95% of IT “Engineers” in India Incapable, New Report Reveals

A new report by Aspiring Minds, the world’s largest employability assessment company, has revealed that over 95 percent of all IT “engineers” in India are incapable of basic programming—shattering the myth of Indian “IT expertise” and destroying the controlled media’s often-repeated claim that engineers from that country are urgently needed to “boost the skill sets of Europe and America.”

According to the study, titled “National Programming Skills Report,” only 4.77 percent of Indian IT engineers can write the correct logic for a program—a minimum requirement for any programming job.

Aspiring minds is world-famous for helping organizations, governments and institutions measure and identify talent. Their client base includes Sapient, Coca Cola, GE, Amazon, Genpact, Bank of America, CITI bank, HCL, Wipro, Tata Motors, Du Pont, Daimler, and Hyundai.

Their latest report on India’s IT skill levels is also featured as a front cover news story in Dataquest, India’s leading technology magazine in its April 2018 edition.

Over 36,000 engineering students from IT related branches of over 500 colleges took a test developed by Aspiring Minds called Automata, which is the world’s smartest programming assessment that evaluates coding ability of candidates. Using simulated environment for C, C++, C#, Java, PHP, Python, SQL and over a dozen languages, Automata is the only tool to leverage advanced Machine Learning technology to evaluate code.

According to the report’s executive summary:

* Only 1.4 percent of Indian IT engineers can write functionally correct & efficient code.

* More than 60 percent of candidates cannot even write code that compiles.

* Only 4.77 percent candidates can write the correct logic for a program, a minimum requirement for any programming job.

* Programming skills is five times poorer for third tier colleges as compared to tier 1 colleges.

The key findings of the study are listed as follows:

– “Only 36% engineers are able to write compilable code . . . Unfortunately, we find that out of the 2 problems given per candidate, only 14% engineers are able to write compilable codes for both and only 22% write compilable code for exactly one problem. To sustain the growth of IT industry, we need candidates with high technology caliber and better programming skills.”

– “Lack of adequate knowledge to build a logically correct, maintainable code is the key reason for low employability.

– “As low as 2.21% engineers possess the skill to write a fully functional code with best efficiency and writing practices Functionally correct code is the basic requisite of a good programmer . . . The analysis unveils that only 2.21% engineers possess the skillset to write logically correct code with best efficiency & least time-space complexity.”

– “Programming Practices and Programming Ability are the areas of maximum skill gap across demographics . . . Programming Practices is the ability to code in readable & maintainable fashion and Programming Ability is the ability to code in most optimized way.”

The report also found that although Indian males perform terribly at IT skills, Indian females were even worse. Under the section of the report titled “Programming Skill Gender Comparison,” the following summary is found:

“[Skill level] A4:  Functionally and logically correct code: Male 3.16 %; Female  0.71%”

“[Skill level] A3: Functionally correct code with few anomalies: Male 3.48%; Female 1.10%”

“[Skill level] A2:  Functionally incorrect code:  Male 36.15%; Female 22.93%”

“[Skill level] A1: Syntax Error:  Male 57.21%, Female 75.25%.”

The report concludes that “Only 25% of [Indian] females are able to write a compilable code and less than 1% can write logically & functionally correct code.”

The report undermines the oft-repeated claim in the controlled media that India is an “IT giant” and that engineers from that country are urgently needed to “boost the skill sets of Europe and America.”

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  1. ‘Fortunately’ they will all get migrant affirmative action status when applying for western public service jobs, putting competent locals out of work. That seems to be the current trend. Meanwhile, its claimed pub serv efficiency in the west is declining.

    1. Who prevents west countries to cancel “AA”? Especially when these aa-people DO NOT need any help – more they need condoms!

      It seems we got new trick for IT-resume: “Not from India”! :)))))

  2. They increase the skills set as delivery drivers, uber drivers, 7/11 (convenience store) and petrol station employees.

    Oh, they’re also great at molesting women.

  3. Indians are a mixed-race people. Therefore, it is inevitable that, as a group, they suffer from the negative intellectual effects of race-mixing or dysgenics. This biological reality makes it an absolute certainty that they are anything but a nation of geniuses in any field, that includes medicine, where you’ll find a lot of Affirmative Action Indians, as well.

    1. What are you talking about. Indian is a genetically inbred society, due to their cast system. Which causes lower IQ and issues with health and deformaties. Mixing DNA strengthens and increases IQ. Maybe go to school and read a bit?

      1. “Mixing increases IQ” …Regression to the Mean. “The degree of regression increases when the degree of kinship decreases.”
        Ashkenazi Jews, the highest IQ ethnic grouping, with their traditionally ingroup reproduction, prove you wrong.

        Maybe you should take your own advice?

