Two Israeli Jews Arrested for “Largest Gold Smuggling Case in Japan’s History”

ice in Tokyo have arrested two Israeli Jews living in Japan for attempting to smuggle—by airmail—485 pounds (220 kilograms) of gold bars—the largest ever gold smuggling operation ever uncovered in that country. Read more »

“Cheap” India-Made Contaminated Drugs Spark Lawsuit in America against Walmart, 3 Others

US supermarket giant Walmart and three pharmaceutical companies have been sued by a class action suit which alleges the “cheap” Indian-made blood pressure and diabetes drug they sold was contaminated in dirty factories... Read more »

US Tries to Halt China’s Production and Shipping of Deadly Fentanyl

The US is finally moving to halt the mass importation of synthetic fentanyl—an opioid which killed more than 27,000 Americans in 2017 alone—after it emerged that there are almost no controls over... Read more »

India Braces for Annual Choking Pollution in Ongoing Third World Environment Disaster

India is bracing itself for its annual choking pollution smog attack which turns much of the north of that country and New Delhi into a “gas chamber,”—and  a new report published by... Read more »

India Deports First Set of Rohingyas back to Myanmar: Plans to Get Rid of all 40,000

The Indian government has deported the first set of Rohingyas claiming to be “refugees” back to Myanmar—with the deportees’ consent, making a mockery of worldwide controlled media claims and liberals who claim... Read more »

Papua New Guinea “Universities” Expel White Academics Who Demanded “End to Cheating”

Two white academics—one from Britain and the other from the Netherlands—have been forced to flee for their lives from Papua New Guinea after trying to persuade their employers at two universities that... Read more »

German Government Orders Halt to Deporting Muslim Fake Refugees Back to China

The German government has ordered a halt to all deportations of fake refugee-invaders from the Uyghur region of China, claiming that the Muslims “face discrimination” from the majority Han Chinese back home. Read more »

India Strips 4 Million of Citizenship, Will Deport Them to “Protect Ethnic Assam” People

The Indian government has stripped at least four million people—mainly “refugees” from Bangladesh who entered the country in 1971—of their right to Indian citizenship in the state of Assam and has started... Read more »

China Identified as Source of Ozone-Destroying CFC-11 Despite Worldwide Ban

China’s foam-blowing industry has been identified as the source of a dramatic increase in the ozone-destroying CFC-11 chemical, despite a worldwide ban on the production and use of that chemical, a new... Read more »

Turkey Deports 15,000 Afghan Invaders, Exposing “Refugee” Claim as Hoax

At least 15,000 Afghan invaders in Turkey—trying to swindle their way into Europe—have been deported back to their home country, definitively exposing as a hoax all Afghani claims to needing “asylum” anywhere. Read more »

Malaysian Government Vows to “Flush Out” Illegal Immigrants by July 1

The government of Malaysia has announced a special “Ops Mega 3.0” to “flush out illegal immigrants nationwide” on July 1, after the expiry of the deadline for the rehiring and relocation program on... Read more »

Indian Government: Canadians are Shielding Drug Traffickers

The Indian government has said that the Canadian government is deliberately shielding Indian nationals wanted in connection with an international narcotics syndicate from extradition back to India. Read more »

95% of IT “Engineers” in India Incapable, New Report Reveals

A new report by Aspiring Minds, the world’s largest employability assessment company, has revealed that over 95 percent of all IT “engineers” in India are incapable of basic programming—shattering the myth of... Read more »

Nauru Establishes Own Appeal Court: Invaders Cut off from Australian Courts

The decision by the Pacific island of Nauru to establish its own independent court of appeal has severed that nation’s links with the Australian judicial system—a move which has provoked hysteria among... Read more »

Czech Republic: Fake Chinese “Asylum Seekers” in Appeal against Rejection

At least 70 Chinese invaders pretending to be refugees in the Czech Republic who have had their patently bogus “asylum” applications rejected, have launched an appeal in that country’s court system with... Read more »

Japan Rejects Fake Refugees: Only 20 of 20,000 Applications Accepted

Japan has continued with its policy of rejecting fake “refugee” claims, and last year only accepted 20 out of 20,000 applications, new data from the Immigration Bureau of Japan has revealed. Read more »

Rampant Chinese Espionage against America Continues

News that the Chinese wind turbine company Sinovel engaged in espionage to steal software developed by the US company AMSC is only the latest example of the rampant and ongoing theft of... Read more »

Pakistan: Afghans Have 1 Month to Leave

In a move which demonstrates once again the lie of Afghans needing “asylum” anywhere, the government of Pakistan has given all Afghan “refugees” in that country one month to pack their bags... Read more »

Bangladesh: Ban on Rohingya Marriage

The Asian nation of Bangladesh has outlawed marriages between its nationals and Rohingyas as a way of stopping the latter group becoming citizens, a court case has revealed. Read more »

Zimbabweans Trapped in Bangkok Airport

In events reminiscent of the Tom Hanks movie The Terminal, African “asylum seekers” from Zimbabwe have been trapped inside Thailand’s Bangkok airport for two months—because they failed to plan ahead in their... Read more »

650,000 Go Home to Safe Afghanistan

The claim that Afghanistan is “unsafe” and therefore Europe must take “refugees” from that country has been utterly disproven with the news that over 650,000 Afghan “refugees” in Pakistan have already returned... Read more »

PNG Police Act against Manus Island Invaders

The Papua New Guinea (PNG) police have stared forcibly removing would be invaders of Australia—whose claims to “refugee” states are so bogus that not even liberals could believe them—who have barricaded themselves... Read more »

Sri Lanka Takes Back Fake Refugees from Manus Island

The Sri Lankan government has announced that it is making arrangements to ship back over one hundred of its nationals currently holding out in the closed Manus Island detention center after their... Read more »

Japan Cracks Down on Illegal Invaders and Fake Refugees

Japan will curb all “asylum seekers’” rights to work and detain any not deemed refugees or who have made multiple applications, the Yomiuri daily newspaper has reported—a move which further tightens one... Read more »

Malaysia Sends Illegal Invaders to Prison

The Malaysian government has imprisoned at least 132 illegal invaders from Thailand who have been arrested in a series of immigration police swoops in Kuala Lumpur, and seeks to imprison them for... Read more »

Chinese Companies Indicted in Dangerous Dietary Fraud

A Dallas, Texas, grand jury has returned two indictments against five Chinese citizens and four companies alleging fraud and other charges, the US Justice Department announced. The charges relate to the sales... Read more »