Mexico: 7,667 Murders in Just Three Months

Mexico registered 7,667 murders during the first three months of 2018, as violence continues to spiral out of control, with one of the latest incident being a brazen attack on a tourist... Read more »

One-Third of Americans Don’t Believe in the Holocaust

One-third of all Americans—over 107 million people—don’t believe that “six million Jews” were killed in the “Holocaust,” a hysterical report from the Jewish “Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany” has claimed. Read more »

“Jungle Jabbah”: Liberian Cannibal Warlord Given “Asylum” in America 20 Years Ago

A Liberian cannibal war lord nicknamed “Jungle Jabbah” who was granted “asylum” in America 20 years ago was last week jailed after being found guilty of immigration fraud and perjury. Read more »

Austria: Invaders Must Prove Country of First Entry” into EU

Third World invaders pretending to be “refugees” in Austria will be in future be forced to prove that that country was their first port of entry into the European Union—a physical impossibility... Read more »

Mexico’s Murderous Election Sees 82 Killed—So Far

“Democracy” as it is practiced in the Third World (and soon coming to white nations if the nonwhite invasion is not halted) is a murderous affair, as evidenced by the fact that... Read more »

Drug-Resistant Typhoid in Pakistan “To Go Worldwide”

A new drug-resistant (XDR) strain of typhoid in Pakistan is just a small genetic step away from becoming completely untreatable—and health experts expect it to spread worldwide, thanks to extensive Pakistani migration... Read more »

Trump has Violated US Constitution with Syria Strike

US President Donald Trump has violated the Constitution by going to war without Congressional approval—just as he warned Obama against doing—and will still pay dearly for allowing the neo-cons to take over... Read more »

Starbucks: ADL Jews to Run Anti-White “Implicit-Bias Education” Program

The hypocritical Anti-Defamation Jews—who condemn all “white racists” but who fanatically defend racially-based Israel—have been selected to run the anti-white “implicit bias” training (just another way to blame white people for being... Read more »

UK: London’s Nonwhite Crime Rampages On as Murder Toll Reaches 59

Britain’s majority nonwhite capital city—overrun through decades of legal and illegal immigration—has continued its inevitable spiral into Third World chaos with the 59th murder this year, the jailing of three airport baggage... Read more »

89% of “Refugees” in Holland Still on Welfare Three Years Later

Liberal claims that “refugees” and “immigration” would boost the European economy have been exposed as lies yet again with the nest that 89 percent of all those granted “refugee” status in the... Read more »

Black Agent Betrayed FBI because it Investigated Somalis in Minnesota

A Black FBI Special Agent in the Minneapolis field office has pleaded guilty to handing over highly of classified national defense information to the media because he was convinced that his employers... Read more »

“Skilled Third World Immigrants” Stealing Millions from US Taxpayers in Medicaid, Medicare Fraud

“Highly skilled” Third World immigrants—mostly claiming to be “healthcare professionals”—are stealing millions of dollars from US taxpayers through scams bilking the Medicaid and Medicare healthcare systems, a review of Department of Justice... Read more »

Nonwhite Immigration Makes US Economy Worse, US Census Figures Prove

The liberal lie that “immigration helps the economy” has been thoroughly disproved by US Census Bureau figures which show that recent Third World immigrants are economically significantly worse off than the native... Read more »

Turkey-EU Invader “Deal” in Doubt as Greek-Turk Tensions Ruse

Mounting evidence suggests that the invader “migrant” deal stuck between the European Union and Turkey after the mass Third World invasion of 2015 is breaking down, even though Brussels has bribed Ankara... Read more »

Intelligence is Genetic, MIT Admits, and IQ-DNA Tests Soon Available

Faced with the inevitable march of impartial factual science, several leading behavioral geneticists have now fully admitted that intelligence is genetic—i.e. that intelligence is inherited, and not environmental—and that IQ DNA test... Read more »

Israel: Plan to Deport Africans to Uganda Collapses

The Jewish ethnostate’s plans to deport its African invaders to Uganda has collapsed after the Israeli government admitted in the country’s Supreme Court that it had failed to clinch an agreement with... Read more »

US/UK/French Missile Attack on Syria a Failure

The most recent US-led missile strike against Syria was a military failure, with for example only three out of 13 missiles fired at the Homs airfield actually reaching the target, and the... Read more »

Jews Force 11,000 Pro-Israel Changes to US School Textbooks

The Jewish lobby in America has forced through more than 11,000 changes to US school textbooks issued by National Geographic, Prentice Hall, Five Ponds Press, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and McGraw-Hill over the... Read more »

Mass Invasion Forces US Homeland Security to Release 100,000 Illegals in 15 Months

The US Department of Homeland Security has been forced to release at least 100,000 illegal invaders from detention by court orders, federal laws regarding the detention of minors, and a simple lack... Read more »

UK: First Mosque Built on Outer Hebrides to Accommodate Fake “Refugees”

The full extent of the nonwhite colonization of Britain has been brought home once again with the news that a mosque is being built on the isolated Isle of Lewis in Scotland’s... Read more »