Mueller Investigation reveals that “Mainstream Media” are Biggest Purveyors of Fake News

After 22 months and $35 million, Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel investigation has discovered what everyone knew all along: that the claims of a “Trump-Russia” collusion to influence the 2016 US Presidential election... Read more »

Canada: How White Liberals Distort Indian History, or, a Visit to the “First Nations” Exhibit at the BC Museum

I decided to take the kids to the Royal British Columbia Museum in Victoria, BC, last week. Now I like museums, they have a long history of rigorously checked fact-based conclusions.... Read more »

Traitor UK Politicians Squabble over EU Nonsense as Third World Invasion Swamps Britain

British Prime Minister Theresa May has predictably completely messed up the “Brexit” process, sparking off a fierce squabble in her own party which may yet bring her government down, while the real... Read more »

Canada’s Reality Check: Trump, Trade, and Trudeau

The recent trade spat between Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau shows exactly how out of touch Canada’s leaders and the Canadian population in general is with the reality of the modern world. Read more »

Europe: Conservative Idiocy of Burqa Bans, Crucifixes, Ignores Real Issue of Racial Replacement

The race-denying idiocy of “conservatives” in Europe has reached a new low with the spread of the “burqa ban” to Denmark, and the order to put up crucifixes in public buildings in... Read more »

Merkel Stumbles—Thanks to AfD

The sudden collapse of German government coalition talks over the weekend—which might cause Angela Merkel’s downfall—is entirely due to the fact that the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party took at least 40... Read more »

Multi-Racialism, not “Mental Illness” to Blame for Terrorism

No sooner had news broken of the latest terrorist attack in London—this time committed by a white man ramming a van into Muslims outside the notorious and terror-linked Finsbury Park Mosque—than the... Read more »

Making America Neocon Again: Trump, Putin and the Ziocons

By Gilad Atzmon. It doesn’t take a military analyst to grasp that the American attack on a remote Syrian airfield contradicts every possible military rationale. If America really believed that Bashar Assad possessed... Read more »

The Brexit Hoax Begins

“Right wing” hoopla over the official start of Brexit is completely misguided—because the most damaging European Court in terms of UK law is not part of the EU, thousands of EU laws... Read more »

Terror in Europe: Ruling Liberal Elite to Blame

The latest terrorist attack in London—and many other similar incidents—is the fault of the ruling liberal elite, which has deliberately pushed mass Third World immigration, while at the same time waging wars... Read more »

Mass Rapes: Islamic Weapon of Conquest and Domination

By Yolanda Couceiro Morín. Since the sordid episode of the massive New Year’s Eve rape of 2015 in Cologne and other German cities (more than a thousand complaints), cases of sexual assaults... Read more »

Brexit Starts: Does it Matter?

The vote by the British Parliament to give the go-ahead to start the "Brexit" process remains meaningless to the UK’s future—because the real threat to Britain's future existence as a First World... Read more »

War with Russia? No Chance, says Izvestia

There is no real prospect of a nuclear war between Russia and the West, prominent Russian newspaper Izvestia has declared. The pronouncement comes despite the ongoing war talk and never-ending controlled media... Read more »

Ghana’s “Right of Abode”: Roadmap to Racial Peace?

Ghana’s “right of abode” law—which grants residence and citizenship to any black—is one of the clearest roadmaps to achieving world racial peace, the Project Nova Europa website has said. The basis of... Read more »

Brexit: Real Change or Titanic Deck Chairs?

Today's knife-edge vote on British membership of the European Union is, if the controlled "out" tabloids are to be believed, all about "saving Britain." But is this really going to happen? Will... Read more »

The Meaning of Brexit

The right wing capitalist Tories and the so-called ‘Left’ (Labour) support the remain campaign. How is it possible that the ‘Right’ and the ‘Left’ or shall we say, money and labour, support... Read more »

Women-haters of the Alt-Right

Voting patterns in the recent Austrian presidential elections which showed that 60 percent of women voted for the communist-Green candidate has once again inflamed the women-haters of the alt-right movement. This anti-female... Read more »

Brexit is Irrelevant to Britain’s Future

The June 23 vote on British membership of the European Union is meaningless to the UK’s future—because longstanding immigration policies will have plunged Britain into minority white and Third World status by... Read more »

Eastern Europe “Defender of Civilization”

Eastern Europe will take on the mantle of defender of European civilization, and, ultimately, the European heartland which will serve as a homeland and regeneration point for the European people. For this,... Read more »

Europe Should Ally with Iran, Russia

The German government’s plan to send troops to fight ISIS in Syria is “reckless,” ignores the fact that terrorism is in Europe, and only support of Syria, Iran, Russia, and Hezbollah can... Read more »

Devote Your Life to a Cause: The Lesson of Nelson Mandela, According to Orania

The one lesson to learn from the life of Nelson Mandela is that one can devote one’s like to cause in which you believe, and that success can follow, even if at... Read more »

Nelson Mandela Dies: A Nationalist Reappraisal

Instead of condemning Africans for wanting to rule themselves, pro-European activists should accept that it was wrong for Europeans to colonize the Third World—and therefore, that it is equally wrong for the... Read more »

The African Boat Invasion: If Europeans did it to Africa, the World would Scream “Colonization”

If hundreds of thousands of Europeans jumped on boats and sailed across the Mediterranean Sea to Africa, without papers or formal immigration papers, the world’s liberals would be screaming “colonization”—but when Africans... Read more »

All You Whites are Always Racist, Even if You Did Not Know It….

An outrageous lawsuit which claimed that the US state of Iowa engaged in racial discrimination because “Americans inherently prefer whites to blacks” has been thrown out of court. The unbelievable lawsuit was... Read more »

It Is Colonialist Racism to Force First World Standards onto the Third World

The overthrow of the first democratically elected Egyptian government in a military coup just a year after taking office has once again illustrated the reality that it is little short of colonialist... Read more »

A Home of Our Own

The new feeling is that the strategy of “awakening” whites and gaining power through democratic electoral means is not working. The demographic shift is too fast and our own progress is too... Read more »