country’s largest city is in the midst of a municipal workers’ strike, and part of their “protest” action consists of throwing the city’s trash into the streets.

joburg-03 joburg-02 joburg-01

King Zwelithini said that “people on the ground did not appreciate the infrastructure” which they had inherited from the white rulers, even though the ANC leaders themselves governed from the very buildings which the whites had created.

Referring specifically to the Union Buildings in Pretoria and the South African Parliament in Cape Town, King Zwelithini said that he was “surprised that all presidents who have been elected in this so-called democracy, occupy apartheid buildings.”

“But you on the ground, are burning everything that you found here. . . you don’t want to use them (buildings), you say this is apartheid infrastructure,” he said.

Finally, he informed his audience that he “feels lucky that I was born the same year the National Party came to power, in 1948. The Afrikaners respected me. I don’t know how it happened that the Afrikaners respect me so much.”

He also mentioned that at one of his palaces in Nongoma, he still had all the medals which the white government had awarded to his “kingdom,” marking out historical events and achievements of the Zulu people.

King Zwelithini’s comments come after a falling out with the ANC government—which he previously supported—over the reorganization and funding of his royal household.

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  1. He’s only saying what every black in SA who lived at that time knows. I bet he’s sorry he didn’t take Dr Verwoerd’s offer of a Zulu homeland, with their own independant government, which the good Dr promised to support both financially and in every other way. As Antieu says, you reap what you sow.

        1. My wife and I adopted two of our grandchildren after their mom died of cancer. I have already
          told them to take the opportunity, should it come their way, to immigrate. For them as white
          teenagers there is no future in our beloved country.
          Jan Hartzer

      1. Western Joe, not only the Afrikaner’s are refugees, all white’s in this Country, English, Afrikaans, etc are not wanted in South Africa, even though we were born here – Racism is alive and well, believe you me……….

      2. would like to leave South Africa,there is no future for my kid in this place.But where to go if you do not have any money?Would like to take up your offer Joe.

      3. Yes, we are Devastated by the demise of our Beloved South Africa Joe. Placed All our hope in President Mandela for “positive change”. His legacy died with him. We are ready to sell our home and leave S.A. My Husband a trained hunter & butcher (unbelievable biltong – not ‘jerkey’); I’m qualified senior Legal Conveyancing Paralegal. Is there a future for us in USA??

        1. Madam, you must go to USA asap.
          One very valuable thing that you still have is your status of white first-worlders.
          Despite your homeland is devastated, your passport still has a huge value in the world.
          You are the golden billion and will be welcomed in any country.

          I also live in a very poor country ($150 monthly average salary) but I don’t have a first-world passport and status so I can’t easily move to USA or EU or whatever 🙁
          You have such opportunity so you must pursue it. Godspeed and best of luck to you!

      4. Good on you, Western Joe, but what about us white English people. Just let me know where you are. We are also not wanted here.

      5. Our treacherous British government deports white elderly South Africans but imports black muslims from other African countries. Filling our country with white people is not part of the bigger plan

  2. That is one man that the majority South African has and always will respect. He is a man of character and grace. A true friend. I salute you King Zwelitini.

  3. Let white people govern this country again,with a clause signed at UN level forbidding any sort of race based discrimination. White people are good at running things. They have a God given talent for it. They are not evil or hateful. Most of them are Christians,with strong morality. We need moral people to run our country. People with a desire to do good. I once had to work as a car guard. It was the worst job I have ever had. But the people that were the most kind to me where the middle class to low class whites. This one lady gave me a hundred rand. Back then it was a lot of money. She was driving this beat up little uno and had four little kids. In her position, she was still so generous to me.

    1. Who do you think informed the black people of South Africa that they were being subjugated and utopia only awaited if they embraced socialism?

      White people.

      The whites are too guilt-addled to rule over their own children, let alone a nation. Give the Chinese a crack at it

      1. Could you be more precise as to which white people you are referring to? I am not arguing the point but just want more information. I heard that there is only one group of ‘white’ people that influence the ANC. These are very exclusive.

        1. Henry Kissinger, Chester Croker, de Klerk and so many others. They pushed for the sanctions. which brought the country to its knees. These are known facts which everybody knows.

      2. “Who do you think informed the black people of South Africa that they were being subjugated and utopia only awaited if they embraced socialism?”
        “White people.”
        More like (((White people))).

