SA Farmer “Thrown Alive into Crocodile Pit”

Four blacks—one a Zimbabwean—will appear in court for a brutal farm murder in South Africa in which the bound white victim was thrown alive into a crocodile pit, the Maroela Media news service has reported.

According to the report, Dr. Louis John Botha, 64, a game farmer from the north east Swartwater area, Limpopo, was brutally murdered by four attackers over the last weekend of February 2015.


The victim and his family.

The former medical doctor had started game farming in the region fifteen years ago, and was attacked sometime on the Saturday by the gang. He was alone at the time, as the rest of his family was in Pretoria.

When he failed to communicate with anyone through to Sunday, his neighbors were alerted and came to investigate. They found Dr. Botha’s house standing open. Inside, the safe was open and there were bloodstains on the floor and walls.

A search was launched, and his body was discovered the next day in a water hole only seven hundred feet away. His hands had been bound and he had suffered a severe blow to his head, but was alive when thrown into the water pit, where crocodiles had fed on him, according to his daughter Riëtte.

“They were waiting for him in the house,” she said. “He was tied up and hit several times with a spade and sticks, and then thrown into the pit and left for dead.”

She said it was apparent that he had tried to swim to the banks of the water hole even though his hands were firmly bound, but had failed in his attempt as crocodiles had eaten chunks out of his body.

Police spokesman Colonel Ronel Otto said that the four “suspects” had been arrested the following Friday in the town of Groblersdal following an intensive investigation.

“A firearm and a cell phone which had been stolen during the attack were found in the suspects’ possession,” Otto said.

The four blacks will appear in court on the same day that Dr. Botha’s funeral will be held in the local church.

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  1. whites…get out of that wretched country…leave the scum to starve …and kill each other..There will never be a future there for your families. if you stay you are condemning your kids to death!.even the zulu king said the blacks have [email protected]@ed everything the country had!! Everywhere they take power gets destroyed!!!Zimbabwe also…look at america!! The black countries had asian businesses at one time and they drove them all out Uganda/kenya etc now look at them….they all want to come and destroy the white mans europe..ignorant/useless tree dwellers thats all they are! Sooner take in all the apes…at least they can be taught things and how to behave!! An ape never killed a person for no reason..these people do!!

    1. Nowhere in the world is safe…the rest of us have the mudslime gimmegrants and our traitorous governments want us destroyed…!!!

    2. You are a good man bazablue god loves you ☺ true they need white people without them countries go ruins starvation corruption killings for no reason cant they see that no white man no food no houses no nothing…

  2. White farmers should go to Hungary and Bulgary. Even Australia doesn’ t accept whites. It’ s sickening!

  3. Google-: WHITE GENOCIDE – Quotes
    or Click Link Below…
    Note: the video is 15 minutes in length, and well worth the watch.

    1. Mark, thanks for the link, a very frightening video, but confirms what I suspected – so this is the “Master Plan” that Merkel et al are aiming for……but what’s so frightening is, they go on about World Domination, Europe is merely a stepping stone !!!

  4. Unfortunately they can’t get visas to leave the country, they are stuck in that hellhole. They want to leave but can’t. They have both hands tied behind their backs and the world turns their backs because they don’t have the story straight at all. AT ALL. The news media made damn sure nobody cares a whit about what happens to these people, who will be murdered one by one until they are all dead. It’s sickening. And do you know whose fault it REALLY is? Which people are manipulating countries through newsmedia and entertainment media? Who exert abnormal control over legal systems and governments? Hmmmm…… I wonder….. because it’s not the violent beast men who don’t know any better and who should be and always were in the past, kept in sem

    1. “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.” ISRAEL COHEN (1912) (three years before turkish muslims genocide 1.5M white christian armenians)

  5. kept in semi-manageable areas under strict laws they mostly obeyed because they understood the consequences, which today are not even a dim memory and without punishments they have no bounderies. It is not really their stone age brains who have come up with these plans for us to die a slow and painful death, consumed by our good deeds which definitely don’t go unpunished….

