35 Attacks on Invader Centers in Germany

German patriots have already carried out thirty-five attacks on invader centers this year—a record-setting number of incidents which indicates the level of popular resistance to Merkel’s “refugee” policy.

The attacks are rarely reported by the police or the controlled media in Germany, who both work under specific orders to keep news of the popular resistance under wraps.


However, a recent article in the far-left Tageszeitung (TAZ) newspaper, warning of the “increasingly violent” nature of the anti-invasion movement, revealed that the German police had already listed 35 attacks on invader accommodations this year—a rate of more than one day over the 25 days covered in the report.

According to the TAZ, German patriots who object to the nonwhite colonization of their country carried out an astonishing 12,660 “crimes” during the period January to November 2015. This included, the TAZ said, “846 violent offenses—an increase of 40 percent” on the figures for 2014.

There were also 1,005 “offenses against asylum accommodation and refugees” reported for the same period, TAZ continued, “including 173 violent crimes and 92 arsons.” During 2014, the report continued, there were “only” 28 violent offenses and six arson attacks.

The patriots have started branching out in the methods they use, the TAZ continued, no longer exclusively relying on Molotov cocktails.

“Last weekend unknown persons in Bismark near Stendal (Saxony-Anhalt) entered an asylum home and turned on all the taps. The house is now uninhabitable,” the TAZ said. Several other invader centers have also been flooded using similar methods—a tactic which is not only silent, but gives the perpetrators a better chance of leaving undetected. In addition, by the time the incident is discovered, the damage is substantial.

The Socialist Party of Germany (SPD) Federal Minister of Justice, Heiko Maas, has called for a summit in Berlin on March 10 to discuss the “wave of xenophobic and right-wing violence,” which, he said in a written invitation to the Minister of Justice, “threatens the peace of our society.”



One of the more recent reported incidents took place in Barsinghausen, near Hannover. An invader center still under construction was rendered totally uninhabitable in the attack, which occurred on January 23, 2016.

According to police, the perpetrators intended to cause an explosion in the building by placing full gas canisters in the building which was then set on fire. The blaze was discovered before the canisters exploded.

Nonetheless, the fire destroyed both floors of the building, blowing out all the windows on the ground floor. The building was on schedule to house invaders in March, but this is no longer possible, a spokesman for the local authority said.

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    1. “wave of xenophobic and right-wing violence,”
      Did you ever consider minister had your mad, now diagnosed as narcissistic Chancellor, not issued a come one, come all invitation to the sub-human dregs of the moslem world, that this xenophobia, brought about by these soft, cuddly guests, that this problem might not even exist?

    2. Yes, bravo to the patriots who risk their reputation and their livelihood to fight for their country.

      I will remember them in my prayers no matter how many idiotic brainwashed clerics bleat about celebrating tolerance and diversity. Muddled-headed morons the lot of them.

      The great Pope Leo XIII accepted that a people love and prefer their own people.

      Why have subsequent popes espoused the filth of multiculturalism?

      1. 1) ….I will remember them in my prayers 2) ….. subsequent popes espoused the filth of multiculturalism?

        Answer 1: Thank you & God bless!
        Answer 2: Have you ever heard of something called ‘money’? Vatican Bank?

        Kind regards

  1. “an astonishing 12,660 “crimes” ”

    Subtract out the 2000 acts of self defense “crimes” and you are left with 10,000 mean tweets.

  2. I just thought I’d pose what is probably a ‘dumb question’ – surely there must come a time when even those ‘far leftists’ look at what’s going on, look at the mess they’ve created, and say, “Erm..does anyone else think we might have really ****ed up here.?”

    No sane, educated person of even average IQ, can look at this mess and still continue to believe that things will all turn out well.!

  3. Merkel’s maraud looks amazing, they have got control of the public purse, free protection and succour and a right to keep looted gold and silver watches, gold and silver jewellery, I-pads, laptops, frilly panties and bra’s wedding rings, passports and credit cards up to a value of 1000 euro’s in each marauder’s possession at any one time.

    1. I too was thinking along these lines…

      Merkel may want to change the inscription on the Reichstag from:
      “Dem Deutschen Volk” into “Dem Islamischen Abschaum” (Abschaum = Scum)

      But I think she’s losing grip. God kniows how that will end, I doubt that she will simply resign, as dhe ought to.


  4. I object to the description of the perpetrators as far right extremist and xenophobic they are patriotic people who want their country back. I dont know about Germany but here in England there are lots of homeless and people who have no chance of finding some where of their own to live, so to buid for so called refugees would be an insult to our own, when they can house all of our own people I wont object. I would rather be right wing as to a tree hugging Liberal loving Zombie leftie.

  5. There is a total ‘hell-bent’ attitude to keep the EU intact no matter what cost and this mass invasion cannot be allowed to fail because all those in favour will have to admit they were wrong. A NO vote in the EU means another referendum until the country gets it right. The Greek people need to leave the EU as much as us in the UK, the whole set-up is corrupt, un-democratic and the sooner it collapses the better. 30 years ago this would never have been considered possible in Germany – just goes to prove every politician has an hidden agenda.

  6. The EU will never admit it made a mistake, never, far too arrogant. I hear Merkel is looking at property in Chile – does she not feel safe in the Utopia she is making?

  7. I hope law officials and the fire fighters take their time in responding to these “incidents.” eep up the good work Patriots! The western world is on your side!

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