Drug-Resistant Typhoid in Pakistan “To Go Worldwide”

A new drug-resistant (XDR) strain of typhoid in Pakistan is just a small genetic step away from becoming completely untreatable—and health experts expect it to spread worldwide, thanks to extensive Pakistani migration... Read more »

Intelligence is Genetic, MIT Admits, and IQ-DNA Tests Soon Available

Faced with the inevitable march of impartial factual science, several leading behavioral geneticists have now fully admitted that intelligence is genetic—i.e. that intelligence is inherited, and not environmental—and that IQ DNA test... Read more »

US National Health Director Inadvertently Reveals that Stephen Hawking Did Nothing Valuable

The controlled media mania over recently deceased British physicist Stephen Hawking—who is being treated as some type of great genius instead of the mediocre philosopher that he was—has been inadvertently exposed by... Read more »

Seaweed: A Viable Alternative to Plastic?

Processed seaweed is soon to become a viable alternative to the scourge of throwaway plastic containers currently polluting the earth, according to Pierre-Yves Paslier, the founder of UK-based Skipping Rocks Lab, the... Read more »

Homos, Hetro Blacks, Cause STD Disaster, says CDC

Homosexuals and heterosexual blacks—the two most sexually irresponsible and promiscuous groups—are the primary cause of the massive increase in sexually  transmitted diseases in America over the past few years,  figures from an... Read more »

Fake News: Race, DNA, the Daily Mail and Bledington Village

A recent Daily Mail article which claims that an English village has only “42 percent British DNA” is factually incorrect fake news because there is no such thing as a “British race,”... Read more »

NASA Discovers “50,000-Year-Old Superlife”

NASA scientists have announced that they have discovered microbe life forms that have been living “for over 50,000 years” trapped within crystals in the famous Naica Cave in Mexico. If accurate, these microbe... Read more »

Vegetarianism Raises Cancer, Heart Risk

Populations who have had a primarily vegetarian diet for generations carry a genetic mutation which significantly raises the risk of cancer and heart disease, a new study has found. Read more »

Hubble Unveils Monster Stars

In another example of how European technology has opened the doors of science, astronomers using the unique ultraviolet capabilities of the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope have identified nine monster stars with masses... Read more »

“Refugees” 66x More Mentally Ill

Third World “refugees” flooding into Europe are sixty-six times more likely to suffer from psychotic illnesses such as schizophrenia than Europeans, a new study has found. As these diseases are genetic, this means... Read more »

Gore’s “10 Years to Save Earth” Flops

Al Gore’s 2006 prediction that “climate change” would flood the world by 2016 have now been shown to be another hysterical exaggeration—while a new study has shown that all the climate models... Read more »

Ötzi Stumps “Out of Africa” Theory

The “out of Africa” theory of the origin of mankind has been thrown into doubt once again with a new investigation into ancient bacteria found in the “Ötzi iceman” body. Read more »

“Climate Change is Political Propaganda”

One of the original founders of Greenpeace, Dr. Patrick Moore, has announced that climate change is “pure political propaganda that has nothing to do with science,” and that in reality, the world’s... Read more »

Mars in Just 10 Weeks?

The until now theoretical EmDrive space propulsion system has passed initial research tests and could revolutionize space travel—providing Western civilization is not overrun and destroyed by the Third World immigration invasion within... Read more »

NASA Releases Thousands of New Images of European Man’s Greatest Achievement: The Apollo Program

NASA has released more than 8,400 high-resolution never-before seen photographs taken by Apollo astronauts during trips to the moon—unquestionably European man’s single greatest technological achievement ever. The new, unprocessed versions of original... Read more »

Leading Euro Scientist Takes Stand against Third World Invasion

A leading German scientist has revoked the license to his widely-used bioinformatics software for researchers in eight European countries because those countries have promoted the Third World invasion of Europe. Read more »

Extreme Cold Forces Alarmists to Cancel Anti-“Global Warming” Protest

A group of “global warming” scaremongering alarmists at America’s prestigious Yale University have been forced to cancel their planned “Global Divestment Day” this weekend—due to a continued bout of cold weather which... Read more »

Philae Lands on Comet c67P: Another Triumph for European Technology

The European Space Agency’s (ESA) Philae landing craft—which has completed the nearly impossible task of landing on a 34,000 mile per hour comet after a four billion mile, ten-year-long  chase through deep... Read more »

Only Small Numbers of Europeans Required to Repopulate, Says NovaEuropa Website

Only a very small number of Europeans—numbering in the thousands—is required to repopulate a European ethnostate without danger of genetic damage, a new article on the Project Nova Europa website has announced. Read more »

Race and Science: Inuits and Aborigines Lack Genes to Fight Influenza

The reality of race—long denied by the far left as a “social construct”—has been proven once again with a new genetic study which has shown that Inuits in Alaska and Aborigines in... Read more »