The Papua New Guinea (PNG) government has been authorized by that country’s Supreme Court to deport 166 “non-refugees” currently being held at the Manus Island detention center—after their “applications for…

Conclusive proof that all Afghans claiming “asylum” in Europe and elsewhere are perpetrating a massive confidence trick and are not genuine refugees has come with the news that the United…

Japan has accepted just 28 out of 10,901 Third World scroungers pretending to be refugees, according to figures published by that country’s Ministry of Justice.

Papua New Guinea has started deporting back to their country of origin at least 168 illegal invaders from Iran, Iraq, Nepal, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and India—confirming that nationals from all those nations have absolutely no right to claim asylum at all.

The Republic of Indonesia has started with a large-scale program of expelling all illegal immigrants it finds within its borders, with immigration officials conducting mass raids and arrests all over the country.

Tensions between Buddhist-dominated Burma and Muslim-dominated Malaysia are rising once again after five Burmese workers were hacked to death with swords by a Malaysian mob in an ongoing dispute over religion and illegal immigration between the two countries.

The Afghan government has barred all people from entering their country—and particularly Pakistanis—without valid travel documents, following months of tension along the border between those two countries.

The number of “foreign workers” in Japan has jumped to 908,000—a record high—and the government is planning to bring in more on a “temporary basis,” despite rising popular opposition.

The German government has forcibly deported 34 Afghan invaders back to their home country—including at least 11 convicted murderers, rapists, and robbers—and hopes to send back 500 more per week from January.

More than 380,000 Afghans have now been deported back home from Pakistan, with the active assistance of the United Nations (U.N.)—and with money paid to them by that organization. The mere fact that the U.N. moves the Afghans back home proves that the “refugee” claim that they “flee in fear of their lives” is a complete lie.

Hundreds of thousands of Afghans pretending to be refugees in Pakistan have been told that their deadline to leave the country expires today—and that they will be forcibly deported if they refuse to leave voluntarily. So far this year, 210,998 Afghan invaders in Pakistan have already returned home—evidence that their claims to “asylum” in Europe are just as bogus as they are in their neighboring state.

Pakistan’s deportation of the famous green-eyed “Afghan Girl” back to Afghanistan has focused attention on the fact that Pakistan has a racially-based citizenship law. Sharbat Gula was arrested after trying to buy a Pakistan Origin Card—an ID card given to anyone of racial Pakistani descent and designed to keep Pakistan homogenous.

A new sacrificial murder involving a four-year-old girl who was beheaded and offered as human sacrifice has highlighted the fact that witchcraft in India claims hundreds of lives every year. The latest case—which took place in the world-famous tea-producing region of Assam—involved a “tantrik” sacrificing the girl after being asked to provide magical help in finding a lost cell phone.

The woman who won worldwide fame as the “green-eyed Afghan” on National Geographic magazine’s cover has been arrested in Pakistan for buying fake identification documents. Sharbat Gula’s arrest came as the Pakistani authorities are cracking down on Afghans with illegal national identity cards, as part of their United Nations-approved policy of returning bogus refugees to their homeland.

The 15-year-old U.S. invasion of Afghanistan has been an unmitigated disaster which has cost the American taxpayers $6 trillion, 2,216 dead, and 20,049 seriously wounded—and has done nothing to root out the Taliban. In addition, opium production has increased by 43 percent, and even more U.S. soldiers are being sent there to protect the Kabul puppet regime from its own people.

Pakistan has started expelling all 3 million illegal immigrant Afghans back to their home country—in cooperation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).
The fact that the UNHCR is involved in the repatriation process proves that Afghanistan is a “safe” country and that all “asylum seekers” from there are bogus.

Air China’s inflight magazine has advised its passengers to avoid the Indian, Pakistani, and black areas of London, and said that women should never go out alone for fear of being attacked. The article, written in Wings of China in English and Chinese, added: “We advise tourists not to go out alone at night, and females always to be accompanied by another person when travelling.”