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    1. No one seems to be bothered.Politicians Like the German leader Angela Merkel and Canadian Leader Justin and our very own Jihadi Obama Mohamed and Cameron UK are examples of letting in Radicals in thousands without even checking them if they have connections with Isis and Taliban placing all innocent citizens in danger.We needLeaders like Mr.Trump now or never He has to team up with Mr.Putin And China austarlia Israel with India ( not pakistan) France and Australia. No time for political correctness now.Lets forget our differences and think about our current and future generations Is this how we want to leave our beloved countries around the world for our kids and women to live Already there are many reports of rape by the barabric muslims
      Radical Islam is here now to convert and rule by force (sword) Rape convert non muslims by money given by rich oil countries force muslim laws and build Hate mosques in thousands and disturb our peaceful life like praying on busy streets shouting with really loud speakers calling for muslim prayers 6 times a day just to show their power or refuse to live peacefully with the country they chose to live in on non muslims Sending trained radicalized muslim youths mixed with so called refuges This is the policy of islam then now and in future This cannot be stopped until the People of the nonmuslim world wake up and stop this.Mass invasion has started around the world with Millions of Muslims just walking in to the western countries while destroying everything in their way.Rape looting converting terror all is happening in non muslim countries while the rich oil countries like saudi Arabiya etc not taking their own muslim people while the rest on countries have to fight The radical terror groups and on other hand feed the refugees ?

      1. Completely agree with rick! #WakeUpEurope! Send the imbecile Merkel, Cameron, Md. Obama Stupid sissy Swedish govt, to jail. Fight back satanic islamic invasion NOW!

    2. I am on Cloud Nine reading the New Observer. I feel like Dagny Taggart after meeting John Galt in the mountains of Colorado.

      You’re the only honest news source I’ve read in many years. I feel like a long, desperate search has finally ended in success. Thank you for your great work. Keep it up. I will definitely be donating.

  1. Alles was unsere Alten aufgebaut haben mit ihrer Kraft und Intelligenz wird nun zerstoert mit derem Einverstaendnis .Deutschland Deutschland unter Allen ! Neuer Song ” Im Fall eines Falles , schaft Euch Waffen an damit Ihr Euch wehren koennt gegen deren Gewalt !

  2. The article about Orania is well written and very insightful, to say the least. I have researched self-sufficient and sustainable communities the world over to find a common thread that could be linked to all of the successful ones. The one thing that stood our the most, was the fact that a dominant culture was present in most cases and the way sustainability was secured. Being involved in poverty alleviation for more than twenty years in South Africa, my wife and I found that small cultural communities are far more successful in this regard. We have therefore identified the Israeli Kibbutz and Moshav systems as ideal and have developed a program to address poverty on a grand scale in SA.

    1. Please tell me how your “sustainability” programme is working out for the impoverished white boere South African men, women and children you are helping. …or is your work mainly concentrated on saving the blacks and to hell with your own people? ????

  3. Well such situation in Germany and West Europe generally is now becoming quite interestingly similar to situation in Spain 30ies. But we can see some interesting shift on EU Leftist sides as they are supporting now Islamic clericalism compare to their brutal anticlericalism during Spanish Republican regime.
    What Berlin and Brussels need is strong message from people who are opposing to Rape of Europe. Badly needed are their versions of Ukrainian Euromaidan Uprising in Kiev.
    People in West Europe which oppose to Merkel, Schulz, Juncker etc. policies must call for help to Warsaw, Budapest and a specially to Kiev. What they can expect from them? For example from Kiev? For sure there is great experience and unique know how from Right Sector group. Off course with such effort must come also essential fundraising for good success all this thing. Surprisingly there are still no thoughts for estabilishing ties between PEGIDA and Right Sector. I sure also Warsaw and Budapest can help with some Cross-Border assistance and Special Task Operations in deep perimeter of Austrian and German territory. So why not try think about it now?

  4. We need to be more like The Golden Dawn party greece. Them people have had enough of the left wing scum.their proud of their heritage and culture, their marching the streets and as nationalists their all standing together as one.america and us American people have become lazy and fearful of every thing and every one. ..white power. Let’s take back what is ours.

    1. I agree, a strong patriot presence is required on the streets of all our White nations. But first we have to get a law passed that prevents Leftist protesters marching along the same streets that patriots are having a demo. It is an old trick and a twisted govt scam that is used in the UK that allows the trouble between each side to start every single time. Let these Leftists march at a different time and place in order for patriots to receive much better publicity and more public backing.