    2. Hi Londe, I’m white and taking my hat off to you. I am a car guard and you now you have to be very humble to be able to do this job. I grew up in Zululand (Pongola) and have the biggest respect for the King and most of the elderly black people I come across recon that we where better off pre 94. I would like to connect with you on fb. Have a great evening.

    3. That would interfere with the Black scoundrels (Zume, Mandela et al) ability to enrich themselves, like Ian Smith said the country will be a pathetic African failed State.

    4. My reply to you is that there are good Black people who are very capable with the knowledge of running South Africa, but are deemed an enemy among some Blacks as a uncle Tom, who is educated to a high level and not willing to go along with the corruption.

    5. Thanks for your positive comments. We need more people like you, who realize all white people in SA aren’t evil or hateful.

  4. I have always liked the Zulu`s more. And you see way… Thanks for that Zulu King. Everybody can see that the anc is not fit to run SA except them.

  5. no the mess start when the zulu prince told the apartied government that he would not negotiate with them as long as mandela was in jail=mandela was released and mandela told deklerk he would not sit at the same table with bethelazi(the zulu rep)so the zulus were played out of the government for the years since there has between the anc and inkata(ZULU) it has not been good for black africans because anc is riddled with nepotism and chroninism which has benefited only a few blacks

    1. John singleton who exactly is bethelazi? never heard of him Perhaps you refer to Mangosuthu “Gatsha” Buthelezi.

      Inkatha has H in the spelling

  6. Where is the infrastructure. City workers in charge of maintenance. That means cleaning up the streets and sidewalks. There is no excuse for that kind of disarray. As a king, shouldn’t he be the one to establish order? It is not the Blacks that are doing this. Seems to be it is the responsibility of the one in charge to establish standards by which the Township would be kept.

    1. Etha, The Zulu leaders, King and all, are in KwaZulu Natal and have little to do with Johannesburg where the photos were taken. Sadly the once beautiful city of Johannesburg has been trashed and is now a crime-ridden slum. The ANC promised the population the world and gave them poverty and bribery as the fruits of their policies.

      1. When I lived in Salisbury (Harare now of course) as a young child my mother pointed out some differences between whites and blacks by describing one particular incident. The government/Council decided to plant shrubs all around the city but Harare then was the black township area. In the white areas the shrubs grew and were looked after/watered by everyone (although some by black servants under supervision of course) but in Harare the shrubs were totally neglected, walked on and destroyed – the backs saw no value in them. It’s easy to imagine certain people making accusations of racism by looking at the beautiful flowers in white areas, contrasting them with what as in the black areas, and conclude the whites are privileged. The may well be privileged but it is earned through hard work, attention to detail and by having high standards. “Civilization is the distance man has placed between himself and his excreta.” — Brian Aldiss .’

  7. Please read the “Loskopdam” speach of Dr Hendrik Verwoerd many years ago. He was a true visionary and honest man unlike his successors.

  8. I don’t care what colour the Government is, as long as they are serving the country and the people and not their bank accounts and family and friends!. They say SA is the most corrupt country in the world! Thanks to our “leaders”. What a legacy to leave to our youth!! Very sad.

  9. Yeah that garbage in the street protest really works. What’s next ? Relieving oneself in the street. What a unique way of branding South Africa for tourism. Truly memorable !

  10. Truth hurts!! I objectively read this article then scrolled down to see how Johannesburg was during the strike I cried tears. I hope those in my current city Mother City aka Cape Town city will vote responsibly in 2016 Local municipal elections. Morena W Radebe


    Question; Why is the world media not focusing on this appalling situation and why don’t they oppose openly what is going on AS THEY DID AGAINST PREVIOUS GOVERMENT ???
    Answer is: They made a mistake supporting the ANC and don’t want to admit their mistake !!

    More blacks suffer now than ever before no matter what is said about past government !!!!!

    Now is the time that all the good SA People OF ALL RACES must stand with the sensible black leaders like the Zulu King and others to remove this corrupt government and hopefully start building the country before it is too late….if not already too late !!!

