Lesbian Jews Brainwash Adopted Gentile 11-Year-Old to Take Hormone Therapy to Prevent Puberty as a Male

In a revelation which reveals precisely all that is wrong and sick with the “gay rights” movement, a lesbian Jewish couple in Berkeley, California, have brainwashed their adopted Gentile son into starting hormone therapy before hitting puberty in order to facilitate a sex change operation later on in his life.

The incredible true story has emerged after it was first given publicity by CNN, and concerns two Jewish lesbians, Pauline Moreno and Debra Lobel.


The two women, who have children from previous normal relationships, were “married” by their local rabbi, and adopted a little Gentile boy nine years ago when he was called Thomas.

Although they claim they never influenced the child in any way with regards to his sexuality, this is extremely unlikely given well-known homosexual and lesbian proclivities and sexual aggressiveness, not to mention the distorting effect upon a young child growing up with two “mommies.”

The “mommies” actually claim that it was young Thomas’s idea to become a girl—as if a six or seven year-old is capable of taking “gender decisions” at such an age.

If they can be believed, Thomas allegedly off his own initiative favored “headbands to baseball hats and picked out bras and dresses to start wearing when given choice in clothing.”

Before and after: Thomas, left, and "Tammy" right.
Before and after: Thomas, left, and “Tammy” right.

Thomas, now aged 11, is set to start  hormone blocking treatment to stop him going through puberty as a boy, and has now been renamed Tammy.

The hormone-suppressant, implanted in Thomas’s upper left arm, will postpone the 11-year-old developing broad shoulders, deep voice and facial hair.

The extreme step—which is so bizarre that no-one even knows if it is legal or not—has been justified by the “mommies” who claimed that “children with gender identity disorder forced to postpone transitioning could face a higher risk of suicide.”

“Transitioning” is the word used to describe the mentally-ill who undergo surgery and other procedures to “re-assign” their sexuality—in other words, try to physically become the opposite sex.

In previous times, when society was slightly more normal, such people would have been recognized as seriously mentally disturbed and treated accordingly, but so perverse has society become that it now is regarded as part of the “gay rights” decadence.

“The whole idea now is let’s stop creating a third (gender) that is neither one thing or the other, so we transitioned her,” said Moreno.

“She will stay as a pre-pubescent boy until she decides and we feel that she can make this decision about surgery.’

This will “give him time to figure out if he wants to fully transition to being female or go through puberty as a boy.

“By age 14 or 15 the device will need to be removed so that Tammy can go through puberty,” Moreno said—if the child is not completely insane by then.

The “family” credits the Jewish community, for being “open-minded” about the matter.

“Tammy” with her “mothers” and “older brother Edgar” at his recent bar mitzvah.
“Tammy” with her “mothers” and “older brother Edgar” at his recent bar mitzvah.

“We live in the Bay area where lots of alternative lifestyles are in place… and we belong to a religious community that was incredibly supportive. They make it a point when we’re in synagogue to come over and tell Tammy, ‘Oh, you look so pretty today,’” Moreno said, adding, “There’s never going to be enough gratitude for them.”

* San Francisco, right by Berkeley, is one of four cities in the United States with a hospital that has a program for transgender children. Others cities with youth programs are Boston, Seattle and Los Angeles.

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  1. Quite a few of these stories of gender-switching children have been appearing recently. There’s an obvious desire to promote this kind of horrible disorder – just like homosexuality was promoted before. I predict that it won’t be very long before even pedophilia is openly promoted by the liberals. In fact, I think that’s why so many scandals involving pedophiles have surfaced recently (Savile, Sandusky) – to desensitize people to it. But such is this world…

    1. There has been a couple of stories in Blighty about scores of paedophiles not being prosecuted because there are too many or they can’t be bothered or somat. At the same time as Hebdo hoax and all this “hate-speech” agenda pushed by UN and trotted out by all and sundry in Paris. They are normalising paedophilia and looking to prosecute name-callers.

