Poway Synagogue Shooter: ‘White Genocide Causing White Terrorism’

White genocide—the extermination of the white race through the flooding of European lands with Third Worlders—is the primary cause of the rise of white terrorism, according to the manifesto of the Poway, California, Synagoge shooter.

John Earnest, a 19-year-old student at California State University San Marcos, who was arrested after carrying out a shooting at the synagogue—which, fortunately for the congregants, appeared to have gone wrong because of a weapon malfunction—released an manifesto on the internet prior to his attack.

In this manifesto, Earnest explained the reasons for his attack, blaming Jews for white genocide, and claiming that the Jewish-controlled media and establishment was making it impossible for ordinary white people to live normal lives, and hence there would be an ever-increasing number of terrorist attacks like his.

In the manifesto, titled “An open letter,” Earnest directed comments at the controlled media, telling them to “Make sure to call me a ‘white supremacist’ and ‘anti-semite’ or whatever bullshit you spew to spook the normalfags. It doesn’t even matter. You’ve been calling every White person alive those names for decades—they’ve lost all their meaning.

“You’ve socially ostracized every White person. You’ve made it harder and harder for White people to live a normal life.

“To this I say well done. You are stupid enough to make a White person’s only viable option for survival to kill all of you. Keep doing what you’re doing Jew-media. You’re putting the noose around your own neck. The irony is glorious.”

Starting off by providing details of his ancestry, Earnest said that  “The blood that runs in my veins is the same that ran through the English, Nordic, and Irish men of old” and that he was a “descendant of one of the original colonists of Roanoke—John Earnest.” In addition, he said, he “inherited from his mother’s side “the blood of very wealthy Yankees—intelligent, resourceful, uncompromising,” and from his father’s side, he “inherited the blood of poor Southern farmers—intelligent, musically gifted, self-sufficient.”

He then went on to direct his words to answer those who questioned his actions: “To my family and friends. I can already hear your voices. ‘How could you throw your life away? You had everything! You had a loving family. You had great friends. You had a church. You were doing well in nursing school. You could have gone so far in your field of study. You could have made so much money and started a happy family of your own.’

“I understand why you would ask this. But I pose a question to you now. What value does my life have compared to the entirety of the European race?,” Earnest wrote.

“Is it worth it for me to live a comfortable life at the cost of international Jewry sealing the doom of my race?

“No. I will not sell my soul by sitting idly by as evil grows. I’d rather die in glory or spend the rest of my life in prison than waste away knowing that I did nothing to stop this evil.  It is not in my blood to be a coward. I do not care about the debt-based currency that Jews like to pretend is money.

“I do not care for the bread and circus that Jewry has used to attempt to pacify my people. I willingly sacrifice my future—the future of having a fulfilling job, a loving wife, and amazing kids. I sacrifice this for the sake of my people. OUR people.  I would die a thousand times over to prevent the doomed fate that the Jews have planned for my race.”

He then goes on to pose the question which undoubtedly many will ask “How does killing Jews help the European race? The European race is doomed? What are you talking about? These Jews were innocent!”

In answering this, Earnest, who claims to be a Christian, goes on to blame Jews for being responsible, “as a unit” for the “the meticulously planned genocide of the European race .”

He says: “Every Jew is responsible for the meticulously planned genocide of the European race. They act as a unit, and every Jew plays his part to enslave the other races around him—whether consciously or subconsciously.

“Their crimes are endless. For lying and deceiving the public through their exorbitant role in news media; for using usury and banks to enslave nations in debt and control all finances for the purpose of funding evil; for their role in starting wars on a foundation of lies which have costed millions of lives throughout history; for their role in cultural Marxism and communism; for pushing degenerate propaganda in the form of entertainment; for their role in feminism which has enslaved women in sin; for causing many to fall into sin with their role in peddling pornography; for their role in voting for and funding politicians and organizations who use mass immigration to displace the European race; for their large role in every slave trade for the past two-thousand years; for promoting race mixing; for their cruel and bloody history of genocidal behavior; for their persecution of Christians of old (including the prophets of ancient Israel—Jeremiah, Isaiah, etc.), members of the early church (Stephen—whose death at the hands of the Jews was both heart-wrenching and rage-inducing), Christians of modern-day Syria and Palestine, and Christians in White nations; for their degenerate and abominable practices of sexual perversion and blood libel (you are not forgotten Simon of Trent, the horror that you and countless children have endured at the hands of the Jews will never be forgiven); for not speaking about these crimes; for not attempting to stop the members of their race from committing them.”

