3 Murders Every Day in Chicago

Black gun crime in Chicago resulted in the deaths of three members of that community every day in August, new figures from the city’s police department have revealed.

Chicago now has more homicides this year than the bigger cities of Los Angeles and New York combined.


The number of deaths there this year, 471, is about 50 percent higher than the same period a year earlier. Nonfatal shootings have risen at a similar rate.

More than 2,300 shootings have taken place so far this year, mostly on the South and West Sides and almost all of them involving blacks. Those that have not involved blacks, have involved Hispanics.

In the middle of this violent surge, the U.S. Justice Department is spending its time—and taxpayer money—investigating the Chicago Police Department over bogus allegations of racism.

Meanwhile, the real crisis—that of rampant and increasing nonwhite violence—is ignored in the witch hunt against white people.

The level of deception being put out by the controlled media over the nonwhite violence is summed up by this quote from the New York Times:

With the death toll mounting toward 500 and the city’s violence fast becoming a regular topic of Donald J. Trump’s campaign, many here seemed to be grasping for explanations of August’s particular level of bloodshed and for new solutions.

The denial of the reality of race and racial differences is the cause of the “problem”—and the “experts” who are “grasping for explanations” will all fail in their quest until the take this factor into account.

Differences in racial psychology, intellectual ability, and social responsibility all produce different behavioral traits when subjected to the same social pressures.

The inability of Africans—with an IQ level 20 points below that of an average European—means that the former racial group will never be able to effectively compete with Europeans—or any other group of a higher IQ—in a Western value-based society.

This inability to compete effectively—acknowledged even by liberals in a backhanded way through their promotion of “affirmative action” programs—will inevitably result in Africans dropping to the lowest socioeconomic scale in any Western society.

From there, violent crime is an inevitable outcome, particularly given the fact that this is the natural state of their societies prior to the advent of European colonialism.

Until this reality is understood and accepted, there will be no “solution” to black crime.

And the only “solution” which can then follow must be the total physical geographic separation of the races, so that each race can achieve its fullest potential free from the ever-present curse of racial strife which multiracial societies inevitably cause.

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  1. The last paragraph hints at a system whereby each race can realise it’s full potential free from racial strife actually endorses Apartheid.
    The aim of apartheid was exactly that objective of preventing strife, separate living areas etc. it does work & if the western lefties had left he system alone South Africa today would still be a wealthy progressive country instead of a poverty stricken 3rd world ticking time bomb.

  2. Ah well whites should just move out and leave them all to self destruct. Its been years now and things havent improved, most probably never will

  3. A very good article, of course any leftist would blow a head gasket reading it. My question to them is why don’t they move to the South and West side of Chicago and lend a hand in lifting these people up. Send their pretty little white daughters to their school.

  4. In many of the African and Arab nations, the most savage and brutal would not rule if “the West” did not fund them with money and arms. Nevertheless I agree with all the rest in the article.

  5. Hope exited the building in most of these areas at least 50 years ago.. And to think the democrat whores for president want to give these sloths reparations for “muh slavery” which ended in 1863 in America but continues in Africa to this day and not a thing is said about it because all the slave owners are black and brown. In fact not a thing is said of the roughly 40 million slaves in the world today.

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