Chicago: Nonwhite Crime Disaster Shuts Down Hospital after Mass Murder Weekend

One of Chicago’s major hospitals was forced to temporarily shut its doors to new patients last weekend after being overrun by wounded victims following a record-breaking nonwhite gun crime spree which saw over 59 shootings and seven fatalities.

According to local reports, Chicago’s Mount Sinai Hospital temporarily stopped accepting patients Sunday morning because they were at capacity following a series of shootings.

Chicago Police Public Information Officer Anthony Guglielmi told media that that officers responded to several multi-victim shooting incidents on the “west side of Chicago stemming from gang conflict.”

The west side of Chicago has been completely overrun by masses of black, Hispanic and Puerto Rican gangs, who engage in a bustling criminal lifestyle including drugs, prostitution, theft and so on.

The extent of the nonwhite violence is apparent from an audio recording released by Chicago police, which gives an idea of the ferocity of the gun battles in which the nonwhite gangs engage: it literally sounds like a war zone:

Current Chicago mayor, Lori Lightfoot—the first black lesbian to hold such an office—told media that the city’s West Side is in “desperate need of resources. It’s shameful and I can’t say the things that I saw on Saturday are things that I have even the capacity to process yet,” she said.

However, Lightfoot then immediately went on to contradict herself, saying that “We’ve spent over the years probably hundreds of millions of dollars policing on the West Side, CPD, federal and state law enforcement and we have barely moved the needle.”

The ongoing nonwhite crime plague—which the controlled media either ignores or pretends has no racial basis—is steadily getting worse as the metropolitan areas become less white.

As long as this reality is ignored, there will never be a “solution” to the problem, and America is doomed to follow the path of central and South American states beset with the same problem.

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  1. The beauty of GOD is no matter how much lying politically correct spin is put on blacks and gays, both groups will always lead in the crime and sexual disease categories, respectably.. The comedy of the new black lesbian mayor of Chicago is just so ironic.

    Blacks can’t create a good neighborhood or. school system. They sure as heck cant create a good city..I guess obongo was hanging out with his white friends when all this typical black stuff was happening.

  2. The S Africa blacks who pelted Obammy for demanding in his speeches there, that they forgo a ‘nice car, house etc to lessen their carbon footprint’ …. must feel vindicated as the third world commie dictator continues to buy ‘marked down’ sea view palaces. LOL. Never mind his Kenya rellies are still in shacks and going without. They’ve given up, asking him for aid for emergency medic needs.

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