Canada: How White Liberals Distort Indian History, or, a Visit to the “First Nations” Exhibit at the BC Museum

(From a Canadian correspondent)—I decided to take the kids to the Royal British Columbia Museum in Victoria, BC, last week.  Now I like museums, they have a long history of rigorously checked fact-based conclusions. Well they used to. 

The first display area we entered was the “First Nation” section.  In the interest of full disclosure I need to preface this article with the fact I have extensive “First Nation” experience, both on and off the various Rez’s.

My Dene and Cree, while not fluent, is passable and I have spent many weeks camping and hunting with Aboriginals and Metis.

Forearmed with the knowledge that prior to the white man arriving, the North American aboriginals had no written language, mathematics or counting (beyond hands & toes) and no notion of the wheel, I was looking forward to a forensic analysis of what life must have been prior to white men arriving.

However, nothing could prepare me for the exhibition showcasing the biggest collection of paternalistic and sycophantic drivel this side of creation.

* The entrance had a number of “poles” that were playing greetings in various languages recorded on traditional non-volatile memory and supported by the equivalent written words. They were all saying hello, hi, thank you or some friendly, inane, and obviously white-selected  phrase—showing us how marvelously the First Nations got on with everybody—and a complete deviation from the reality of the various tribes pausing only to hate and kill each other long enough to spend a little quality time with  fractious inter-tribal  politics. This behavior remains prevalent even today.

* No dates were given on most of the displays—and it was obvious that most were no older than 200 years, For example, the weaving in most of the traditional garments were so blatantly post-European in their creation it was an affront to  the First Nations  historical record—implying history only began when the man white man arrived!

Above: Supposedly “traditional” Aboriginal sewing and needlework… but all the materials and beads used were supplied by Europeans….

* The totem pole section was even worse, same lack of dates, a video showing how the totem poles were created using a traditional Stihl chainsaw. At least the video was in black and white, giving some authenticity to the date being post 1950.

A “traditional” dinner place setting . . . complete with European napkins . . .

* And oh, the excuses made up to try and explain or justify why the “First Nations” face so many challenges. Mainly whiteys’ fault of course.

* The reliance on the oral history to pass down information and learning is laughable. Yet it is treated as a revered, sacred and accurate.  These stories change inter-generationally never mind trans-generationally and are notoriously unreliable.  There are acute limitations to a society without a written language, both in terms of passing down learning, history, limiting abstract notions such as precision, time and mathematics.

Wooden carvings . . . supposedly “traditional” but all created with European-supplied carving knives….

* The biggest joke of all was the portrayal of the First Nations as guardians of the land. Now I know from firsthand experience that nothing brings more joy to our aboriginal brothers than speeding along in a traditional ATV or snowmobile, grinding up Mother Earth and only pausing to blast a moose or caribou to the Promised Land with a traditional high-velocity rifle. Because they can.

So I was deeply disappointed that the archaeological record was pretty much limited to the arrival of the white man. No significant history beyond a spear head was on display.

I would be acutely embarrassed had I been aboriginal of this white-derived trite. What was interesting was how the kids lapped it all up. Without firsthand knowledge of reality and robbed of the ability to question social history they believed it all implicitly.

I didn’t even try to raise the issues with the kids—they are so sheltered from the reality in their micro-social climate of equality and fairness generated by Government and the controlled media that they are as oblivious of reality as two Scandinavian women trekking across Morocco.

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  1. Silverware? Two perfectly-shaped spoons? I wasn’t aware Amerindians were mining for metals.

    Yes, when they weren’t killing each other off in bitter fratricidal wars that lasted for generations, they were caring for the environment by whipping herds of bison into a frenzy and running them right off of cliffs. At the bottom, these stewards of nature would strip the bison of their hides and leave the rest of the animals to rot and scavengers.

  2. I saw this too. For example you wont find any reference to the massacre of the Salish by the Haida people – which occurred not 150 km from the museum. These facts just don’t fit the misinformation story being spun by SJW.