  6. Most of us can’t leave as much as I think 90% of us would love to. No one cares about white South Africans anyway. The Rand is so weak, no one has the money to leave. And even with my EU passport, I wouldn’t go to Europe because the same thing is coming to Europe!

  7. This story is indeed dated 7 March 2016. HOWEVER – are you certain that you didn’t pick up a year-old story, or are these four blacks finally going to be brought to justice a year after Dr Louis-John Botha had been tied up, beaten up until he bled copiously, and then thrown alive into the crocodile-pit? I just wanted to double-check. I archive hatecrimes against SA minorities on and just want to make certain that there will be a trial ‘the following Monday’ *that would be on 15 March 2016…

    1. This was my father, he was killed on 28-02-15.

      Editorial note: Thank you for confirming this. We have changed the date of the story accordingly. Our deepest sympathy.

      1. So very sorry for your loss, Melanie. It is truly barbaric what these savages are doing. And yet, whitey remains the bad guy.

      2. Melanie, I am so sorry your family went through this. It is horrifying. Your father looks like an amazing man. I know there are no words that can make this better, but you and your family are now in my prayers.
        I bring these stories to the attention of my senators/ congressmen demanding they stop sending my tax dollars to SA until this stops. I suggest we allow the SA farmers to immigrate. Those in the US please join me in demanding our government open our borders to the properly vetted SA farmers. Tell your representatives to stop giving SA money until those in control stop this carnage. Money talks. Our politicians will only listen when there are large numbers (potential votes) of us demanding change.
        These stories need to go viral. Most people have no clue what is going on over there.
        Thank you New Observer for your enlightenment.

        1. The death penalty was abolished in S.A. when the country was handed over to the A.N.C in 1994. These criminals hardly serve a third of their sentences and then they are released on bail, just to go and murder again. In many cases incompetent black policemen bugger up crime scenes/ investigations and then the courts cannot prosecute and the criminals are let off the hook.
          A woman and her daughter was attacked and robbed in a park in Pretoria. The woman decided to fight back even with knives against their throats and was able to save themselves from being raped. When they got to the police station a few days later for the identity parade, the criminals were released already. Some clever cop just decided that it wasn’t necessary for them to be prosecuted.

  8. Prime exanple of biting the hand that feeds you. Without the advances of the white man, people would still be living like cavemen. Just keep hating, continue with white genicide and see how much you enjoy living in squalor. Of course there’s still plenty of work to. be done but an unbelievable amount of progress has been made. At some point, people have to actively work to better their lives. Challenge those leaders keeping everyone down and stop the madness. This savagery successfully turns people away from helping anyone. Really tired of this whole blame someone culture. Shut up and help ypurselves. Oh, you need whites in order to do that. Get over it

  9. I am a father of two beautiful loving children and a gentle loving wife. Growing up my father raised me to respect my elders regardless of race and to show love and kindness to all people, Black’ Colored’ Asian all races. I have raised my children on those same principles, but what has it brought us? Nothing but fear. I don’t get much sleep because I’m so afraid for my family’s safety. Every night I pray for a miracle where I can earn enough money to leave this hell like place. Or I pray for some leader of a good country to reach out and save my family and I. I’m tired of living in fear. I only want a future for my family. GOD PLEASE HELP US..

  10. Im a white male – took a Racism class in CANADA – Stood up against my black marxist proffesor, One girl brought up how reverse racism doesn’t exist. I politiely raised my hand and said I know a afrikaner family that don’t feel like there is a future in SA, Jobs are harder to obtain due to the racial preferential policies of AFFIRMATIVE ACTION. The Proffesor and the girl started to argue that they are still a privledge group, I later argued that Privledge was not what the arguement was about but RACISM was. I then went on to talk about the Farm Murders in SA , after that NO ONE DEBATED ME AND I NEVER WENT BACK UNTILL FINAL EXAM. – I WILL ALWAYS STAND UP FOR MY EUROPEAN BROTHERS AND SISTERS. MUCH LOVE AND RESPECT, I AM PRAYING EVERY NIGHT FOR YOU GUYS.

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