Austria: 3,000 Invaders Per Month

At least 3,000 nonwhite invaders—the majority from sub-Saharan Africa—are still demanding “asylum” every month in Austria. Up to 90 percent of the asylum seekers that have had their applications rejected in Austria still remain and cannot be deported, Austrian defense minister Hans Peter Doskozil said.

Calais Invaders and Stupid Englishmen

Hundreds—and perhaps thousands—of nonwhite invaders who are camped out in Calais are being granted free passes to enter the U.K. by pretending to be children—even though they are obviously adults. Pictures of the first wave of Afghan invaders brought into Britain clearly show their ages—but the U.K. government claims that they have just been “aged by war” in their home country.

EU Claims Russia Supports “Far Right”

European Union leaders are going to discuss “intelligence” which they claim supports allegations that the Russian government helps “European far-right parties and movements.” The far-fetched claims form part of a large campaign against Russia, which has included the closing down of Russian state broadcaster RT’s bank accounts in Britain.

Paris: 200,000 March against Homo Marriage

A crowd estimated by organizers to be 200,000 strong marched against homo marriage and for family values in Paris, France, yesterday, while homo and “Femen” activists attacked police. The group behind the march promotes the traditional family model of “one mother and one father.” It hopes to influence the debate before next year’s presidential election.

Third Refugee-Terrorist Trial in Salzburg

The third of a series of trials of refugee-terrorists in Austria—all of whom came to Europe during the mass 2015 Angela Merkel “refugee” invasion—has started in the city of Salzburg. In the latest case, a 22-year-old nonwhite claiming to be a Syrian has been charged with serving with ISIS in Syria, and then coming to Europe pretending to be a refugee in 2015.

The War for Germany

German patriots are waging an increasingly violent struggle in the fight in defense of their homeland, and in the first nine months of 2016, have carried out 63 arson attacks, and 556 “damage to property” attacks, which have resulted in six deaths. Patriots have also been named as carrying out 213 illegal gatherings, 16 violations of the arms act, 4 explosive offenses, 4 serious assaults, 507 “summary violations,” and 527 “propaganda offenses.”

“Never Before Seen” Invader Violence

A vicious attack by a nonwhite invader upon a fellow fake refugee in Germany in which the victim’s lips, ears, and eyelids were torn off, has been linked to an African “ritual” by investigators. The attack was also described by the local public prosecutor as something they had “never experienced before”—and is an example of the type of Third World behavior the “refugee” swindle is importing to Europe.

“Jews Control Swedish Media” MP Quits

Swedish Democrat party MP Anna Hagwall has resigned from all party posts and will not stand for reelection in 2018 after a furor following her exposure of the fact that a single family of Jews control the Swedish media. She said that “ethnicity should be a factor” in determining media ownership of more than 5 percent—an obvious reference to the Jewish Bonnier family media group.

Belarus Leads Fightback against Homo Agenda

The nation of Belarus has been named as the leader of a group of 17 countries which has blocked a plan to force the promotion of homosexuals, lesbians, and mentally ill “transgender” individuals in a “new urban strategy” drawn up by the United Nations.

Invasion “Quota”: Jobbik Backs Govt.

Hungary’s nationalist Jobbik party has announced that it will back the government’s proposed constitutional amendment to prevent the European Union from forcing invaders into that country. Jobbik president Gábor Vona said that his party was the only “constructive partner” in this matter, as it can provide government with the two-thirds majority needed to pass the law.

Police Admit: No-Go Zones in France

A massed Molotov cocktail attack by dozens of nonwhite invaders on a police patrol in Viry-Châtillon, south Paris, has forced police in France to finally admit that the mass Third World invasion of that country has created numerous “no-go” zones. After the attack France’s prime minister denied that there were no-go zones—but police officials later admitted that there were.

Danish Patriot Charged over “Asylum Spray”

The leader of the Danish nationalist Danskernes Parti (Danes’ Party), Daniel Carlsen, has been charged with “racism” for a publicity stunt in which he handed out cans of hair spray which he had labelled as “asylum spray.”
The cans’ new labels said that they were an “effective” and “legal” means for Danes to protect themselves from “asylum seekers.”

Afghan Fakers to Get Boot

Hundreds of thousands of nonwhite invaders from Afghanistan who have attempted to parasite off the European welfare system are to be given the boot back to their home country in terms of a deal signed last week between the European Union and the Afghan government. The agreement includes EU funding for a new terminal at Kabul airport which will be built to handle the already identified 80,000 fake asylum seekers who are awaiting deportation.

Chemnitz: Refugee-Terrorist Attack Foiled

German police have foiled yet another nonwhite refugee-terrorist attack, this time on an airport near Chemnitz, in the state of Saxony. Three other refugee-terrorists have been arrested and police are looking for one more, named as Jaber Albakr, who came to Germany last year pretending to be a Syrian refugee—and who was given “asylum” by the Merkel regime.

German Police Seek 280,000 “Foreigners”

The German police seek more than 280,000 foreigners for violating immigration laws—but they all have “vanished.” The number has risen 140 percent over the last year, spurred on by nonwhite invaders denied “refugee” status but have evaded deportation.

African Invasion: 11,000 in 48 hrs

There has been a massive surge in the African invasion of Europe across the Mediterranean, with 11,000 sub-Saharans being plucked from the sea and brought to Italy within a 48-hour period from October 4 to 5, 2016. At their current invasion levels, Africans are moving to Europe by the millions—and there is no end in sight.

New Invader Terror Attack in Brussels

Yet another nonwhite invader living legally in Belgium has carried out an ISIS-instructed “lone wolf” attack, stabbing two police officers at a Brussels train station. The invader, a North African “immigrant” with Belgian nationality, launched his knife attack on a police checkpoint in the Third World-overrun Brussels suburb of Schaerbeek.

Hungary Vote Not “Invalid”

The Hungarian referendum on EU invader quotas is not “invalid” as the controlled media has lied—and the Hungarian constitution will now be amended to overturn the EU’s “freedom of movement” rules. The law says that turnout had to be above 50 percent in order to be binding upon parliament—but that body had already voted against the quota system, meaning that the vote’s decision is perfectly valid and will now be implemented.

Hungary Votes No to Invasion

More than 90 percent of Hungarians who participated in Sunday’s referendum have rejected the European Union’s “refugee distribution” plan—setting the stage for a dramatic clash in Brussels which could cause the EU to split. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s victory has however been soured by a low turnout, which needed to be above 50 percent to be binding.

Austria: New Turk Terror Attack

A Turk invader—born in Austria to legal immigrants—has been arrested after trying to run down pedestrians in Vienna in his vehicle while shouting Allahu Akbar. The lone wolf attack took place on Thursday this week, and follows exact guidelines set by ISIS and al-Qaeda. Despite the obvious nature of the attack, the controlled media and establishment in Austria has said that police are “still looking for a motive.”