Author Marks “International Holocaust Day” with Free Book Giveaway

Holocaust historian Peter Winter has announced the free release on the internet of the latest version of his best-selling book The Six Million: Fact or Fiction in response to that book’s banning by Amazon and to mark “International Holocaust Remembrance Day” 2018.

Writing in a post on his personal blog, Winter said that he had “taken this step in response to the decision by Amazon worldwide to ban the book from sale on that platform, in response to agitation from assorted Jewish organizations, including the ADL and Yad Vanshem.

“The Jewish organizations said in their pleas to Amazon to ban the book that the “threats against Jewish Community Centers” which were so rife in the US in 2017 were “evidence of rising anti-Semitism” and that therefore books like The Six Million: Fact or Fiction? needed to be removed from the public arena,” Winter continued.

“As everyone now knows, the ‘threats against the Jewish Community Centers’ all came from a Jew, Micheal Ron David Kadar, in Israel, who was only arrested after the US sent the FBI to that country, because the Israeli police had not acted against him.

“When he was arrested, it turned out he had over $250K in bitcoin, payment for the thousands of threats to Jewish centers all over the world, all very handily providing the excuse of “rising anti-Semitism” to ban books… Needless to say, when the US asked Israel to extradite Kadar, the request was refused.”

“So it turned out that it was all a set-up, albeit one with which Amazon played along willingly,” Winter continued.

“In reaction to this draconian and unwarranted censorship, I have waited until International Holocaust Remembrance Day, January 27, 2018, to prepare and release free on the Internet the very latest updated edition of The Six Million: Fact or Fiction?

He then provided a link to an online version of the book, which also contains a PDF copy of the book for offline reading.

“The censors must know that we will never back down until this wall of lies collapses under its own weight. Banning books off Amazon is merely an indication of the fact that they know their claims cannot stand up to rational investigation. Now is the time to increase the pressure!” Winter concluded.

The link for the book can be found by clicking here.

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  1. Shrunken heads and human soap …Part of a fantasy multi million dollar enterprising scheme for suckers only . Look up if available reports from forensic expert Fred Leuchter Jr. his findings are additional proof of the Big Lie or The Greatest Lie Ever Sold ….

  2. Deduct the 6 million and gas chamber lies and what’s left? Something like the way we interned Japanese in Wyoming, minus the bombings that destroyed supply lines

  3. The claims made for the holocaust simply can’t be sustained. For example, it’s claimed that the ~800,000 cadavers at Treblinka were cremated using essentially no fuel. Kindling, variously described as “dry sticks the size of toothpicks,” “brush” or “brushwood” and “enough wood to build some small campfires,” was used to set the bodies on fire. After being set on fire, the cadavers burned on their own. The Jews claimed that a German expert, Sergeant Herbert Floss, knew how to build an open air pyre from railroad rails and concrete pylons that made human bodies flammable. Fat women were first placed face down on the rails to provide fuel to burn up to 3,000 bodies at a time. Jews demand that we believe such tripe and that Germans pay them billions in reparations.

  4. Thanks to The New Observer for telling us about this astonishing free online book provided by the brave investigative journalist and historian Peter Winter. This work will stand proudly shoulder-to-shoulder with two other historical research books: “Hellstorm” by Thomas Goodrich, and “The Iron Cage” by Nigel Cawthorne, as well as all the other important books listed on this TNO website, and books on the Ukrainian Holodomor. If only our teenagers were reading these books in school and college, instead of all the Marxist Subversive Porn shoved down their throats by leftist teachers!

    1. May I just point out that this does not turn Hitler into some kind of “hero”.
      If Austrian Hitler had been a true patriot and nationalist, he would have focused on building his adopted country of Germany into a great nation, instead of wasting German lives and resources on invading other countries. And if he had wanted to get rid of the Jewish corruption of German society, he could have just kicked them all out, like President Jomo Kenyatta kicked the Indians & Pakistanis out of Kenya.