    My heart bleeds for all the law abiding innocent citizens. Good luck from New Zealand !! Philip

    1. Philip, I never particularly suffered from hardship, had relatives in SA many years ago, but was lucky enough to be born in UK when it was Great Britain. No longer I’m afraid, so I moved to Australia 22 years ago. To take up your point, supporting the ANC in SA was a big mistake, but supporting socialism in every and any country is also a mistake. They introduced PC which has spread like wildfire, basically because it enables the stupid to make profoundly wrong statements, without the pain of having to think about them. It just get’s caught up in every day life and is quickly enshrined as the ‘observed truth’, and anyone who disagrees with it is some sort of bigot or right wing fruitloop. Shame on the world, but the only way it will ever be reversed is by political power being grasped by those who can wield it in a just cause. At 66, I suspect I’ll never see it, but I’ll live, and die, in hope.

    2. Phillip, i so agree with you. I also fled the country 10 years ago after seeing terrible murders. But I found out something today and I see why there is a deafening silence. There was a video
      on FB by the English white men that drove white tourists through Africa to South Africa
      From the UK from 1987 to 1993, smuggling in huge loads of ammunition for the ANC. The ANC supplied the money. Those are weapons that are today slaughtering the white people who had to hand in their weapons. These huge 4×4 type buses were full,of English men pretending to be tourists! I am so shocked. So much went on, and I never knew about these things.

  12. Republic of South Africa was proud, rich country, where was not one child / white or black / hungry !
    Now, under rule of ANC (African National Council) of which 90% are also members of Communist Party of S.A.
    is country going to drain ! Because it is rich country and economically build by whites ( Brits and Boers),
    all this destroying taking more years time, then neighbourhood of Zimbabwe, where communist gang of president Mugabe destroyed then successful Rhodesia. There is only hunger and AIDS ! And all of that
    destruction is not only guilt of tribal black terrorism and lazines, but also hypocrisy of white Free World !

  13. What is happening with the consolidation of black power in South Africa is the African trait to start filling ones pockets with money, services are degenerating. The poor get poorer. And the white people are out of the picture.

  14. As a British person who has never set foot in Africa – why is it that since they got their independance from being colonised by european nations – they have not prospered?? It is a continent of vast resources – why are it’s people so poor? Most if not all those countries receive so much in foreign aid – where does it all go?? It’s not right that we in the Western world are so vilified for their failings.

    1. History facts. South Africa became independent from Britain in 1961. From 1961 to 1994 it was governed by the so called – and much vilified by the West – apartheid government which was only white. Under this government the country bloomed and became a sound economical and self sufficient power. However a terrorist organisation called the African National Congress were supported by most Western powers, was undermining the country. After years of sanctions, the vote was given to all citizens and this very same ANC became the government. Since then it has been downhill all the time.

    2. Because the average IQ of sub-saharan blacks is in the low 70s, that means clinically retarded according to White standards. That’s all there is to it.

  15. this just made me think that maybe all this racism nonsense of lableling people so easily is obviously a distraction for corrupt big corporations and governments to benefit from.

  16. I think it’s time to face the truth about racism. It is invariably a label put onto whites and the victims are black. This is total nonsense; racism starts from prejudice and thus a belief that there are ‘differences’ between the races in terms of ability, aptitude and culture. To progress to institutional racism one needs to add a power differential and some form of discrimination. I’m not a betting person but I would say 99% of the world’s populations believe that differences exist between the races (and associated cultures). The situation in SA and Zimbabwe now is unequivocally racist but the difference today is that those with the least aptitude to manage a modern political economy are in charge by weight of numbers, and those with the highest aptitude are subjected to institutional racism. King Zulu would agree – racism is certainly not the preserve of white folk but the numbers game that leads to the degradation we observe everywhere (not only in Africa) cannot be defeated as it is driven by blind ethnic alignment.

  17. Let them destroy all that the white’s built and leave them to their destiny= and refuse to help them out with food aid or any sort of aid in the future when they are starving and whining.

  18. Im not South African nor have i been to South Africa but i have met people in Australia that have come from south Africa ( Born there ). They don’t leave for better land, they don’t leave for a change in life style. They leave there country in fear of death and that they can bring there children up in a country where they can find saftey. If you live in a country that the people them selfs fear to walk the streets or fear that someone will kill there family at a moments notice or be robed with no means of protection. Then that government is not doing there job and that government needs to change. If it can be changed with paperwork that would be great but if not then it needs to be taken by force. All the country’s need to relise South Africa is an amazing country with strong christian bonds and with rich history that surpass nearly all other countries. I hope one day the government at the moment will stand down and give back the power to a people that has god as there leader and rules that follow the comandments. My thoughts are with thoes south Africans that die every day the ones who suffer consistently the ones who still fight with there last breath to keep south Africa a place they hold dear to there hearts. In god i trust.

