What Africans are “Fleeing”: Their Self-Created Disasters

The “poverty” which Africans are “fleeing” during their ongoing invasion of Europe is not something which just “happens” by itself, but is a self-inflicted disaster caused specifically by a combination of low IQ and overpopulation—and they are bringing this devil’s brew of disaster with them to white countries.

Oworonshoki, Lagos.

Just how bad Africa really is, was recently inadvertently revealed in a Canadian CBC report on a Nigerian who had tried to invade Europe via Libya and the Mediterranean.

The African, a 34-year-old named Oluwaseun Femi Ijitola, worked as a taxi driver in his native country, and decided to try his luck in invading Europe “in search of a better life.”

His plans however, came to naught when he has captured by Arab thugs and held hostage. The CBC article attempts to paint Ijitola’s invasion and subsequent detention in a sympathetic light, but it is the description of what he was fleeing from which provides the dramatic insight into the self-inflicted conditions in Africa.

The article describes Ijitola’s home town as follows:

“The ground is thick with mud and sewage. Wooden planks and tires scatter the slum, making a precarious pathway.

“We have to walk,” says Oluwaseun Femi Ijitola, a 34-year-old taxi driver known as Seun. “No vehicle can pass through.”

There is a look of shame in his eyes as he surveys this forgotten corner of Lagos.

Oworonshoki, Lagos. 

On the water’s edge of Nigeria’s largest city, in the neighbourhood of Oworonshoki, people live in dire poverty with no sanitation, electricity or any other facilities, in ramshackle shanties covered with dirty tarpaulin and cardboard that barely keeps out the seasonal rains.

Chickens, goats and dog scavenge on mounds of garbage. Empty plastic bottles float on the tide of the Lagos Lagoon.

This is what Ijitola risked his life to escape when he became one of the hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants attempting to cross the Sahara desert to get to Europe and the hope of a better life.

“I have a dream of schooling abroad, and that is why I went to Libya,” he says.

Ijitola says the area is “very, very rough and tough” and unlocks a tiny padlock to his wooden shack. His wife and five-year-old daughter aren’t here.

“I sent them to be with the mother-in-law,” he says. “I cannot feed them.”

Oworonshoki, Lagos. 

Local “area boys” — as the criminal gangs that extort money and mete out casual violence are known — loiter outside, smoking marijuana and drinking beer.”

Oworonshoki, Lagos. 

The CBC article does not dare point out why so much of Africa is a degrading slum: namely the fact that the average IQ on that continent varies between 60 and 80—and that people with such low intelligences are utterly incapable of creating or maintaining a white, western-style society.

Ijitola’s “home” is therefore typical what Africans are “fleeing from”—and what they will bring to Europe once they overrun it completely.

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  1. And now you know that apartheid existed out of nececity not race-hatred which is the proaganda ANC Communists sent out into the world.

  2. Send more food and they will continue to overpopulate. Do Gooders have interfered in the natural order and the result is a population density that is not sustainable by the primitives themselves. The quicker it is left to itself the quicker it can return to its natural order.

    1. Absolutely. It’s for the same reasons the signs in the local public park tell us not to feed the squirrels. Feeding causes a population explosion, which always upsets the ecological balance, which in turn needs to be corrected through destroying the excess population of squirrels. Africa must be left to its own devices so balance can return, but I think we all know now the motives behind the “Feed Africa”, efforts of the west that were so prevalent during the last 40 years.

      We must also realize that all those media reports of “millions” of Africans dying of AIDS over the last 30 years was a huge lie. If, indeed, tens of millions of Africans had really been infected with the AIDS virus and considering how high their sex drive is, there is NO way the continent would be over one billion people now. If the “epidemic” had been real, the population of Africa would be half what it is today. Just another global hoax.

  3. All part of the Coudenhove-Kalergi PLan, allowing Africans to come to Europe. Read it and learn that the white race is doomed.

    1. Talk like that only benefits our enemies. If you’re going to talk like that, you may as well join the other side.

      Man up & think of solutions, not roll over with your belly up.

  4. All part of the Coudenhove-Kalergi PLan, allowing Africans to come to Europe. Read it and learn that the white race is doomed.

  5. Oluwaseun Femi Ijitola must be unusual in that he can reside in the Oworonshoki slum whose occupants would normally be too poor to pay the fees of people traffickers. The reality is that it is not the desperately poor of Africa who are emigrating, but those whose income has risen to the level which makes an investment in emigrating a possibility. Now that per capita GDP in Nigeria is about $6000 per annum enough people can afford this investment to bring about the human flood tide that currently plagues Europe.

    What I find objectionable about the Canadian CBC support is that it presents a typical illegal migrant from Nigeria as a pathetic victim escaping extreme poverty, and that we should therefore feel sympathy for such people who are driven by desperation to risk their lives by crossing the Mediterranean in rubber dinghies.

  6. Lambs to the slaughter they wish we will reunite we will stand strong it is our furture ckplan stick it where the sun don't shine we owe it too our children and forefathers AND WE WILL FIGHT THEM ON THE BEACHES !!!!!!!!'

  7. Bob Geldof needs to return his Nobel Peace Prize, for this is an outcome of his deeds that drew attention to Africa. Some investments are not worth making, and the law of unintended consequences is not to be ignored.

    1. I think you’ll find ‘Nobel Peace Prizes’ have been a fraud from the start; not just the phoney presumably Jew Geldof. Kipling got one for anti-Germanism and promoting WW1. Woodrow Wilson got one – he took the USA into WW1 for his Jeiwsh bosses. Cordell Hull got one – related to the UN; did nothing for mass killings by Jews from the USSR. Kissinger got one for mass murder. Obongo got one for obeying Jews. It’s just PR, advertising, and fraud.

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