    1. you mean like all regular young guys do around his age….lol !
      What a weird setup….and this is the future norm ! Yuk!

  2. The problem with the world is too much libertarianism. We see the fundamentals aspects of a coherent society being destroyed everyday by Feminism, Lesbianism and Faggotism. This would have been unheard off just a few decades ago. But we see the results – a young, mildly retarded boy being chemically engineered for a life as a lesbian. I imagine the two Jewesses are thrilled, for in their old age they will have a youngish sex toy to play with.

    I can only think of one word – disgusting!

    1. Libertarianism? You mean far left LIBERALISM. Modern Liberalism has nothing to do with Libertarianism.
      Nothing. Nice try though. And whoever keeps erasing my comments, shame on you as well.

    2. As long as WE understand what`s meant who really cares what their latest `in` name is.
      Libbies; liberals; lefties; loonies; they can`t / won`t see the wood for the trees.
      Uncle Sam is spot on.

  3. Politics aside, there is no doubt that this is more the will of the Parents forced onto the child. This should be considered child abuse. Psychological and now physical child abuse.

    Someone should send a child’s right lawyer to investigate this on an official basis.

  4. How truly sad. Only 50 years ago and these two females would have been put in an isolated unit of a local insane asylum for what they are doing to this little boy. How tragic for him. If only my husband and I could have adopted him. I cannot help but weep while I am reading this article. Marco said it perfectly. This should be investigated as a case of child abuse.

  5. They should be ashamed of themselves for brainwashing that poor little boy…I can just imagine those lesbians saying to him men are nasty you shouldn’t have been born a boy you are a disgrace to us women you don’t belong in a woman’s world…and the little boy becoming confused and mutalated his gentiles becoming confused of his gender because of his lesbian mommies…and this is why gays shouldn’t have kids unless they can respect the childs gender

  6. Seriously, gays suck. Since the parents are jewish and are not allowed to have gay relationship. Second of all, they cannot give a sex change to child that does not want to indulge it.

  7. This is first and foremost child abuse of the highest order which will evolve into torture for the boy as he gets older and nature imposes its will.

    There is another aspect to this however, that of the pure, unadulterated hatred the jew has for us gentiles. They are foisting their schizophrenic hatred onto this poor child. The jew hatred is so strong that they are torturing a defenceless child by virtually chemically castrating him. By the time they remove the puberty blocker, he would have missed a surge of testosterone usually experienced around age 12 that is part of the process of boys turning into men. By 15, it is almost too late. Therefore they have engineered a lifelong torture for this kid who is the unfortunate victim of jew hatred.
    This kid will probably neck himself by age 17 due to this abhorrent abuse at the hands of these two hideously ugly, horrid jew dykes.
    Notice how the biological child is still the same gender that he was born? They would never inflict such torture onto one of the chosen now would they?
    In a just world, there would be a very fitting punishment dealt out to these pair of hideous bull dykes that would put off any copycat behaviour.

  8. They are hideously ugly. It’s a serious possibility this is a side-effect of extreme Jewish tribalism: who else but a mentally-ill person believing himself to have a special line to ‘G-d’ would want to have children by them? So the tribe is given some sort of warped adhesion. If someone has a convincing theory covering selection by ugliness, please let me know! Thanks.

  9. He looks like a play thing that the Muslims dressed up for sex. This kid is going to take his own life by the time he’s 18

  10. This shit is disgusting. I can’t believe what I just read.
    And that kid is turning 14 now. What if he wants to be a boy now, huh? What are they going to do? Will they give him testosterone in order to revert the damage? This is tantamount to child abuse. Those women are sick bitches, they should be locked away. Poor kid, they completely messed him up.

  11. If I tried to do this then I would expect the children to be removed into “care” for their own protection; whilst I was psychiatrically assessed prior to certain incarceration. As things stand: it seems that carrying several #tags of victimhood trumps just about everything. (Of course, being a child does not qualify you to be any kind of victim).

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