Austria: 24 Hours, 20,100 Invaders

The number of nonwhite invaders pouring into Europe continues to climb, with at least 20,000 crossing the Slovenian/Croatian border in just 24 hours, Austrian media has reported.


The Kleine Zeitung reported that at 11am on Monday, November 2, some 8,500 “refugees” had crossed from Croatia into Slovenia, hard on the heels of another group of 9,400 who were already nearing the Austrian border.

On the morning of Tuesday, November 3, the Kleine Zeitung reported that at 6am, some 2,200 “new arrivals” had unexpectedly appeared at the main border crossing between Slovenia and Austria, making a grand total of 20,100 seeking entrance to Austria within a 24-hour period.

Most of the invaders seek to move on to Germany to take up Angela Merkel’s offer of unlimited welfare in that country, and, the Kleine Zeitung reported, the number of “refugees” crossing into Bavaria had been so high over the weekend that thousands had backed up on the roads at the Austrian-Bavarian border.

An indication of the insanity which has gripped the German authorities could be seen in the way that taxpayer-funded buses had been sent to the border to pick up the nonwhites. This was done, the Kleine Zeitung reported, so that the “refugees” would be taken directly to tents on the German side of the border to prevent “them having to wait in the cold for hours to get entry.”

What that actually means is that thousands of nonwhites are just pouring in without any control or checks whatsoever.

Meanwhile, in Germany, as expected, the much-vaunted “showdown” between the democratic windbags Horst Seehofer (leader of the Christian Socialist Union, CSU), and Chancellor Angela Merkel (leader of the Christian Democratic Union, CDU), petered out into nothing even though Seehofer has the ability to bring Merkel’s government down.

Seehofer had threatened Merkel with drastic action if she did not “bring the situation under control” (whatever that meant) by November 1. However, lengthy meeting between the two leaders produced a “deal” in terms of which they agreed to implement “transit zones” at the border and temporarily freeze “family reunification” programs.

Significantly, the agreement did not include an upper limit on the number of invaders, even though this had been one of Seehofer’s basic demands.

The proposed “transit zones” are supposed to be places where authorities will detain invaders at the border to make an instant assessment as to the validity of their claims to “asylum” in Germany.

This plan is nonsense, as all official accounts admit that the vast majority of invaders entering Germany are not even being registered, and that the authorities have “no idea” how many there are, or even where they are.

The entire “agreement” is once again part of the democratic “pea in the pod” confidence trick designed to trick the German public into thinking that their government is actually doing something to halt or slow down the invasion—when in reality they are actively encouraging it.

Merkel has for example, even broken European Union (EU) rules in her rush to import as many nonwhites into Germany as possible. The EU’s official protocol on asylum, known as the Dublin Regulation (or, more popularly as the “Dublin Agreement”),

specifically provides that the EU member state in which the “asylum seeker” first lands, has the responsibility of determining the validity of that claim.

Merkel’s September 5 announcement that anyone who reached Germany would be given asylum bypassed this EU law, and opened the floodgates for the entire Third World to attempt to invade Europe.

Given Merkel’s deceitful and overtly illegal behavior to date, there is little chance that she will do anything to halt the invasion which she precipitated.

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  1. Dream on VS..Never saw the video where Merkel herself said that their votes don't count!!! I don't know one person who voted for her.


  3. Germans may have got the government they voted for, but why should every other EU country be forced to abide by Merkel`s insane policy – without a vote.
    One power-crazy madwoman decrees that having being processed, hordes of migrants from the ME will have the right to cross any EU border without hindrance and we just have to accept it.. Stuff Schengen!

  4. The trouble is that as long as Britain remains in the EU – and the British electorate is probably too dumb to vote to leave – then every single 'migrant' that the frumpy old bag invited into Germany will have the unqualified automatic *right* to move in on the UK.

  5. Exactly, she'll never admit that and even quick read on her so called "political career" leads to such conclusion – this old bag is exceptionally stubborn like a real squarehead!

  6. She will never admit that this was her fault. Traitors within Europe will destroy their own countries for the evil liberal agenda.

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