  5. The NHS is taking a lot of damage from this. We have a lot of ethnic nurses and Doctors in the NHS. Like our home grown staff there is both good and bad, the problem is when we find an ethnic Doctor or Nurse doing a bad job we cant complain without being accused of being racist. You can complain about a white British Doctor or Nurse screwing up but not about an ethnic. This is about as shit as it can get.

    1. I agree, I have just put a message on the Post saying a lot of what you saying in diff way. I’m not as good as you at putting pen to paper. Its ok for these politician’s living in there Ivory Tower’s with blind folds on. if something is not done to stop these Muslim’s coming in by the thousands legal and illegal and destroying our way of life, in the next 5 yrs we will be in the minority all over the country. They will Feed our teenager’s with these dreadful drugs and that will be it. The Muslim’s breed like rabbits to increase there population, not only with there own wives, but any women they can get there hands on (teenager’s mostly) and under age. I am not one of these Racist’s I have some good Muslim neighbours, but when I see some of the thing’s that our governments ( All past and present ) let them get away with, I sometimes make a comment that comes a bit close to the knuckle ……I love my Queen and Country and its time our governments started showing some Allegiance that they swore to protect when they became Politicians…

    2. It looks like only whites can be racist. A black or any other race can kill whites, insult, rape, etc, but are never racist. So who has the chip on the shoulder? Yet they all want to be like us and come to live in our countries.

  6. I’d say the days of reckoning are approaching. Governments will likely fail by design and something else will take their place. We the people should group together, like we haven’t done since shortly after the middle ages. Only through strength and common purpose can human kind continue through this abyss.

    1. Agree with you John.
      Your mention of “common purpose” ( but different context) reminded me of a recent government introduction fronted by some `great and the good` cronies. Hopefully it`s fallen by the wayside since its inception.

      Quote: “Many people are now aware of the British political charity Common Purpose and its work to create a network of common pupose across politics, public and private sectors, and throughout society. Many people now understand the sinister role CP played ……” Interesting…. google it.

    2. Stop worrying about Muslims and legal or illegal immigrants! Mohammed Ghadafi said many years ago that Muslims don’t have to engage in war or terrorist activities as Muslim natural population growth over the next 50 years in all of Europe and especially the UK, will put them in control of Governments.

  7. The truth will always prevail,good will conquer evil,thieves will always be exposed,israel can try everything they can to hide the truth but their evil agenda’s will always be exposed

  8. How can this never ending horde of immigrants be allowed in any European country making excuses of fleeing war, ? The great majority of these freeloaders are of conscription age, and any self respecting, patriotic people , or those who love their country would not think of fleeing the invader whilst their is breath left in their body, besides which, if our respective countries were threatened, we would be faced with conscription, and if we tried to abscond, we would be imprisoned, The final obscenity is when we send out own young men to shed their blood, in the countries these creatures fled from, whilst this tide of the worlds flotsam are being kept at the taxpayers expense.

