Gallup Admits its “Israeli vs. Palestinian Sympathy Polls” are False and Distorted—in Jews’ Favor

The major opinion polling company Gallup has admitted on its own website that its three decades long polling data on supposed American sympathy for Israel against the Palestinians contains “fundamental flaws well... Read more »

90% of Ocean Plastic Disaster Caused by Third World Pollution

90 percent of the plastic pollution in the world’s oceans—a disaster which threatens the entire earth’s eco-system—comes from the Third World, and specifically China, India, and Africa, according to a major... Read more »

US DOJ: Criminals with “Nazi” Names are “White Supremacists,” But Hispanic or Black Power Name Gangs are not “Supremacists”

The anti-white nature of the US establishment is clearly demonstrated with the fact that violent prison gangs with white members using monikers such as “Filthy Führer” are openly declared “white supremacists” by... Read more »

Aryan Brotherhood Prison Gang Posing as “White Supremacists” Caught Smuggling Nonwhite Invaders into US

The Aryan Brotherhood—a criminal prison gang whose name and swastika symbolism is used by the controlled media and Jewish extremist pressure groups such as the ADL and SPLC to call them “white... Read more »

Sackler Opioid Jews Pay $275m in Settlement as Museums Start Refusing their Money

The Sackler Jews—responsible for the Opioid addiction crisis which has killed over half a million people in America—have been forced to pay out $275 million in a “settlement” in the third of... Read more »

Trannies Furious as Research Paper Republished Showing Social Media Hysteria Spreads “Transgender” Nonsense

A research paper from an Assistant Professor at Brown University which showed that social media is influencing young children to become “transgenders” to be like their friends in a form of mass... Read more »

Police State Britain: Women Arrested for Calling Trannies “He” on Twitter

While Britain stumbles from one meaningless Monty Python-type “Brexit” disaster to another, that country’s finest have been busy arresting two women in separate incidents for the crime of having called a trannie... Read more »

Whites to Blame Because Blacks have Higher Aids Rate in Mississippi, says NPR

White “racism” and white people’s “attitude” towards homosexuals and Aids is to blame for the higher incidence of Aids among blacks in Mississippi, according to a new article by National Public Radio... Read more »

201 Muslim Terrorist Attacks this Year Have Killed 1,175—No “Outrage” because Attackers Weren’t White

So far this year there have been 201 different Muslim terrorist attacks around the world which have killed 1,175 people—but, unlike the New Zealand mosque attack, there is no international “outrage” because... Read more »

Latest Anti-White Hatred: White People Now Blamed for Air Pollution

White people are to blame for air pollution which is “breathed in more” by nonwhites, according to the latest outrageous example of establishment anti-white hatred in the controlled media. Read more »

Feminists Bang Kitchen Pots and Pans to Mark “International Women’s’ Day”

Feminists took to the streets of Madrid at midnight to mark the start of “International Women’s Day”—by banging kitchen pots and pans in a display filled with irony which was clearly lost... Read more »

“See No Evil” Monkey Statues are Racist, Rules Washington DC US District Court

The use of four “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, do no evil” monkey statues in a goodbye video made by staff at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)... Read more »

Feminists, Lesbians, say Trannies are “Men’s Rights” Movement

Infighting in the “gender studies” madhouse has reached a new peak with the frontal attack on “transsexuals” by radical feminists and lesbians as a “men’s rights movement” at the meeting of the... Read more »

Massachusetts Attorney General Blames Sackler Jews Personally for Opioid Crisis, Half a Million Deaths

Massachusetts attorney general Maura Healey has announced that the Jewish Sackler family is “personally responsible” for the opioid plague which has killed nearly half a million people in America since the year... Read more »

US Supreme Court Ruling on US Army Trannies will Impact all Lower Court Hold Orders against Trump Policies

The US Supreme Court’s decision to upheld President Donald Trump’s ban on trannies serving in the American army is the first indication that that court will no longer tolerate lower courts... Read more »

Mental Illness Spreads: “Vagina Monologues” Cancelled at Michigan College “Because not all Women have Vaginas”

The infamous feminist drivel known as the “Vagina Monologues” has had its performance at Eastern Michigan University (EMU) cancelled because it excludes those mentally ill men who have had their penises cut... Read more »

Pittsburgh Massacre: Gab Vows to Carry On Despite “Silicon Valley Oligarchy”

The social media platform Gab will carry on despite all efforts by what it called the “Silicon Valley Oligarchy” to shut it down following the attack by former user Robert Bowers on... Read more »

EU Parliament Bans Single-Use Plastics by 2021

The European Parliament this week passed a law banning single-use plastics—such as straws, cotton buds, balloons and many sorts of beverage containers—by 2021, and obliged plastic bottle manufacturers to recycle 90 percent... Read more »

Too Fat to Fight: Obesity Affects US Army Recruitment

Thirty-one percent of all applicants to join the US Army as disqualified immediately because they are obese, Maj. Gen. Frank Muth, head of Army Recruiting Command, has announced. Read more »

The Third World’s War on Wildlife: Elephants, Sharks, Rhinos Threatened by Asian Demand

Poachers kill 20,000 elephants, 100 million sharks, and more than 1,000 rhinos every year to feed a demand for ivory, shark fin soup and aphrodisiacs in Asia, new figures have claimed—and if... Read more »

Lesbian Crackpots Attack “Transgender” Crazies at London Homo March

Lesbian feminist crackpots provided great entertainment this past weekend when they dominated the annual London homo march by protesting against “transgender” crazies—who, the lesbians said, are just men pretending to be women... Read more »

Movie Star Jean-Claude Van Damme in trouble After Comparing Homo Marriage to “Marrying Dogs”

Action movie star Jean-Claude Van Damme has been reported to France’s broadcasting standards authority for comparing homosexual marriage to “dogs getting married.” Read more »

BBC: No More “White Blokes” Shows Like Monty Python Allowed

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has announced that it will in future not commission shows which only have white actors—and that a show like the comedy “Monty Python” would be shunned because... Read more »

Nonwhite Criminal Gangs “Smuggled” 2.5 Million other Nonwhites Worldwide in 2016, says UN

Criminal nonwhite “smuggling” rings “smuggled” at least 2.5 million other nonwhites around the world in 2016, with the vast majority going to white countries, a new United Nations Office on Drugs and... Read more »

Twitter Loses First Round in Freedom of Speech Case with American Renaissance

Social media giant Twitter has lost the first stage of its censorship war with the pro-white American Renaissance organization after unilaterally its account and that of its leader, Jared Taylor. Read more »

Thousands of Pro-Normal Family Marchers Swamp Bulgarian Cities in “Family Crusade” Day

Thousands of supporters of normal marriages between men and women and the traditional family gathered for marches and demonstrations in the five largest Bulgarian cities against twisted “gender politics” during a “Family... Read more »