Nazi Design Exhibition in Holland Sells Out: Organizers Panic and Ban Cell Phones

A Dutch museum’s attempt to showcase what it claims is “evil” Nazi design art and architecture has backfired after the exhibition was sold out in the first few days—and the panicked organizers... Read more »

Israel’s Yad Vashem Admits List of “Holocaust Victims” Isn’t “Accurate”

Yad Vashem—Israel’s official holocaust memorial center—has admitted for the first time that its “list of holocaust victims” is inaccurate and that the process of collecting names “is not 100 per cent fail-safe.” Read more »

Philistines—The Jews’ Ancient Enemies—Were Europeans, DNA Confirms

The Philistine people—who gave their name to the land called Palestine—and who were the ancient Jews’ greatest enemy, as recorded in the bible—were of European origin, groundbreaking DNA studies have shown. Read more »

3,400-year-old Indo-Aryan Mittanni Palace City Discovered in Iraq

A 3,400-year-old palace dating from the time of the Indo-Aryan domination of Iraq has been uncovered near Mosul in that country, in what archeologists have called "one of the most important archaeological... Read more »

Churchill Conspired with Stalin to Give East Europe to Soviet Union, Secret Documents Reveal

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill conspired with Joseph Stalin to hand over Eastern Europe to the Soviet Union as early as 1944, newly-released secret documents have confirmed. Read more »

New York Rabbi: “Nazi Death Camp” Survivor Who Was Never in any Camp, Only Ever Arrested by the Communists after the War

The huge funeral of famous New York Rabbi Yisroel Avrohom Portugal has provided yet another example of the outrageous lies which the media perpetuates about the holocaust—in this case, claiming that he... Read more »

Attempt to Refute Holocaust Revisionists Backfires as Danube Search for “Victims” Comes up Negative

An attempt to refute Holocaust revisionist questioning of an unproven “massacre” of 20,000 Jews on the banks of the Danube River in Budapest during World War II has backfired after a sonar... Read more »

Stutthof Trial: Drama as Former Guard Says he Never Saw “Gas Chambers” or Atrocities

The trial in Germany of a former SS guard at the Stutthof camp has taken a dramatic turn with the declaration by the accused that he never saw any “gas chamber” or... Read more »

Hear the Guns of World War I Fall Silent: Dramatic New Sound Clip

A dramatic new sound clip—made from sound wave recordings made by artillery-position recording devices and actual gunfire recorded at the front—has allowed everyone to hear the guns of World War I fall... Read more »

94-Year-old German On Trial for Operating Clothes Disinfection Chamber at Stutthoff Camp

A 94-year-old German, identified as Johann R., a retired landscape architect from North Rhine-Westphalia, has been put on trial for “war crimes” at the Stutthof concentration camp during World War II—including “gassings” in... Read more »

Damascus: Syrian National Museum Reopens as Life Returns to Normal

The Syrian National Museum in Damascus—home to many priceless artifacts dating back millennia—has been reopened as the seven year-long US, EU, Saudi, Israeli, and Turkish-backed terrorist war against that country comes to... Read more »

DC Museum’s Famous “Dead Sea Scrolls” Latest in Long Line of Forgeries from Israeli Swindlers

At least five pieces of the “Dead Sea Scrolls” on display at Washington D.C.’s Museum of the Bible are fakes, that organization has admitted—but these are only the latest in a long... Read more »

Norway: Iron Age Viking Ship Burial Discovered through Ground Radar

A complete Viking ship burial—so far only the fourth ever discovered—has been found by archeologists at the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research (NIKU) in Østfold County, south Norway, a statement from... Read more »

Yom Kippur’s “Kol Nidrei” Prayer Gives Jews Divine Right to Break “All Vows”

The recent Yom Kippur—or Jewish new year—festival and its “Kol Nidrei” prayer, which gives Jews the right to break “all vows” and promises for the next year, is one of the most... Read more »

‘Jewish Black Market Trading Causes Anti-Semitism,’ said UK Government in 1943: New Observer Reveals Full Document

Jewish domination of illegal and exploitative black market was the leading cause of cause of “growing anti-Semitism” in Britain during the Second World War, a previously secret 1943 UK government report said. Read more »

Albert “Racism is a White Man’s Disease” Einstein Wrote that “Indians Live in Filth and Stench” and Chinese “Filthy and Obtuse”

Albert Einstein—who once said that racism “was a white man’s disease” has been exposed a virulent racist with the publication of his diaries in which he says that Indians “live in great... Read more »

When Israel Attacked America: Remembering the USS Liberty, June 8, 1967

For well over half an hour on June 8, 1967, the United States Navy technical research ship, USS Liberty, was attacked by Israeli air force and navy units with 30-mm cannons and rockets, napalm... Read more »

“New Pages” of Anne Frank Diary Prove that Her Father Wrote Most of the Book

Two “newly discovered” pages from the “Diary of Anne Frank”—which supposedly contain risqué jokes—are in fact further proof that the book attributed to the Jewish teenager was in fact written by her... Read more »

One-Third of Americans Don’t Believe in the Holocaust

One-third of all Americans—over 107 million people—don’t believe that “six million Jews” were killed in the “Holocaust,” a hysterical report from the Jewish “Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany” has claimed. Read more »

“Comrade Jew”: Vienna Jewish Museum Highlights Jewish Role in Soviet Communism

The Vienna Jewish Museum is currently holding a special exhibition highlighting the Jewish role in the creation of the Soviet Union and Communism, titled “Comrade Jew: We Only Wanted Paradise on Earth”... Read more »

Poland: Jews Did Assist Nazis in “Final Solution”

Thousands of Jews actively participated in helping Nazis round up Jews for deportation to the eastern territories during World War II, exactly as claimed by Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki—and contrary to... Read more »

Author Marks “International Holocaust Day” with Free Book Giveaway

Holocaust historian Peter Winter has announced the free release on the internet of the latest version of his best-selling book The Six Million: Fact or Fiction in response to that book’s banning... Read more »

The True Story of Haiti—and the Mass Murder of Whites under Black Rule

The alleged description of Haiti as a “sh*t hole” by US Donald Trump makes it instructive to review the history of that Caribbean Island nation—and how its birth was bathed in blood... Read more »

MI5: Jew Terrorists Tried to Bomb London

Newly-declassified files from Britain’s MI5 have revealed new details of the communist connections of the Jew Zionist terrorists who tried to bomb London and kill 21 Members of Parliament—even though Britain had... Read more »

MLK: FBI Reveals Jewish Communist Controller, Sex Scandals

US “Civil Rights” hero and darling of anti-white causes worldwide Martin Luther King was personally directed and controlled by a Jewish US Communist Party leader, and engaged in drunken sex orgies involving... Read more »

Jewish Conference to Study “Dominating” Role of Jews in Communism

Jews occupied senior roles in Communist Russia—including heading up the NKVD secret police, and the Ministry of Justice—ran the US Communist Party and dominated the Soviet Union’s spy rings in America, according... Read more »