  9. I’m 56 now. I remember many things in my life and one of them is a story that was told at school to my second grade class at Tyhee Elementary School on the Blackfoot Reservation in Idaho during around 1964-1966. The school was old even at the time I went to it.
    During the summers we went to the Prouse Farm and rode horses and milked cows and hauled hay. I learned about pregnancy by being around goats, cows, horses, sheep and chickens at an early age’
    “The Bay of Pigs Era, if you will”. Men were going to a faraway land and weren’t coming home. Vietnam Rising. We learned of a man named Philo T. Farnsworth. You’ll have to do your own homework on him in order to know his history. Birth control pills and Population Control was introduced to the General Public although it was not really discussed much.
    The Schools taught us children to duck and cover if or when there was to be a Nuclear attack on The United States of America. You may have seen the old videos of the children scrambling to get under their desks to “duck and cover” to protect themselves from the attack. Well, I was one of “them”. A new thing called a Freeway was being built from the south and going North and was called Interstate 15.
    I wasn’t in the film, but I was one of who practiced it along with the rest of the classes. We said the pledge of allegiance every day at school.
    Television was just out of infancy, we had a big TV set that had tubes, you needed to warm it up before it started. It was a busy time to be alive.
    Idaho was bitter cold and snowy most of the time. My sister proudly displays her new Bobbi socks and Mary-jane shoes. The Buffon hair styles were in at that time. Women’s liberation was off and running. “Race” was an issue that was starting to be talked about. Diversity and acceptance were words used also.
    Gas prices were raised to about 45 cents a gallon. When a car pulled into a station there were men that would appear from the garage to check fluids and tire pressure and wash the windows. That practice disappeared because stations turned into self-serve stations. America “The great melting pot at its best”.
    Peace and love signs were all over the land. My birthday fell on the cut off day that the school set to decide which grade the kids must attend.
    I felt I went with the older kids. One grade above what I should have been but I adjusted. Tyhee Elementary is about 10 miles from where we lived and had to take the bus to get there. in about 1964-1965.
    It was built of red brick with half the basement below ground level with two stories on top and a new extension built on the back side where a new cafeteria was built and I learned to square dance with a wonderfully perky and a little heavy set, bright red bushy haired teacher named “Mrs. Schmeckpepper”. She was a fun lady to be around. She had a personality just as bright as her Wonderful firey red hair.
    We learned many new things there, like what was to come in the future. A thing called buying groceries with a small plastic card instead of money, what a pocket calculator is. We saw the future designs of the highway systems. It was a time the genetic codes were being discovered and medicines and the vaccines were given to us kids at the school.
    In the first grade I had a Teacher named Mrs. Lavada. I liked the class because I saw for the first time “The Alphabet in its’ entirety” up above the giant chalk board in two sections that covered the entire wall. I knew I would learn them.
    I studied hard to learn the Alphabet and I remember thinking “I love to read”. I knew I would need the education to use for the rest of my life.
    The next year in the second grade the windows on the top floor were just above Mr. Johnsons’, was the Principals office. All the windows on that side of the building looked out at the bus stop directly beneath them.
    The room was cold because it was bitter cold outside and probably because it faced the wind during the long winter seasons. One cold day there was a substitute teacher that showed up and gave us a history lesson about the differences between people and cultures.
    She would talk about the effects peoples had on the environment and which cultures had the best and which were worse off. There was mention of Mexican people and Arabian people and African peoples and , Indians,.
    She said all the races dont have it as good as we do and we should feel very lucky we are living in the United States of America and take care of the other races because they are worse off than we are.
    And have less chance of getting such a great education than we have.
    After she mentioned WWII and the Atom Bomb I distinctly remember her saying, “White Men are the most dangerous and the most destructive people that ever exists”. And she went on and said “why would anyone want offspring like that”. (I put that comment in statement form, “because it was and is a statement disguised as a question and I knew it even in the second grade”).These exact words stuck with me through the years.
    I remember lifting my hand up and looking at it front and back, and thinking “she’s talking about me”. I knew it was degrading to “me”. I told myself to remember this. Even then, I thought since she said it to the entire class, what effect it would have on the other students.
    A moment of clarity? I think yes. It meant that we white men are so prejudice we need to be eliminated. I knew she what her intent was. I knew what she just meant it to be about white men and boys only.
    I wondered if anyone else really heard what she was talking about. Even then I knew what affect it is on the classes mind.
    I remember deducing that the effects of what she said is to set the girls minds to make them hate themselves because they are the barers of offspring.
    If the girls didn’t hate themselves and their offspring now, they would slowly and methodically move toward self hatred in the future because of this tiny piece of information that was imprinted into their minds as youngsters.
    Given their ages they may not even know why they feel that way about themselves and about their offspring. It’s called “imprinting”. Part of defining the character of a child. And being done in-mass. (brainwashing at its finest).
    I went on to recess and thought about what that teacher said (a brainwash tactic). I often wonder if anyone else thought about it. I heard said “the mind is at its best at a young age”.
    Now in hind-sight I think she was not alone in telling that story or a story similar to it to other children throughout many schools.
    Through the years I’ve watched contempt for White men of this nation grow and be treated extremely harsh. Too harshly.
    We were told that those of color need to be catered to because they need the help more than white people. (As my stomach growled of hunger) I believe now that she was placed there by feminist groups and others that believe the world would be a better place if all men and nations were bred into one. Paranoid, I think not. A moment of clarity, I think yes.
    And I knew if they taught this in other schools to the young girls they would dislike or hate their sibling brothers and white male counter-parts and themselves for being carriers just because they are born white.
    Being taught to be a servant to other races and knowing that teachers are still teaching other generations of White Children they’re bad people and to be slaves, is and has been on my mind for many years. It should be weighing on your mind also.
    It doesn’t feel good to me to realize I’m being used by the government, any government, in a very large human experiment done to me without my consent.
    I believe it came from anti-white hate groups such as NAACP, The United Nations and others of course. Given the ok by Congress of the United States which whom all use the sympathetic nature of women to forward their addendum and further their cause to conquer White Men. I call it the breed out policy. It was and is clear too see.
    When the ominous substitute teacher was finished with the days’ lesson she disappeared as though she never existed.I remember looking for her in the hallways and in other classes and never saw her again. Our society worked hard to get all they have and I was made to feel by the Schools in Idaho as though it is something to be ashamed of to live in the land of Milk and Honey. their Fathers failed to make changes in their lifestyles that would make their world a better place for them. They’ve made no contribution to improve the world, in fact they want to destroy everywhere they go…………………….
    I knew this then and now. I am not nor have I ever been racist. Only the White race is expected to be Diverse. Ask yourself if other Races are mad at the North Koreans or China, They are closed Societies and there are many. Why is it that the White Race is the only one who is Racist? But I know when I’m being falsely accused and attacked for my race. And because I know I’m being attacked makes me “AWARE” not racist. I know the attackers of my race “are the Racists” falsely condemning me and “all who are white” for what “they” “are”.
    Using false accusation to divide and conquer white people. If you notice White people get along with each other in groups until the word “Racist” is interjected into the mix. Or a person of another color enters the picture. Don’t let that happen anymore. Recognize who your friends really are and keep them.