      1. You apparently haven’t heard of the Haavara agreement. Hitler was trying to peacefully rid Germany of the Jews by arranging for Jews to emigrate to Palestine and take their wealth with them. The Jews were given the equivalent value of export goods they could sell after emigration to reimburse them. I see that you also swallow the lie that Hitler started WW II by invading Poland. Enjoy your ignorance, Protestant.

        1. PS. If you want to see the Haavara commemorative medal, simply google, “haavara medal photo.”

          Editorial note: Or you can simply read Peter Winter’s free book “The Six Million: Fact or Fiction” at the link above, and refer to chapter 1 in which the Haavara agreement is detailed, along with copies of Haavara certificates in Hebrew and English.

          1. Yes, I did actually take up the splendid offer of the free online book, went to the link and read it. Everything you and the New Observer Editor said is true, but as Peter Winter pointed out, that all changed after the war started, and Hitler’s invasion of Russia was used as a plan to relocate Jews to the east of the Urals, if I remember correctly.

            The undeniable fact remains, however, that Hitler invaded some 20 countries and started WW2, laying waste to Europe and slaughtering millions, instead of concentrating on building Germany into a great nation, as a true patriot and nationalist would have done. And his egregious errors of judgment in conducting the war he started seemed deliberately designed to bring about a defeat for Germany, so much so that his own German generals tried to kill him, in a desperate attempt to rescue their country from the madman.

  5. “The undeniable fact remains, however, that Hitler invaded some 20 countries and started WW2, laying waste to Europe and slaughtering millions…blah, blah, blah”

    The undeniable fact remains that people like YOU are ignorant of true history and have a deep-rooted anti-Hitler bigotry based on the victors’ version of history coupled with endless holohoax propaganda films and books put on by (((you know who))) and tired, old, regurgitated WWII lies and vile anti-German hate propaganda.

    “And his egregious errors of judgment in conducting the war he started seemed deliberately designed to bring about a defeat for Germany”

    EXCUSE ME. Adolf Hitler did NOT start WWII. That ‘honor’ belongs to Britain and France.

    You have no idea of what kind of treason and betrayal went on behind the scenes by traitors like Canaris et. al that caused the German Chancellor to commit “egregious errors of judgment in conducting the war”, so quit before you expose more of your ignorance.

    1. Phil, your comment here is excellent and makes me all the more relieved to have found this website, The New Observer. For the life of me, I do not understand why it took me so long to come across this website. I found it by way of a news site called “The Government Rag”. I have been trying to educate myself on all things truth, past, present, and future, for several years now and have learned a lot and found several excellent sources and I’m bothered I did not come across this site until now. My eyes are burning from all of the reading I’ve been doing in the past 6 hours. I think this site might be the best site any person of European decent has access to, for now, at least.
      Also, something that’s become important to me, I see with this website the comments are civil and mature. There does not appear to be trolls and other ignoramuses of the like, posting vile comments & such. There’s nothing wrong with healthy debate but I am always disheartened and turned off to see nastiness in comment sections – it helps nobody and only gives (((them))) more leverage with their divide and conquer tactics. I’m sure they love to see in-fighting between us, so the less of this, the better!
      I have learned a lot about history in the past few years, especially WW2, and I was thrilled to read your comment. While I agreed with some of Protestant’s comment, when he/she started in on Hitler, I found myself in disbelief, because I have learned enough at this point to know that Hitler did not start WW2, and I was shocked to see someone visiting this site could write such a thing, almost thought it might be a troll, trying to shake things up.
      You said Britain and France started WW2 and I can’t help but wonder, was the USA in any way part of this? I know we came later in the game after our Pearl Harbor False Flag, but we really weren’t in on it from the start, even though not “officially” until late 1941? Like I said, I still have much to learn. I still have much to read from all I’ve collected, but maybe you have some suggestions for me for reading, I would be most appreciative.

  6. To be precise 24 of March 1933 the Zionist Jews declared sanctions and war on Germany and like every war since the Zionists get the very stupid AIPAC bought and payed for American and British politicians to send there military to fight Israels dirty wars for them and most return home maimed and in body bags while the Jews laugh all the way to the bank?

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