Earnest goes on to blame Jews for killing Jesus Christ, saying “And finally, for their role in the murder of the Son of Man—that is the Christ. Every Jew young and old has contributed to these. For these crimes they deserve nothing but hell.  I will send them there.”

The violence and vehemence of his manifesto must have been obvious even to Earnest, because the nest question he poses—and answers—attempts to address this very issue.

Asking “Why are you doing this? Surely killing a fraction of Jews will not solve any problems. Are there not better ways to save the European race?” he goes on to say that the answer is “Yes and no,” and goes on to claim the right to “violent self-defense.”

“There are three roles that must be played in this revolution,” he wrote. “Those who spread the truth, those who defend the race, and those who continue the race (having children). Where most people misunderstand is that all three of these must be performed by everyone to the best of his ability.

“There has been little done when it comes to defending the European race. As an individual I can only kill so many Jews. My act of defense is not so much about my high score—that is how many Jews I can ‘Do not pass go, do not collect 200 shekels’ straight to fucking hell. But rather the statement that I made.

“ There is at least one European man alive who is willing to take a stand against the injustice that the Jew has inflicted upon him. That my act will inspire others to take a stand as well. And when this revolution starts gaining traction (if I am not killed) I expect to be freed from prison and continue the fight. I do not seek fame. I do not seek power. I only wish to inspire others and be a soldier that has the honor and privilege of defending his race in its greatest hour of need—and have a family if possible.”

He then poses the question of how he, as a Christian, justifies his murderous attack. “How can you call yourself a Christian and do this? Surely the Bible calls for you to love your enemies?” he writes, before answering “Firstly, just because someone calls themselves a Christian does not make them one. Plenty of people wrongfully identify with being Christian.

“Beyond the scope of time the Father and the Son made a covenant in eternity—that the Son would bring a people to Him that He may be glorified through them. I did not choose to be a Christian. The Father chose me. The Son saved me. And the Spirit keeps me.

“Why me? I do not know. And my answer to loving my enemies? Trust yids and their puppet braindead lemming normalfags to take one quote from the Bible and grossly twist its meaning to serve their own evil purposes—meanwhile ignoring the encompassing history and context of the entire Bible and the wisdom it takes to apply God’s law in a broken world.

“Is it lawful to let a thief murder my friend instead of killing the thief to prevent the death of my friend?

“To ask such a question is to answer it. It is not loving towards your friend to let him be murdered. It is not loving towards your enemy—the thief—to let him murder.

“A child can understand the concept of self-defense. It is unlawful and cowardly to stand on the sidelines as the European people are genocided around you. I did not want to have to kill Jews. But they have given us no other option. I’m just a normal dude who wanted to have a family, help and heal people, and play piano.

“But the Jew—with his genocidal instincts—is insistent on poking the bear until it tears his head off. The Jew has forced our hand, and our response is completely justified.

“My God does not take kindly to the destruction of His creation. Especially one of the most beautiful, intelligent, and innovative races that He has created. Least of all at the hands of one of the most ugly, sinful, deceitful, cursed, and corrupt. My God understands why I did what I did.”

He addresses this question by writing to Christians of all races in this way: “To my brothers in Christ of all races. Be strong. Although the Jew who is inspired by demons and Satan will attempt to corrupt your soul with the sin and perversion he spews—remember that you are secure in Christ. Turn away from your sin. Not because it is required for your salvation—for nobody save Christ can merit heaven based on his own works—but rather out of gratitude for the gift of salvation that your God has given you. Always remember that it is God that is keeping you alive and in faith. All sin stems from the arrogant belief that one does not need God. Satan was so prideful that he actually truly believed (that he, a created being) could overthrow the Ancient of Days—the Creator of all in existence. Satan inspired this rebellion among humanity. Christ alone is the only source of life. Know that you are saved in Christ and nothing—not death, nor torture, nor sin—can steal your soul away from God.”

