Invaders: Permanent Residence in 3 Years

A new draft law approved by the German parliament today will give permanent residence to nonwhite invader “refugees” after just three years in that country. The law is confirmation that the Merkel-regime actively seeks to keep the millions of invaders in Germany, rather than making them go home, as she initially told the German people.

Legal Immigration: Why Hofer Lost

Massive legal nonwhite immigration—and the immigrants’ ability to vote—is the reason why the FPÖ’s Norbert Hofer lost the Austrian presidential elections, a population analysis has confirmed.
Although a majority of white Austrians voted for Hofer, the tens of thousands of votes from the nonwhite population pushed the communist/Green candidate over the finishing line.

Jews Ecstatic at Hofer Defeat

Chief Rabbi Goldschmidt, the president of the Conference of European Rabbis, and Jonathan Arksuh, the president of the British Jewish Board of Deputies, have lost no time in expressing their glee at the narrow defeat of Norbert Hofer in the Austrian presidential elections—even though Israel has the identical policies toward Muslims and “refugees” espoused by the FPÖ.

Communist-Green Wins Austrian Election

The Communist-Green party candidate, backed by the socialists and conservatives, has won the presidential election in Austria by 31,026 votes. Hofer polled 2,223,458 votes, or 49.7 percent, and Van der Bellen polled 2,524,484 votes, or 50.3 percent of the vote. Van der Bellen came from behind after the polling on Sunday to win just over 60 percent of the postal ballots.

Invader Economic and Social Disaster

The naïve liberal belief that the 1.5 million nonwhite invaders posing as refugees will “soon be working in Germany” has been smashed by a government report which reveals that less than 10 percent are employable above manual labor level. The report also showed that 75 percent of the invaders are males, and two thirds are younger than 33.

FPÖ Wins, but Postal Votes to Come

Hofer: 51.9%. Van den Bellen: 48.1%. The FPÖ’s Norbert Hofer has won an outright majority of 144,006 votes in the second round of the Austrian presidential elections—but the final result will only be known on May 23, when the estimated 750,000 postal votes will be opened and counted. The controlled media has lied in claiming that the two are neck-and neck in Sunday’s polling.

“Fearless Felix” Backs Hofer, Jews “Anxious”

Austrian daredevil skydiver Felix Baumgartner—most famous for jumping to Earth in 2012—has publicly endorsed the FPÖ’s Norbert Hofer in today’s knife-edge presidential elections.
At the same time, the European Jewish Congress has described Hofer’s expected victory as “deeply troubling” and the UK’s Jewish Chronicle has said Jews are “anxious” at the election’s possible outcome.

Patriots Rally in Athens and Budapest

Greek and Hungarian patriots gathered in their hundreds in Athens and Budapest today as part of the official European-wide anti-invasion rallies in honor of French nationalist Dominique Venner.
Although the rallies in Greece and Hungary were not as a large as their sister rallies today in Rome and Madrid, the message was the same: Europe for the Europeans, and “no” to the nonwhite invasion.

Madrid: Thousands Rally against Invasion

Thousands of Spanish patriots turned out today to show their support for the Hogar Social Madrid (HSM) organization’s call to march against the nonwhite invasion and in favor of putting Spanish people first.
The huge crowd—which snaked through the city for blocks—chanted “Refugees no, Spanish yes,” among other slogans.

Rome: Thousands Rally against Invasion

Ten thousand Italian patriots turned out today to take part in an anti-invasion and anti-European Union protest march though the main thoroughfares of Rome, organized by the Casapound Italia organization. The turnout, replete with flags and ordered formations, started at the main Rome “reception center” for invaders at the Piazza Vittorio square.

Finns: Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia Safe

The government of Finland has formally declared the nations of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Somalia “safe”—meaning that their nationals will not be classed as asylum seekers.
The move has now set the stage for a showdown with the rest of Europe—and the nonwhite invaders in Finland who will resist being sent back home.

Germany: 50% Failed Asylum Seekers Stay

About half of all failed “asylum seekers” in Germany stay on in defiance of their deportation orders, and all Eritreans are given “asylum” even though that country is not at war.
In addition, almost all “asylum seekers” who claim to be Syrians or who are “stateless” are also being given refuge in Germany.

90% of Invaders used “Criminals”

Ninety percent of all nonwhite invaders entering Europe are using criminal networks and forged documents, a joint Europol-INTERPOL report has found. The report, titled “Migrant Smuggling Networks” also said that at least another 800,000 nonwhites were massed in Libya waiting to invade Europe.

Germany: €93bn on Invaders

Germany’s government is preparing to spend €93.6 billion ($104 billion) on expenses related to the Angela Merkel-created nonwhite invasion within the next four years. According to a leaked document from the Federal Finance Ministry, published by Der Spiegel magazine, the costs include accommodation, food, and “integrating” the invaders.

EU-Turkey Deal Unravels

Angela Merkel’s grand “EU-Turkey Deal” has started to unravel over Turkey’s refusal to meet the basic demands for anti-terrorism laws as requested by Brussels.
Turkey has now threatened to open the gates for the millions of invaders in that country to once again cross into Europe if their demands are not met.

Russian “Free Land”: Media was Wrong

The Russian government has not offered free land to foreigners, as claimed by the Russia Today (RT) service, a spokesman for the Russian Duma (parliament) has confirmed to the New Observer. The law, passed by the Russian Duma on May 2, specifically limits the offer to Russian citizens, and the media has incorrectly interpreted the law to mean “foreign citizens,” the Duma spokesman said in reply to an official query.

London Cockneys Being Exterminated

London’s world-famous cockneys—once an iconic symbol of Britain—have been exterminated by the flood of nonwhite immigration into the UK, a new documentary by the BBC has admitted.
The documentary, titled Last Whites of the East End, will be broadcast by the BBC on May 24—and will show that the traditional cockney East London home now “looks like Baghdad.”

Invader Center Burns Every 2nd Day

Arson attacks have burned down one invader center in Germany every two days since 2015, the head of the German Federal Criminal Police (BKA) has announced.
“There is a new level of violence against refugees,” BKA president Holger Münch told the Funke Mediengruppe—saying that there was a “risk” that “terrorist organizations were being formed.”