2/3 of Invaders “Functionally Illiterate”

More than two thirds of the nonwhite invaders who have poured into Germany at the invitation of Angela Merkel are “functionally illiterate” and will not be able to successfully participate in the economy, a leading education expert has warned.

Speaking in a radio interview on the Deutschland Funk service, Professor Dr. Ludger Wößmann, director of the Ifo Center for the Economics of Education in Munich, warned that the invaders “did not have the education that would allow them to participate successfully” in the economy and that they will not even be able to complete a basic three-year training course either.

Asked to comment by the interviewer on the view espoused by many pro-invader politicians that the flood of Third Worlders was going to be good for the economy, Dr. Wößmann said that the best way to predict this was to look at the educational systems of the home countries from where the invaders are coming.

He said that specific educational measures, known as PISA or TIMSS tests, are used to rank the educational levels of countries, and that it is possible to determine precisely how many people in each country have “minimum” required skill sets so as not to be considered functionally illiterate.

In Syria, he continued, 65 percent of people do not have these minimum skill sets. The stunned interviewer then asked Dr. Wößmann if this meant that 65 percent of the invaders “cannot read or write properly?”

Dr Wößmann answered: “At the least, they cannot successfully participate in any manner in the German [economy].  You can see this by TIMSS scores on mathematics, and natural sciences. That is, they are not able to complete very simple computing tasks.”

Still incredulous, the interviewer then asked if it was not true that the invaders were the “most qualified people” and therefore unlikely to be the functionally illiterate masses. Dr. Wößmann was unperturbed by the question, answering that of the previous (and now already settled) wave of refugees, some two-thirds had no higher education.

“On the whole, this suggests that it will not on average be extremely highly qualified people who are coming here,” he said. “Going by current migration flows, I do not think that you can particularly strongly assume that they have high levels of education.”

The interviewer then asked him what this meant for “integration into the labor market.”

Wößmann answered by saying, “we cannot assume that all of these people can now simply complete a three-year course at a high theoretical level. They will fail.”

In addition, he pointed out that the Chamber of Crafts of Munich-Upper Bavaria had recently reported that 70 percent of their trainees enrolled from Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq, had already dropped out after less than two years.”

* The official unemployment rate in Germany before the current invasion started was 2.795 million, according to the Federal Labor Agency.

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  1. This invasion is well financed and well organised. This is not possible for it to be just a spontaneous phenomenon. If it was a natural happening we would see men, women and children not just young and healthy males. Has anybody any idea who wants to destroy the White Race? I would like to know that. I am worried for Europe and for Germans in particular because they are in the centre of Europe. I see the majority of Germans are resigned and frightened to open their mouths and act for fear of being called racist that it is almost unbelievable, For sure Hitler is turning in his grave thinking what cowards he left behind.

  2. I really do not think it is about cheap labor. Germany could have gotten people from Spain, unemployment 50% in the 16 – 25 year old range, Italy, 45% in the same group, Greece, Poland, etc. Countries that are culturally a lot more compatible than what invades now. In 2011 Merkel got an award from Saudi Arabia, the most misogynistic retrograde on earth. Now why would they give an award to a women? Maybe money in a Swiss bank account with the stipulation to take these people of their hands. Also she got a coudenove-kalegri award (probably misspelled it) around the same time. It calls for interbreeding of Asians, whites and third world people. It makes for a more homogeneous population that would be easier to control.

  3. Thank you Kartikeya for telling the deeper truth. This is all too deliberate by our so called elected politicians that one wonders who is really making these big decisions ? Certainly not the so called elected representatives in positions of influence and 'power'.

  4. PC Merkel was too dumb to check or care. She was just after cheap labour and too foolish to think there would be ISIS embedded. Europe close your borders or suffer Germany's fate.

  5. Regardless of education or skills, t is a bad idea to promote or allow mass immigration from alien cultures for economic reasons. Ethnic and cultural diversity kills community, social cohesion and solidarity. It utterly destroys the subtler, more human aspects of a nation and its spiritual and moral quality of life.

  6. Stopping them is the priority, but given all the Human Rights laws, how can we ever get rid of those who are already here?

  7. Stop them coming to Europe, don't just sit and watch, stand up for your European race, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT……….

  8. Surely the only people surprised at this particular piece of "news" will be our politicians .
    Thanks to Merkel and Co the rest of us will be forced to live with the results of their treachery for very many years in the forseeable future.

  9. Looking at the invaders in the picture I would say with all honesty that all they will be capable of is breeding, raping German women and committing crimes of all manner. Its already happening in Germany aince their arrival, and Germany will sadly soon become a mirror image of Sweden.

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