He then goes on to quote  five verses from the bible—Matthew 27:24-25, in which the Jews take collective responsibility for the death of Jesus (“His blood be on us, and on our children”); John 8:37-45 in which Jesus is quoted as telling the Jews that they “are of your father the devil,”; 1 Thessalonians 2:14-16, where Paul of Tarsus writes of the Jews that they have “both killed the Lord Jesus, and their own prophets, and have persecuted us; and they please not God, and are contrary to all men,” and that the “wrath is come upon them to the uttermost”;  Revelation 2:9, which quotes John the Apostle as saying that he knows “the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan”; and  Revelation 3:9, which repeats the “synagogue of Satan” line.

In addition, Earnest quotes a sixth verse which he claims is in the bible, but cannot say where it is from because he “forget[s] where in the Bible this verse comes from,” which he claims reads “Hey you, you’re finally awake. You were trying to cross the border right? Walked right into that Imperial ambush. Same as us, and that thief over there.”

After a diversionary reference to YouTube star PewdiePie, who Earnest says “was kind enough to plan and fund this whole operation—the sly bastard,” (a claim which is patently false and clearly designed only to stir up trouble for that YouTuber, who was already mentioned by Christchurch, New Zealand shooter Brenton Tarrant, Earnest goes on to blame the policy of white genocide as forcing white terrorism to emerge.

“Make sure to call me a ‘white supremacist’ and ‘anti-semite’ or whatever bullshit you spew to spook the normalfags. It doesn’t even matter. You’ve been calling every White person alive those names for decades—they’ve lost all their meaning. You’ve socially ostracized every White person. You’ve made it harder and harder for White people to live a normal life.

“To this I say well done. You are stupid enough to make a White person’s only viable option for survival to kill all of you. Keep doing what you’re doing Jew-media. You’re putting the noose around your own neck. The irony is glorious.”

He then moves on to encourage others to carry out attacks, claiming that many “people grossly overestimate the police’s ability to solve ‘crimes’ such as ‘arson’ and ‘murder.’” Here he adds that he recently carried out an arson attack on a mosque in Escondido but the police had no idea who was responsible.

Using the game Minecraft as a cover to propose further violence (“It is so easy to log on to Minecraft and get away with burning a synagogue (or mosque) to the ground if you’re smart about it”) Earnest goes on to suggest the use of flame-throwers and napalm. It is not clear if this part of the manifesto is being serious or not, as he does not say where anybody is supposed to get these sorts of weapons, and the interspersed references to Minecraft could well be some kind of insider joke like the reference to PewdiePie.

He does however go on to say that future terrorists will not have to “‘televise’ like I did and get caught”—an indication that he had planned to broadcast his shooting live.

“As more of these happen, we will no longer need to film it,” he goes on, saying that “I do believe that it is best at this stage that I make a statement and people know that I did this.

“We are in the early stages of revolution. We need martyrs. If you don’t want to get caught because you have children who depend on you, you can simply attack a target and then slip back into normal life.

“Every anon reading this needs to carry out attacks. They won’t find us. They won’t catch us. There are too many of us, and we are smarter than them.”

Earnest tells his readers to “Remember that fear is the only thing holding you back. Fear that you might lose everything in your life.  I am a testament to the fact that literally anyone can do this, and this terrifies the Jew. I’m a 19 year old nursing student from the depths of Commiefornia for fuck’s sake. I had my whole life ahead of me. If you told me even 6 months ago that I would do this I would have been surprised.”

He adds that New Zealand shooter Brenton Tarrant “was a catalyst for me personally. He showed me that it could be done. And that it needed to be done. ‘WHY WON’T SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING? WHY WON’T SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING? WHY DON’T I DO SOMETHING?’—the most powerful words in his entire manifesto,” Earnest wrote.

“Any White man—rich or poor, young or old—who is brave enough can take any action he wants against the tyrannical and genocidal Jew. You should be more afraid of losing your entire race than this life you now live. The most dangerous kind of man is not one who has nothing to lose, but one who has everything to lose. Every single White man has everything to lose by doing nothing, and everything to gain by taking action,” he wrote.

Earnest says that white people are “are running out of time,” and that if “this revolution doesn’t happen soon, we won’t have the numbers to win it. The goal is for the US government to start confiscating guns. People will defend their right to own a firearm—civil war has just started. Stop the slow boil of the frog—prevent the Jew from using incrementalism. Make the Jew play all of his cards to make it apparent to more people how their rights are being taken away right before their eyes.”

