Italy’s New African Invasion Crisis

The closing of the Swiss border to the hordes of Africans pouring into Italy across the Mediterranean has sparked a new crisis for Italy—with at least 144,210 of them now “stranded” in that country. According to the European Union border protection agency Frontex, the number of Africans who invaded Italy in July 2016 stood at 25,300, an increase of 12 percent compared to July 2015.

Europe’s Invader Passport Nightmare

Fake passports—for use by ISIS terrorists in Europe—have been discovered in “refugee” camps in Greece, just as news broke that thefts of British passports in Europe have doubled. The two phenomena—which are clearly linked to the nonwhite invasion of Europe—portend huge problems for the Continent’s security services.

Germany: 1.5m In, 32,283 Out

Only some 32,283 fake refugees have been deported from Germany since the beginning of 2015, while at least 1.5 million have entered the country during the same period. Even then, some 637 deportations had to be cancelled because of “violent resistance” put up by the nonwhites at the airport.

“EU-Turkey Deal” Hoax Exposed

Only some 468 invaders have been repatriated from Greece back to Turkey this year in terms of the much-hyped “EU-Turkey” deal, showing it to have been yet another propaganda hoax. During the same period, no less than 278,917 nonwhite invaders have landed in Europe, with 266,631 of them landing by sea in Greece and Italy.

Attacks on Invader Centers Triple

Violent attacks against invader centers carried out by patriots resisting the Third World invasion of Germany have tripled in Berlin, and are set to surpass last year’s record nationwide total of 1,005. According to the most recent official figures, there have been at least 563 “serious” attacks up to the end of June 2016, including 51 cases of arson.

“We are Merkel’s Guests”

Nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees in the town of Waldenburg, Germany, have refused to take employment, saying they are “Merkel’s guests” and don’t have to work. They also demanded a minimum wage, even though the state is also paying their accommodation, food, clothing, transport, and pocket money.

25% “German” ISIS are Turks

At least 25 percent of all legally-resident nonwhites living in Germany who volunteered for active service with ISIS are Turks, the government has admitted. The statistics come just one day after a secret German government report was leaked revealing Turkey’s extensive ties to the Al-Nusra Islamist terrorists in Syria.

“Refugee”-Gang Rape Shakes Austria

Nine nonwhite invaders claiming to be refugees were arrested this past weekend in Austria for a gang rape in Vienna of a German woman on New Year’s Day. The delay in arresting the criminals is thought to be a deliberate attempt to withhold the news during the earlier presidential elections.

ISIS Hit Squads in Germany

ISIS “hit squads” and “sleeper cells” have definitely entered Germany disguised as refugees, Bavaria’s spy agency (BayLfV) chief Manfred Hauser has announced. In addition, there have been at least 340 confirmed ISIS recruitment campaigns in “refugee camps” in Germany.

UK: Massive Nonwhite Vote Fraud

There were at least 665 cases of electoral fraud in the UK last year, all of them among the Pakistani and Bangladeshi colonizers of Britain—and the authorities are too scared to do anything about it for fear of being called racist, a British government-commissioned report has said.

Germany: Invader Rape “Epidemic”

The nonwhite invader rape crisis in Germany is now nationwide, “out of control,” and police are acting under political orders to hush it up to hide the truth, a new overview has revealed. The overview cites German media to show that “sexual violence in Germany has reached epidemic proportions.”

Honest Muslim: “Sharia is Coming”

An honest Muslim has admitted to the U.K.’s Britain First that Islam intends to force Sharia law on the entire world—and that anyone who says otherwise is cherry-picking out of the Quran. He also said that he would be “scared and horrified” if Christians came to Islamic countries to take over like Muslims are doing in Britain.

Germany: 80% Invaders Have No Papers

80 percent of all the nonwhite invaders who have poured into Germany over the last 18 months claimed to have no identification papers with them, it has emerged. There is little chance of so many having “lost” their papers, and this high figure is prima facie evidence that the “asylum” claims are bogus.

Invaders: Forced Marriage in Switzerland

Nonwhite immigration to Switzerland has caused a surge in the number of forced marriages in that country, with at least 119 reported cases this year already. The Center of Competence against Forced Marriage, or Zwangsheirat, reports that the perpetrators and victims are all from Eritrea, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria.

Refugee-Terrorist Arrested in Invader Center

Yet another refugee-terrorist has been arrested by German police after being discovered living in an invader center in Mutterstadt, Rhineland-Palatinate.
The invader—a “high-ranking” ISIS fighter in Syria—applied for asylum in Germany in February this year after travelling through Switzerland.

Immigrant-Terror Ring Smashed in Italy

An Islamist invader “trafficking gang” which used welfare money to fund ISIS, and run by legal immigrants to smuggle other nonwhites into Italy has been smashed by police. At the same time, a number of legally-resident Jihadist Third Worlders—including the former captain of the “Italian” cricket team—a Pakistani—have been deported.

Invader Terror Closes Down French Events

Nearly a dozen major outdoor events in France have been cancelled out of fear that nonwhite invader “immigrants” and refugee terrorists will use them to carry out more attacks like the one in Nice. Events in Paris, Lille, Marseille, Avignon, Collioure, Chambery, and the Riviera resort of Cannes have all been cancelled.

Refugee-Terrorists “Instructed by ISIS”

At least two of the refugee-terrorists who carried out attacks in Germany were receiving instructions via telephones registered in Saudi Arabia, German police have confirmed. Refugee-terrorists Riaz Khan Ahmadzai—the train ax attacker—and Ansbach bomber Mohammed Daleel both received specific orders by text messages before their attacks.

Belgium: Invader-Terrorist Machete Attack

Another nonwhite invader terrorist has been shot dead in Brussels, Belgium, after attacking and wounding two police officers with a machete while shouting “Allahu Akbar.” The immigrant terrorist was shot by an officer after attacking the police station in Charleroi, where the city’s airport is located.