Even though countless trillions have been poured into Africa over the past six decades—to no effect other than vastly increasing their population—the World Bank has just announced a new record…

A member of parliament for South Africa’s ANC party has called for white famers to be “buried alive” during a parliamentary debate on the ongoing genocide being perpetrated against white people in that country by blacks.

There have been at least 15 farm murders in South Africa since February 1, 2017, the minority civil rights group AfriForum has announced as it held a wreath-laying ceremony in the town of Middelburg where British national Sue Howarth was tortured to death in the latest such attack by blacks on whites in that country.

Hundreds of illegal immigrants from Ethiopia, Somalia, and Malawi have been arrested in Zimbabwe since the beginning of 2017 and have been forcibly deported back to their home countries—all with the active help and cooperation of the United Nations’ International Organization for Migration, it has emerged.

The clownish president of the Gambia has announced that he will step down from office—for the second time—since losing that country’s December 2016 election, potentially avoiding yet another coup in the African country.

Two Zimbabweans who stabbed their wives to death have been acquitted by courts in that country within the last month after successfully persuading judges that they thought their wives were witchcraft-created goblins.

A boatload of Africans who last week set sail from Sabratha in western Libya in an attempt to invade Europe, have had their hopes dashed by their extremely poor navigational skills—as after a three-day journey, they only succeeded in landing back on the Libyan coast.

Thousands of violent Africans attempted to storm the Spanish enclave of Ceuta in Morocco on New Year’s Day, attacking Moroccan and Spanish police with such ferocity that ten officers were badly wounded and one lost an eye.

The Egyptian government has instituted a new law to halt and reverse the flood of illegal immigrants using Egypt as a springboard to invade Europe, which proves that western European liberals are lying when they say “nothing can be done” to halt the flood.

The African state of Mozambique has started deporting dozens of Ethiopian invaders back home in cooperation with the United Nation’s International Organization for Migration (IOM).

The African state of Mali—supposedly the first country to accept a European Union “deal” to take back its citizens who illegally invaded Europe—has formally rejected the “agreement” ten days after signing it with Dutch foreign minister Bert Koenders.

All the formerly white-run—and prosperous—farms seized and handed over to blacks in Zimbabwe have collapsed and are barely at subsistence level.
This fact has emerged after authorities have admitted that the new “farmers” are unable to pay the most basic tax as demanded by their own government.

Black South African “pastors” at some of the country’s largest African churches have been revealed as running “healing” ceremonies in which congregants are sprayed with insecticide, made to touch and eat live electric wires, eat stones, grass, rats—the latter of which they claim have been transformed into chocolate.

South Africa’s Pretoria branch of the ruling African National Congress (ANC) has blamed whites because black residents have turned the formerly pristine city center into what local media called a “crime and filth” permeated slum. The ANC Youth League (ANCYL) said in a statement this week that “racism” was to blame for the decay and that white people were “deliberately neglecting the apartments.”

The city center of Johannesburg, South Africa, has once again been rocked by a renewed outburst of violence with a bus and a police vehicle being torched by hordes of rioting African “students” demanding the “decolonization” of their curricula and the abolition of all tuition fees. At least four vehicles have been torched at the University of Cape Town, and violence spread to several other institutions as well.