    1. Yes, they never talk about it because everyone would see that the so-called noble savages were really…just savages. The tribal grudges ran deep and long, and they slaughtered each other not just over petty grievances but to steal each other’s land and resources. In the U.S., the Arapaho hated the Comanche; the Comanche hated the Crow; the Crow hated the Sioux and Cheyenne; and the Cheyenne hated everyone. On and on it went. In fact, it was the Pawnee and Osage tribes that begged the U.S. Cavalry to protect them from being annihilated by the Sioux and Cheyenne. In return, they acted as scouts for the U.S. Cavalry and fought alongside them. I once read that by the time the Brits landed in North America, it’s estimated that there were only about 900,000 Indians left. Of course, their later conflicts with Whites didn’t help their situation, but the fact remains; with their endless fratricidal wars, along with disease and starvation, it’s clear they did a good job of genociding themselves.

      1. Yes, there is also a “Cannibal Map of the World” which shows vast land areas in Canada, the USA and Australia were infested by cannibals, as well as Tibet & South America, but surprisingly, only the Congo belt of Africa. It was European settlers who stopped them from eating each other.

        Interesting about cannibalism reported in Tibet, where all that “Buddhist sky burial” stuff is just a cover for it, reportedly carried out in a warren of secret tunnels beneath the monasteries.

  3. I think you may be wrong not to raise these issues with your (and other) kids. The long slow history of oral and written history, travel, clothing, housing, fire, food etc is something to be aware of; and the history of belief and ideas too. Just explain to them facts about the world and its plants and animal and minerals; but supplement this information by explaining that some people like lies and deception.

  4. Same thing in Australia with our aboriginal identifiers! They also cover up their own interpersonal violence, hate of each other, and brutal natures by blaming whites for their lot. We get ‘invasion day’ protests all the time and our inner city greens (leftist) councils are now proclaiming violent aborigines as freedom fighters, along with the usual ‘custodians of the land’ rubbish. Museums are controlled by aborigines and the lies come thick and fast (too many to post here). And now we’ve just had an aborigine scumbag rapper rape and kill a female Muslim student in Melbourne. Wonder how that will go down the leftists?

  5. A couple of years ago I looked up the amount of land that the European settlers had given to Oriental tribes in America, Canada, and African tribes in Australia. Though I can’t find the file now, the amount of land was vast in all three countries. In the USA, the Europeans gave them areas larger than whole American states, larger than some European countries, where they have SURVIVED FOR 300 YEARS on their own land, because they were allowed to BAN ENTRY TO NON-TRIBAL MEMBERS, even allowed to use DNA racial testing to do so. Unlike the Europeans, who have no safe havens at all, anywhere in the world, to resist the genocide being practiced against them.

    How long will these vast land areas called “reservations” last once the white man has been exterminated, and white taxpayers no longer fund them? Do the aborigines who also seek to destroy the white man think the Mexicans, Indians, Pakistanis or Chinese will respect their “land rights” and continue to fund them?

  6. Yeah, a lot of that stuff was recently made and is too perfect. Probably some of the fabrics made in some ‘sweat shop’ (and I’ve worked in inventory in one) and made by Chinese or Vietnamese workers! If you’ve lived around natives, and there are lots of them around in small and larger towns, they are often glued to an I-Phone, holding a Starbucks or a beer, driving a clunker or taking the bus. I’ve seen a few riding around on a motorized wheelchair, with a feather attached to the handlebars. Many have tattoos and all wear clothing off the shelf. The majority live on some form of assistance. They talk a lot about ‘native culture’, but where is it?

  7. Just got a quick flash. Whoever manufactures those motorized wheelchairs should stick a feather in the handlebars and make them ‘native friendly’. Also noticed the natives who ride them hang a ‘native drum’ on the back of the seat, so it looks even more realistic! Pitiful!

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