About Us

The New Observer is a free and independent news service designed to present current affairs without the spin of the controlled media.

The New Observer exists as a collective created by ex-journalists who are disgusted with the blatant bias and anti-European hatred which permeated the controlled media.

We aim to provide a credible, accurate, and quotable alternative to this controlled media bias, and will not be afraid to tackle any topic which is either covered up, ignored, or distorted by other media outlets.

We undertake at all times to properly research all articles and news, and, in the unlikely event of any inaccuracies being reported, immediately retract and correct any reports. This, we believe, by itself makes us stand out from the controlled  media.

We are staffed by professional writers who all have extensive experience in news and journalism from around the globe.

If you would like to join our team, please get in contact with us by using the contact form on this website.