He also calls on readers of his manifesto to reject what he sees as the inevitable claims that his attack will be dismissed as a “false flag” incident by the “’schizos’ who will inevitably call this a ‘false flag.’”

Earnest then goes on claim that “anyone who denounces violent self-defense against the Jew is a coward.  He may know the crimes of the Jew, but subconsciously he knows that ACTUALLY taking action would mean sacrificing the bread and circus. It might mean that he won’t live comfortably anymore.

“This is one of the reasons cowards so shrilly screech that Brenton Tarrant and Robert Bowers were Mossad false flag operations. They can’t fathom that there are brave White men alive who have the willpower and courage it takes to say, ‘Fuck my life—I’m willing to sacrifice everything for the benefit of my race.’ He projects his own cowardice onto the White race.

“To the coward it is just a hobby. He is a LARPfag and a traitor. Ignore him. He has nothing useful to offer.

“Brenton Tarrant inspired me. I hope to inspire many more. To those who are brave—know that your sacrifice is the greatest act of love for your race. Your sacrifice will be remembered. Always.”

Earnest ends his manifesto with a “question and answer” session which describes Donald Trump as a “Zionist, Jew-loving, anti-White, traitorous c*s*r,” his political ideology as being called “not wanting to go extinct,” his dismissal of conservatives as “useless, spineless coward[s]” and “insufferable faggots,” that he has no remorse for killing Jews, that he has “disgust” for Jews because “every Jew currently alive plays a part in the destruction of my race,” that he does not hate any race who is “out of my nation and do not hate my race.”

He goes on to say that there “is no love without hatred. You cannot love God if you do not hate Satan. You cannot love righteousness if you do not also hate sin.

“You cannot love your own race if you do not hate those who wish to destroy it. Love and hate are two sides of the same coin. I may be filled with hatred, but I am also filled with love. Most people are empty inside—unspiritual and shameful dopamine fiends devoid of all love, honor, and purpose. I cannot imagine a more pathetic existence.”

 He adds that it was not his family which caused him to “think this way,” as, “unfortunately . . . I had to learn what they should have taught me from the beginning.”

As to the actual attack, Earnest  poses the question “Was it your plan to live or die?” and answers it by saying that “If I die—I die. I do not care if I die, but I will not sin against my God and murder myself. I plan on living (only you know the outcome).”

He then goes on to say that it took four weeks to plan the attack, and decided to carry it out at a “specific moment in time after Brenton Tarrant’s sacrifice that something just clicked in my mind. ‘If I won’t defend my race, how can I expect others to do the same?’ I immediately got to planning, and I never looked back. I never had doubts. I never felt afraid. I never felt anxious—just the occasional nervous excitement.”

He ends his manifesto with a call to the “true anons out there,” that the “Day of the Rope” (a reference to an incident in the famous Turner Diaries novel when traitors are executed en masse)  “is here right now—that is if you have the gnads to keep the ball rolling. Every anon reading this must attack a target while doing his best to avoid getting caught. Every anon must play his part in this revolution and no man can be pulling his punches. This momentum we currently have may very well be the last chance that the European man has to spark a revolution. “Despite this—I’m not worried. I have complete trust and certainty that all of you after reading this will begin planning your attack on the enemy—and you’ll attack again, and again, and again—until either we win, or we die. I know you will do this because you’re true anons. You’re White men. I’m not worried that the whole world is against you. I’m not worried because you are the greatest race that our God has created—it is our duty to keep this world from falling into darkness.”

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  1. There is no “white terrorism!” Yes, there have been mass shooters who have been white, but most of them were on psychotropic medications and there have also been mass shooters who were NON-white so race is irrelevant. Now where whites DO figure in on the terrorist scene is as VICTIMS and especially white Christians. It’s a damned lie that there even is a “white supremacist” movement. What that means is that whites are starting to wake up to the fact that we face extinction from non-whites often at the behest of white leftists. Fighting to stay alive is NOT the definition of terrorism.

  2. It’s the exact same dynamic as when you are woke up at 3 am in the morning to a few home invaders who came in through your kitchen window and they begin killing your family one by one. This sound too over the top or overly dramatic? No! It is not. We are being intentionally exterminated as a race and this is one of the greatest evils this planet has ever witnessed…and if a White European person(s) reacts to this then he or she is the bad person? Really?

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