  19. When the President of the most powerful nation on earth makes the statement that follows … and has been endorsed by many highly placed, intelligent people including President Kennedy … one has to wonder how much of what is happening in the world today is not part of that ‘power’. Perkin’s book ‘Confessions of an Economic Hit man’ reveals some of the post ‘send a gunboat’ solutions … applied primarily by the USA .. to control other countries. South Africa … blessed with some of the most desirable raw material resources in the world … has to be of major interest. Read Perkins’ book and get an inkling of how countries are plundered.

    “Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” – Woodrow Wilson, American academic, politician and the 28th president of the United States

  20. This very King sat on our lounge suite (in Sydney) at home of my father-in-law, Dr Albert van Heerden, his dokotele, way back when my wife was a very young girl.
    I am so grateful we followed a vision which I shared with my young bride in 1986.
    The lounge suite and other wonderful memories are now in Australia and hopefully be carried forward with future generations.
    We love South Africa, but we cannot accept the decay.
    Long live the King of the mighty Zulu nation.

  21. Woodrow Wilson was the very man who capitulated to these financiers when they funded his election campaign, after which he handed the Federal Reserve to them ~ 5 private bankers who signed the Jekyll Island agreement ~ the US has been a slave state ever since. Kennedy was assassinated because he challenged these men by changing the law that allowed them to control the Federal Reserve which would have placed it back in the hands of Americans He stated: .“There is a very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment. That I do not intend to permit to the extent that it is in my control. We are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence. On infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice.” JFK
    “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex. The potential disaster of the rise of mis-placed power exists, and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes” Dwight Eisenhower
    Read: “Odious debt, toxic debt: fraudulent expenditure.”
    David Flannery – Book: “Here on Earth” – [Australian]

    “Starwars Legacy” – Margaret Mead
    Argentina against Vulture Funds – Bank of International Settlements

    Book by Michael Hudson – “Finance, capitalism and its discontents” [The Politics of Austerity – within this book]

  22. As a young child my parents told me that I will live 2 c another world war that will b worse that any other wars. Today iam old and frail, is this the beginning of the war?

  23. Those who fight for what they believe, and work to build their communities, know what future is best. I can see why Zwelithini has a more positive opinion of Apartheid for it’s development of infrastructure. There is a long history of mutual respect grown from years of tactical warfare between civilizations. Good examples being the Romans and the Carthaginians, The Nahuas and the Spanish, and the British and Indians, and many more factions that grow out of competition. The Zulu tribes were of this kin, they fought for many years in what they believed at odds impossible at times. And now their ancestors and neighbors have resorted to degeneracy to destroy progress to what could have been a great nation, and I’m not referring to the end of the apartheid regime. The need to deface history as a sort of redemption for the past does not benefit anyone and only leaves everyone harmed, my condolences to those who may be harmed by these tensions, I hope for the best in SA.

  24. King Zwellintini you have all my respect. You stood up and told the world the truth about South African whites. Thank you

  25. Having read most of the comments on S.A this is my 2c worth. I now reside in U.k having left SA for specific reasons. Infrastructure gone,crime at epic levels and a tax base that can never sustain economic viability so the country is on a massive downhill slide. Sadly the lack of education of those in power who are now old and grew up in the apartheid era don’t know how to change the situation. SA will revert back to the country it was when the Dutch landed, mud huts couple of cows and goats and a maize field nearby. I feel privileged to have been in the country when it was a success. I grew up in Zim and saw what the despot Mugabe has done to the country and its people. SA going the same way. God bless all ex-pats around the planet.

    1. Maize did not exist as a crop before the whites came, before 1700. It was introduced from South America by colonialism and white farmers, as potatoes, yucca, high yield food banana, wheat,new type of fruits, coffee, tea and new type of herbs and taste crops . Even cattle farming was not not as prevalent as you think. All farm cattle was introduced from Europe for milk , leather , wool(sheep and goat) and meat. Perhaps there was simple poultry then. The local wild animals were not domesticated.. Ever seen zebra,antelope, giraffe or wildebeest offshoot on tribal farms? Blacks had even a poorer diet than you think ,before the whiteman came to SA (or any African nation). The black population lived in extreme poverty , had low life expectancy and lived in low level Malthusian equilibrium with nature. Daily protein could be delivered by cannibalism when wildlife hunting was poor. The whole area of SA could not sustain more than 2 million inhabitants and possible even much less , with the then prevailing agricultural techniques of the blacks. It was low yield millet farming and hunter gathering. Even your lowest expectation of low wealth is underestimated to describe such historic situation. The wealth was stone age level.