        “Educability and Group Differences” – Jensen
        “Race, Evolution and Behavior *Unabridged Edition” – J Rushton
        “The Bell Curve” – Hernstein & Murray
        “The G factor, The Science of Mental Ability” – Jensen
        “Bias in Mental Testing” – Jensen
        “Causes of group differences studied with the method of
        correlated vectors: A psychometric meta-analysis of
        Spearman’s hypothesis” – Dragt
        “Is the Flynn effect on g?: A meta-analysis” – Nijenhuis

        Feel good “diversity propaganda” doesn’t stand up to the reality smell test.

      2. “Mixing DNA strengthens and increases IQ. Maybe go to school and read a bit?”

        DUH… Meanwhile back in the real world… All brown countries are poor.

  4. They get their qualifications in a day, then go and conquer the west how many doctors IT specialists, accountants have phone Indian qualifications and fill important jobs in the west without any idea of what they are doing but it would be racist to sack them.

  5. Well done to The New Observer for exposing this shocking truth! Other commenters are correct that this incompetence also extends to the medical, legal and all other professions, because of dodgy qualifications.
    “The UP STF and Delhi Police have arrested four people who were helping over 100 students cheat in the SSC exams in exchange for lakhs of rupees. The gang was reportedly using the Team Viewer app to solve the questions in the exams. Around ₹50 lakh, 10 phones, laptops, and hard disks were recovered from them.” (read more at India Today “Gang helping over 100 students cheat in SSC exams busted” 28 Mar 2018)

    It reminds me of a news report many years ago about Bangladesh, where university students were rioting over their “Right to Cheat on Exams”, after the universities tried to crack down on it by bringing in teams of invigilators. This has also happened in Britain, where a Muslim “academic” at Oxford was sacked for “mistakenly” sending out an email revealing the upcoming questions in the final exams.

    1. :))) Not surprised – Brahmaputra, Jamashutra and “disco dancer”! They really sure studying for programming is not heavier than dancing.

  6. Why am I not suprised by this? I have never met a developer from India that could write good code. All fields in tables as string? Why not. Empty catch blocks? Sure. Parsing date to string to make a coparison? Yes. These are just a few of many things I have seen at work. The worse thing though is the culture of getting aroind the problem instead of doing something and saying yes to everything. Are you done? Yes. Are you going to deploy it? Yes but it still needs work. I need time. After a week it turns out he does not know where to begin with and just copy-pastes stack overflow. And when you offer help they get mad at you because it’s rude to speak about problems. Indian pride is the worse…

    1. I don’t think they are the worst but I also don’t think they are the best. But I can say dealing with an offshore team is the pits. Early morning conference calls and they are gone for the day. You have to wait a day for responses to your emails. The accents and the slight difference in what words and phrases mean was difficult at the start but I worked thru most of that. Management look at per person cost but not at total overall effort the onshore team have to make to get the project done. Towards the end we the onshore team had to do most of the testing and debugging and some coding to get the job done.

    1. Well said. I work for a major Telco in Sweden and they recently moved everything IT to Cognizant. We are having a handover transition period. What we are finding they are useless clueless brainless. On top of this they have 0 motivation they are not proactive, they need to be told what to do… ah well.

      Heres the kicker, big companies see outsourcing to indian resources as cheaper, as they compare the exact amount of hours to do a task or slightly more with a buffer and say wow this is great I can replace bob who has proven track record of delivering efficiently with no help on time or ahead of time with good quality, with Sanjay who is cheaper. But the reality is Sanjay will take more time than Bob ever did and will break everything in the process costing more.

  7. My job was sent directly to India exactly two months ago. The sneaky client gave Bangalore access to the software six full months ago. Not a single line of code has been modified since then. Instead, I can see them playing around with some of the coding functions like they are trying to learn how to code. Oh, and they merely copy and paste the code that they need, including all of the original comments. I have yet to see an original line of code written by them.

    I didn’t suffer the humiliation of training my foreign replacements, but the client did pack about 3 months worth of code upgrades and changes into my last two weeks of work. Which I completed on time. The absolute worst part for me, is that my idiot short sighted boss, never bothered to amke sure that copyright banners in any of the code. Not even a line or two about original authorship. I have no doubt that the Indians will lift that code and try and sell it to someone else as their own.

  8. It’s funny to hear “professional” and “indian” in one sentence! 🙂 In Russia there is even proverb “indian code” means WORST code on the planet! Who hires them?? Even USA (“source” of computers at all) has deficit of talent developers; from where India got so many?! :))))
    STOP stream thru InfoSys! Hire talents from Europe, Russia, Australia etc – we need you, you need us!
    It’s interesting to see Nadella’s face reading this article :)))

  9. I looked at aspiringminds.com’s website, and was surprised to find that its Board of Directors was 5 non-whites; and the Board of Advisors is 7 people, only 2 whites. It eems strange they should publish such a report!

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