    Riding home on the bus I had more time to think of what I’d heard in that class room from the and decided if I’d ever get the the resources I would write down the story and put it out anywhere for others to see. So this is it.

    1. What a fantastic true story about the abuse of White people in Idaho you’ve carried around in your head for all these decades. And I guess you’ve often wondered whether even if it did eventually see the light of day would Whites even understand it. Well you need worry no longer ’cause I’ve read it and I completely understand your experience under what was undoubtedly one of many teachers of Marxist propaganda let loose in the 1960s on unsuspecting American schoolchildren and those of other White Western nations.

      The globalist One-World govt agenda as it is now called by patriots was then being promoted by Jew-created Marxism, which has today morphed into Cultural Marxism/political correctness created by the Jews of the Frankfurt School with its emphasis still on One-world Govt using mass immigration/White genocide and the destruction of our White nations and our White people.

      I hope this Reply has been of some help to you, for whether you are aware of it or not your sad experience in 1960s Idaho is now being experienced by the majority of White school kids worldwide and only by sharing it and exposing and naming the culprits, the traitorous political Establishment & their Jew controlled media, like many patriots worldwide are now doing. So definitely – thanks to the power of the Internet Truth over the Lies of the Jew controlled media –
      Whites worldwide are now awakening in huge numbers to the nation-wrecking vermin who are deliberately destroying our White nations and our White people. Once again I hope I have been of some little help to you for make no mistake Whites & the Truth are starting to win and I’m sure you’d very much like to learn much more about what is happening concerning this great White Revival in the making.

  10. Only the Truth can liberate Europe and all Humanity. You’re doing a great and historical job. Congratulations to all the journalists and those who have contributed in this revealing mission indeed. Keep on brothers.. Germany deserves much better from the migrants It had received and welcomed. The best you give, and the worst you get…

  11. In “democracy” the population chooses their leaders.What however happens when the leaders just see Expensive cars,luxury plane for the president;massive salaries;homes and families of the so-called people in the parliament being kept by using the countries “TAX PAYERS ” money.The students do not study. They go on so-called”strikes”;damaging the facilities for learning;screaming for everything to be GIVEN FREE!
    A certain section of the population absolutely believe that they should be given whatever they want for FREE ! Homes;Water; Electricity; Transport;free medical care. and so much more!
    Why are there squatter camps and shacks ?
    Somewhere there is an abandoned home …not a shack !
    Many children are born to become the problem of the rest of the population….so the numbers will oust the previous people who gave virtually everything to the “POOR”!
    Even the athletes who were praised for their achievements were given money. they were told not to use small cars but to buy Lambouergineas (I can’t even spell it !!! Is that how a population becomes educated ?
    Fed-up with the daily news from all over the WORLD !


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