  26. I am a resident in South Africa (born and bred). I have asked black students about their beliefs on democracy, and quite simply, they don’t understand it. The ANC government got them their freedom, so they will vote for the ANC no matter what. Their notion is that if the current government does not supply basic services, then the current government must fix it. They will still vote for the current government. I suggested to one disgruntled student “Vote for someone else then” my reply was that there was no-one else to vote for. They hate the opposition party (Democratic Alliance) the new leader is seen as a white man in a black skin. Zuma made a statement when he came into power. “The Afrikaans were very good at looking after their own”. True, they had the railways with a “Caboose” at the end of the train with a guy who put out a flag every now and again. Not too bright, but he had a job, albeit not that well paid. The Post office was full of low qualified Afrikaaners, but they had jobs. The Railways had housing, it was not “Free”, you paid rent for it, and if you did not look after it you were evicted and another tenant was chosen. A government employee (as were my parents) earned a livable wage but not excessive. The municipalities provided services like busses that ran on time, and had a conductor aboard, another job. The Roads Department made their own roads and did not farm out work to construction companies. There were 3 Assistant Directors, now there are 36, and all work is farmed out.
    My point is, if the ANC kept this system, we would have more people employed and less crime, but unfortunately the majority of these people (especially in Government) are selfish and feel nothing for others. If you see a new Mercedes, BMW or Porsche etc passing by, then you can bet your bottom Rand ($) that they are employed in the government or municipality.
    When I asked students about Zuma and the rape/shower incident and the corruption, the reply was, “He is the King, if the King wants your daughter, then he takes your daughter, if he wants your money, then he takes your money!” – I could go on!!
    Anyway, I’m staying here even though I have a British passport.

  27. It’s a black country and should be ruled and owned by Black people just like White countries should be ruled and owned by Whites

    1. South Africa is a white country, then it got overrun with idiots escaping black leaders in other African countries. They went there for work, sanitation, education and safety. Once they had swamped the place they demanded the vote. That was South Africa’s downfall.

  28. Your Highness, it has nothing to do with being black. South Africa was thriving under both Mandela and Mbeki. The destruction that is happening now is because of the ignorant, uneducated, one man destruction machine, ZUMA and his cronies who are in it for their own selfish greed.

  29. The key word in the king’s speech was “inheritance” When rich family’s leave wealth to their children they leave them with a excellent foundation for years to come. These children build on there forefathers legacy and continue to grow. The sad part with South Africa is that we continue to destroy what we have inherited and fail to grow. The fathers of South Africa have failed the youth, we need to take control and grow…

    1. Yes Whites need to go. We’ll leave you so the rain can wash you, the animals can clothe you, with wall to wall mud and all the flies you can eat. Then you can dig your own wells and endlessly defecate in them and spread the disease that nature is trying to use to wipe you off the planet.

    1. Idiot. What a stupid attitude.Africa is a continent with many countries. Not all of them black. Whites evolved in Africa many thousands of years before you walked upright.

  30. Here in America Blacks have destroyed every single city, town, or nieghborhood they inhabit. Not some, not most but every single one. With one more day to go Chicago alone has had 4355 shootings by Blacks this year. Without tanks, artillery, aircraft etc. they manage to do more damage than a standing army. Of course as always it’s Whitey’s fault. Eventually, they MUST be removed as they can NEVER be civilized.

  31. Whatever is happening in South Africa is deliberate. It was planned. It is Marxist. Think Joe Slovo.
    Rhodesia before SA and Mozambique before that. So sad. Australia and New Zealand next.

  32. If they don’t want the whites here it will be the responsibility of the anc/eff to pay us back everything we lost by crime and pay back our taxes and tel the world they don’t want white people in Fouth Africa anymore. The anc/eff will have to buy farms, houses and old age homes for us in a new country and look after all the whites old and young, then they will have all the ground they want.


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