South Africa’s President says Robert Mugabe was a “Hero” and “Gigantic Intellectual”

South Africa's President and leader of the ANC, Cyril Ramaphosa, has hailed the recently-deceased white-hating former president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, as a “hero” and a “gigantic intellectual””—and announced that the ANC... Read more »

South African “Equality” Court Rules: Criminal Offence to Display Old Flag—Even in Private Homes

Black South African “Equality Court” judge Phineas Mojapelo has ruled that the further “gratuitous” public display of the old South African flag constitutes “hate speech” in that country, and that anyone saying... Read more »

Zimbabwe “Even Worse” One Year after Mugabe, Africans Admit

Zimbabwe—which was widely hailed by the controlled media to have “turned a corner” and be “on the road to recovery” following the forced resignation of Robert Mugabe a year ago, is now... Read more »

South Africa: Farm Attacks on Whites Increase 86% Since 1990

There have been at least 5,148 anti-white farm attacks in South Africa since 1990, during which at least 1,223 farmers, their family members and workers have been murdered—a total increase of 86... Read more »

South Africa: Africans Vote in Darkness as Power Fails at Polling Station

At least one polling station in the South African province of Kwa-Zulu Natal had to conduct its business by candelight after the power supply failed, leaving voters and officials struggling in the... Read more »

Burundi: Seven Schoolchildren Arrested for Doodling on Picture of President

Seven schoolchildren in the African country of Burundi have been arrested and three have been charged with “insulting the head of state” and could spend up to five years in prison if... Read more »

Vast Overpopulation Causes Water Shortage in Africa, not “Climate Change”

The vast increase in Africa’s population—which is estimated to double within the next 30 years, thanks to white “foreign aid”—is going to cause mass starvation, disease and water shortages, and it is... Read more »

South Africa: Seizure of White Property Law to be Put to Parliament after May Election

The South African parliamentary subcommittee set up to expedite the seizure of white property and hand it over to blacks has finalized its recommendations on how to amend the country’s constitution, and... Read more »

Airborne Pneumonic Plague Breaks out in Uganda

Pneumonic plague—a deadly airborne disease similar to septicemic plague and bubonic plague—has broken out on Uganda's border with Democratic Republic of Congo and several fatalities have already been reported, according to the... Read more »

Congo: Third Attack on Ebola Treatment Center in as Many Weeks Leaves 1 Dead

African tribesmen have carried out a third—and this time deadly—attack on an Ebola treatment center in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), killing a policeman and wounding a health worker in... Read more »

65 Witchdoctors Arrested in Tanzania for Ritual Child Murders

At least 65 witchdoctors have been arrested in Tanzania for what has been described as the “barbaric ritualistic killings of children” in that country—part of an ongoing trade in body parts which... Read more »

MSF Suspend Ebola Treatment in Congo after Tribesmen Attack Second Treatment Center

Doctors without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières, MSF) has officially halted all its medical activities in the epicenter of the Ebola epidemic in the Democratic Republic of the Congo following a second major... Read more »

South Africa: ANC Will Seize White Property in Cities, Not Just Farms, Says President

White-owned property in South Africa’s cities and towns will be seized along with white farms in order to provide “high-density housing” for blacks, and whites are to blame for the country's collapsing... Read more »

IQ 78 Congo Tribesmen Burn Down Ebola Clinic, Halt White Attempts to Curb Epidemic

IQ 78 tribesmen in the Democratic Republic of the Congo have carried out one of their most serious attacks yet on a Doctors without Borders (MSF) Ebola clinic in North Kivu, halting... Read more »

Video: South Africa’s Electricity Collapse Continues as “New” Power Stations Crumble

Chronic incompetence, affirmative action, poor maintenance and Third World chaos have plunged South Africa into yet another power supply nightmare with nationwide blackouts—euphemistically called “load-shedding”—while new video from a recently built power... Read more »

South Africa: Power Supply Utility Owes 15% of National Debt

South Africa’s state electrify supply utility, Eskom, has been destroyed by incompetence, affirmative action and consumer non-payment, that it is now “technically insolvent,” has a debt which is 15 percent of the... Read more »

African Technology: Somalia Launches First Home-built Tank

Somalia has launched its first “military style vehicle”—built out of scrap by a local mechanic in Mogadishu, “inspired by the war on terror,” has made its appearance, according to a report in... Read more »

South Africa: “Land Reform” Program Mired in African Corruption on “Enormous Scale”

South Africa’s “land reform” program, which ran from 2011 to 2017—and which is separate from the new plan to seize land without compensation—has been mired in fraud “on an enormous scale” in... Read more »

African Slave Trading Update: Nigeria Finds 45,000 Slaves Sold to Mali

The Nigerian government’s National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) has announced that it has found at least 45,000 of its citizens who were captured by slave traders and... Read more »

South Africa: Water Crisis due to African Incompetence, Overpopulation, and Raw Sewage

The Gauteng area of South Africa—which encompasses Johannesburg and Pretoria—stands on the brink of a water supply crisis caused directly by overpopulation, the pollution of existing water tables by raw sewage from... Read more »

South African 77 IQ Parliament Adopts Land Seizure Report—as Electricity Supplies Fail Across the Country

The South African Parliament—which has an average IQ of just 77—today adopted a report to seize white property without compensation—at exactly the same time that electricity supplies across the country failed for... Read more »

Congo Capital Chokes on Trash: Garbage Removal Stops after White Aid Program Ends

The capital city of the Congo, Kinshasa, is literally turning into a massive trash heap with more than 9,000 tons of garbage accumulating everyday—because whites from the European Union stopped an aid... Read more »

More than 15,000 Fake Refugees Return Home from Libya this Year, Reports UN

More than 15,000 nonwhites pretending to be refugees seeking to parasite off Europe’s welfare handouts have given up and gone home with financial assistance from the European Union, a report from the... Read more »

Nonwhite Invaders Forced off Ship in Libya after 12-Day Standoff

The approximately 100 nonwhite invaders who failed in their attempt to invade Europe from Libya and were picked up from their sinking boat by a passing container ship going to back to... Read more »

South Africa: Seizure of White Property to Get Official Go-Ahead

The South African Parliament’s Constitutional Review Committee this week voted to proceed with a change to that country’s constitution which will remove all potential legal obstacles to the seizure of white property—on... Read more »

South Africa: “First Black Bank” Collapses after Being Looted by Owners

VBS Mutual Bank—lauded as the first bank in South Africa to be totally owned and managed by Africans—has collapsed after its owners stole all the cash and bribed government and local government... Read more »