February is officially “Black History Month” in America, Britain, and Canada, and it is now commonplace during this month to recycle stories about past “great black civilizations” and “black inventions”—except,…

The German Council of German Jews has decried plans to cut down the trees in front of the Hitler-era Haus der Deutschen Kunst (“House of German Art”) in Munich, claiming that an unobstructed view of the famous building is “reconstructing Nazi architecture.”

The 17th century house in Braunau-am-Inn, Austria, where Adolf Hitler was born, will not be demolished, and will instead continue to be used for a mental health charity as before, the Austrian government has announced. The building was recently ordered seized after a lengthy dispute with its owner, and earlier it had been decided to tear down the structure completely.

Tourists will finally be able to experience France’s stunning 18,000-year-old Lascaux Cave paintings in a perfect full-sized replica setting, from December 15, when the €66 million project opens its doors for the first time. The new replica, which took four years to build, is a 1:1 identical copy of the entire cave system, complete with perfect copies of all the paintings which have made the UNESCO world heritage site caves world-famous.

A major new archaeological find of causewayed enclosures and artifacts near Britain’s famous Stonehenge site is about to “rewrite” the history of the area and of northwestern Europe’s early inhabited history. Built 5,650 years ago—more than 1,000 years before Stonehenge—one of the enclosures appears to have been a major ceremonial gathering place.

A half-Malaysian and half-white model named Emily Bador has taken to Instagram to “apologize” for her picture appearing on the front cover of Britain’s Blackhair magazine. The media fuss, however, hides the fact that nonwhites are allowed their own media outlets, but whites who would claim the same right are dismissed as “racist.”

The controlled media hysteria over “fake news” has highlighted the fact that they themselves are the greatest distributor of fake news. Here follows a detailed, referenced list of some of the mass media “journalists” who actively colluded with the Clinton campaign to generate fake news.

The Jewish-Canadian film Birth of a Nation—supposedly about an 1831 black slave uprising—has been panned as a “complete fabrication” by Ohio State University’s leading African American and African Studies professor Leslie Alexander. The film, produced by Aaron Gilbert’s Bron Studios in British Columbia, is supposed to be based on fact—but there is not a single fact in the movie, professor Alexander said.

The government of Ghana has announced that a statue of Mahatma Gandhi will be removed from its position on the campus of the University of Ghana in Accra after it finally dawned on them that the Indian leader, far from being a “champion of harmony,” was in fact a virulent anti-black racist who refused to even travel in the same train compartment as Africans.

Roman coins dating from the reign of Constantine the great (272 A.D.–337 A.D) have been found in the ruins of a Japanese castle dating from around 1300—more than 20 years before European explorers first reached that island nation. The coins were found in the ruins of Katsuren Castle, which is located near Uruma, Okinawa, the southernmost Japanese islands.

The world’s oldest snowshoe, made in the late Neolithic age, over 5,800 years old— made of birch wood and twine, has been discovered at an altitude of 3,134 meters (10,280ft) on the Gurgler Eisjoch glacier, close to Italy’s border with Austria.
“It is the oldest snowshoe in the world so far discovered, dating to around 5,800 years ago,” scientists said in a statement.

September 12 marks the 333rd anniversary of the lifting of the siege of Vienna by a combined European Christian army against the nonwhite invaders of that time, the Ottoman Turks. The racial lessons from that war—when the invaders nearly conquered all of Europe by the sword—are as pertinent as ever, and serve as an inspiration to modern Europeans who are also locked in the present-day life and death struggle for the existence of Europe.

Fifteen years after the events of 9-11, the controlled media still refuses to address the reality that America’s support of Israel, the Jewish Lobby’s control of American foreign policy, traditional Islamic hostility to the West, and mass Third World immigration are the reasons for the terrorist attacks of that day. Until all these issues are addressed—and their consequences squarely and honestly dealt with—Islamic terrorism against the West will continue.

In another example of political correctness gone mad, an eBay auction of a 5th Century Thracian coin with a swastika has been halted on the grounds that it was “hateful or discriminatory.” The coin, being sold by one of Europe’s largest coin auction houses, was minted in the city of Apollonia Pontica, located in present-day Bulgaria.

Bulgarian archaeologists have found the world’s oldest gold artifact—a shaped bead which is about 6,500 years old. The gold ornament, measuring just 0.16 inches in diameter and weighing 0.005 ounces, was unearthed in the prehistoric settlement known as Tell Yunatsite, just outside the modern town of Pazardzhik.

Donald Trump’s claim that the Republican Party is the natural home of black voters because it is the party of Abraham Lincoln, is a perpetuation of the myth that Lincoln was favorable to the idea of Africans living in America.
In reality, Lincoln wanted the slaves freed—and all Africans deported out of the country, preferably to Africa.

A judge in Texas has halted the “transgender bathroom” order from being enforced in that state, setting a precedent which could overturn the Obama-enforced madness on a national scale. U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor said in his ruling that the order violated the privacy rights of all children to use bathrooms restricted to their own biological sex.

Recent archaeological digs have uncovered more than 20 round buildings in what is believed to be Cyprus’s earliest known village, dating as the 9th millennium BC, the east Mediterranean island’s Department of Antiquities has announced. The village was active 10,600 to 11,200 years ago.