Traitor UK Politicians Squabble over EU Nonsense as Third World Invasion Swamps Britain

British Prime Minister Theresa May has predictably completely messed up the “Brexit” process, sparking off a fierce squabble in her own party which may yet bring her government down, while the real threat to the country’s future—Third World immigration—continues unchecked and ignored, and made up nearly 60 percent of all inward migration in 2017.

At time of writing, a number of May’s senior government figures had resigned, and more were threatening to do so. At the same time, the real possibility of a motion of “no confidence” in her awaits in the British Parliament.

However, an analysis of the “British” politicians who have resigned from May’s government reveals what is really happening to Britain: a great racial replacement which is far more important than low-level squabbles over customs agreements and the like.

Of the seven resignations so far, four have been nonwhites whose immediate origins are outside the UK. They are as follows:

– Conservative MP Rehman Chishti—who was born in Muzaffarabad, Pakistan—announced that he had also stepped down as Conservative party vice chairman, saying that he “cannot support” May’s Draft Brexit deal.

– Conservative MP and Northern Ireland minister Shailesh Vara—born in Uganda to Gujarati Indians—resigned in protest.

– Conservative MP and Brexit minister Suella Braverman—born to Indians from Goa who immigrated to Britain via Kenya and Mauritius—resigned.

– Conservative MP and Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Ministerial team at the Department for Work and Pensions, Ranil Jayawardena—whose parents came from India—resigned.

“British” politicians resign over Brexit: from left to right, Chishti, Vara, Braverman, and Jayawardena.

These Conservative “British” politicians are not an aberration: they are a microcosm of what is happening to the entire country. The real issue facing Britain is not some petty squabble over a customs agreement, or other such minor matters over which the Brexit fight is taking place, but actually the fact that Third World immigration—legal and illegal—is rapidly swamping Britain.

The latest population figures released by the UK’s Office for National Statistics (ONS), for example, revealed that Britain’s population is at an all-time high—and almost exclusively due to Third World immigration.

The November 2018 release from the ONS said that in mid-2017, the population of the UK was an estimated 66 million–its largest ever.

“The UK population is projected to continue growing, reaching almost 73 million by 2041,” the statement said, adding that “sustained UK growth results from births outnumbering deaths (by 148,000 in 2017) and immigration exceeding emigration (by 282,000 in 2017).”

In 2017, 631,000 people came to the UK—the vast majority from the Third World.

This is illustrated by the figures from the ONS which list the “non-British and non-UK-born populations of the UK by country of birth and nationality” in 2017:

EU 3,705,000

“Other Europe”  260,000

“Rest of World” 2,376,000

“Asia” 2,942,000

These figures mean that Third World immigration—which is completely unrelated to the UK’s membership or otherwise of the European Union—continues to make up at least 58 percent of all immigration into the UK, and probably more, given that the “Other Europe” category contains people of indeterminate racial origin.

The statistics do not, of course, include the already landed Third World population, which is now a majority in London, and many other cities across the UK.

British people who are truly concerned about the future of their nation should rather be concentrating their efforts on this great racial replacement instead of wasting their time with EU-Brexit irrelevancies.

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  1. Well done for exposing the shocking infiltration of Indian Subcontinentals in the British government. I suspect this is the same in all western countries, and the reason Indian Subcontinentals were kicked out of Kenya, Uganda & Tanzania in the 1970s, because they were taking over everything and treating the indigenous Africans like second class citizens in their own land. While westerners, especially Americans, are persuaded to regard China as the big threat, they ignore the Indian Subcontinentals quietly buying up everything and inserting themselves into positions of political power. And they bring their whole racist caste system with them: Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists & Muslims all adhere to the ancient Indian caste system, with Christians persecuted by all as the “Slave Caste”, even though they have been there since The Apostle Thomas brought Christ’s teachings to India 2000 years ago.

    As one commenter said, “They come here for one reason: to install themselves and their offspring into the ruling class.”

    1. It is true that people of Indian origin living in East Africa were regarded in these countries much like Jews were regarded in Europe in the 19th century due to their success in business and higher IQ than the native Negro population. Certainly Indian immigrants want their children to join the elite because in this country they have a one in ten chance of joining the professions while in India it is more like one in a hundred. Of course no-one is concerned about this because like the Tories they want to demonstrate how virtuous they are by treating the immigrants and their offspring as one of us, and positively discriminating in their favour.

  2. May I add that “immigration from EU countries” masks the huge number of Third World Invaders from Pakistan, India & Bangladesh who use the EU as a stepping-stone to reach the British welfare system, which is insanely offered to foreigners instead of restricted to the Brits who have paid into it all their lives.

    The Pakistanis favourite route is reportedly via Libya into Europe and thence to Britain. So the EU’s open border system IS a major contributor to the Third World Invasion of Britain.

  3. In a hundred years time people may look back on our era and come to the same conclusions as the New Observer, but people today in the midst of these changes cannot stand back and get a true appraisal of the complete picture.
    Although EU membership does not in principle affect immigration from without the EU it does have an informal influence on member states immigration policies that are concealed from the public. There are discussions behind closed doors at an international level that build a consensus for mass immigration as a means to offset the ageing of European populations. I believe that even the so called ‘conservatives’ like the Austrian Peoples Party are on board with the UN ‘replacement migration’ agenda, and that the EU acts as a transmission belt between the UN and it’s member states to promote this policy. There are also plans for the EU to claim the powers of member states to control non EU immigration, which would mean that any possibility of balanced migration is gone for ever. We can see where the EU is heading with this in their plans to integrate Europe and Africa (or Eurafrica as some people call it) along with their openly stated policy of opening the floodgates to unskilled African immigrants. Therefore leaving the EU is essential to prevent the great replacement of Europeans in their homelands.

  4. In order for any kind of recovery to occur, White people would first have to go and win into a civil war against their own Governments, Police, neighbours well before moving on to dealing with the Blackies and Brownies. Our greatest problems come from treason from within.

    1. Hiding behind the name she chose of a character from the American soap “Dallas”, to make her seem more Ethnic European and less Indian Subcontinental.

  5. Timewasting is a deliberate Jewish policy. As an example, I had an email from Tony Gosling, BBC-trained plant, who bullshits about Nazi plots and Bilderbergers plus the horrors of Brexit. It’s what Jews do.

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