Wiener Neustadt—the eleventh largest city in Austria—is now so completely overrun with legal Third World “immigrants” and bogus asylum seekers that fully 56.4 percent of schoolchildren this year are of “non-Austrian” origin.

Paris is indeed no longer Paris, as U.S. President Donald Trump recently asserted—because legal and illegal nonwhite immigration has replaced at least half the original white population, plunging huge areas of the French capital into degraded Third World chaos.

France’s Front National presidential election candidate Marine le Pen’s election manifesto has called for a referendum on European Union membership, the end of the “asylum” swindle, the expulsion of Islamists, the halting of most legal immigration, and legal changes to ensure that French citizenship can only be acquired through blood or naturalization—and the conditions for the latter to be “tightened.”

14,094 North Africans and sub-Saharan Africans invaded Spain in 2016, a figure nearly 4,000 larger than the Moorish army which invaded that country in 711 A.D., it has emerged. The 711 invasion led to an 800-year Muslim occupation of Iberia.

The danger of legal Third World immigration into Europe has been illustrated once again with the news that a Moroccan working as a policeman in Holland has been arrested after giving information of Dutch populist and anti-invasion campaigner Geert Wilders’ public program to a Moroccan criminal gang.

At least a dozen Third World invaders pretending to be refugees in the Austrian capital of Vienna have gone on trial for a series of brutal gang rapes of white women, local media have reported.

As many French women as men now back the Front National’s Marine le Pen—a development which has boosted her chances of winning the all-important expected second round of voting, scheduled for May 7, especially if her opponent is anyone from the far left.

The chaos which has enveloped Germany following the Angela Merkel-created mass Third World invasion has been revealed with the news that 20 percent of all the fakers claiming to be refugees in the state of Brandenburg have “gone underground,” and can no longer be found.

History was made this past week when the Danish parliament officially adopted a motion opposing the ethnic cleansing of white European people by Third World immigration, and called on that country’s government to take urgent steps to prevent white Danish people from becoming a minority.

Dutch populist politician Geert Wilders—currently the front-runner in opinion polls in the Netherlands March 2017 general election—has announced a hardline anti-Third World invasion election platform which includes “zero asylum,” the de-Islamizing of the Netherlands,” the revoking of all “asylum” grants, the banning of all immigration from Muslim nations, and withdrawing from the European Union.

The entire German government 2016 budget surplus—some €6.2 billion (US$6.6 billion)—has been taken up paying for the fake refugee invasion which has seen over two million nonwhite invaders swamp Germany at the request of Angela Merkel since 2015.

The Korean embassy in Paris has issued an official warning to its nationals to stay away from the suburb of St. Denis after a busload of Korean nationals were attacked, robbed, and assaulted by an African/Arab mob, while five large areas of France’s capital city have been turned into “no-go zones” by the ongoing nonwhite violence in France.

There were at least two attacks every day on invader centers in Germany during 2016—while over 3,366 assaults and “other offenses” against invaders were recorded during the same period, according to figures released by that country’s Federal Criminal Police offi

Proof that Afghans do not qualify as “refugees” under any circumstances has been proven once again with the news that even ultra-soft touch Germany is busy deporting those nationals back home, despite domestic pro-invasion protests.