WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT: Beheaders, Cannibals and Murderers: See the Vicious Scum that Obama Supports in Syria

Christian-beheading Islamists, cannibals, murderers and an international assortment of al-Qaeda linked terrorists: this is the motley gang of criminals that Barack Obama, John Kerry, US House Speaker John Boehner, and House majority leader Eric Cantor want the American public to support in Syria.


It is largely thanks to the power of the Internet that the wider public are able to see for themselves the shocking rogues’ gallery of evil which the Obama regime and its allies are supporting with supplies, and now wish to support with direct military action.


The New Observer has earlier reported on the large number of foreign Islamist extremists who make up the ragtag collection of criminals in the completely misnamed “Free Syrian Army”—but since then, the atrocities and crimes committed by these extremists have shocked decent people across the globe.

On May 15th, 2013, a video was released by the “Free Syrian Army” in which one of their commanders cuts out the heart and liver of a soldier and eats the heart chanting ”I swear to God we will eat your hearts out, you soldiers of Bashar. You dogs. God is greater!” the man says. “Heroes of Baba Amr … we will take out their hearts to eat them.”


This video shows Syrian rebels slaughtering three people in the countryside of Edlib, including at least two who are identified in the video by the executioners as Christians, possibly priests. The video shows the “Free Syrian Army” beheading theuir helpless victims by sawing off their heads with a breadknife. The executioners say in Arabic that through this act, they are applying the law of God.


It was initially claimed that one of the Christian priests so cruelly beheaded was a Fr. Francois Murad.

This report later turned out to be erroneous—Fr. Murad was not beheaded by the “Free Syrian Army”—instead he was executed by being shot eight times on June 23 when a group of “freedom fighters” stormed his monastery.

The monastery in which Fr. Murad resided was burnt and looted, echoing the events of a massacre in Homs in May 2013, when the entire population of a Christian village was murdered and their houses and possessions burnt.

Two Syrian Orthodox Archbishops, Yohanna Ibrahim and Boulos Yazigi, kidnapped by Chechen gunmen in Aleppo earlier this year, are still missing. In addition, there are unconfirmed sources that state that two Orthodox Archbishops been executed.

A video released by the “rebels” proudly shows them executing—by shooting in the back of the head—at least 10 people.


If all this was not enough, “rebels” were arrested in Turkey carrying Sarin gas nerve agent, aiming to bring the chemical weapon into Syria to use against the Syrian government’s forces.

The report of the arrests, although reported by RT News (see below) and Turkish media, was of course ignored by the British, American, and French governments.

This then, are the vicious murderers with whom Obama now wants Americans and Congress to ally themselves with.

The fact that these “rebels” who Obama wants to support by attacking the Syrian government, are openly allied to the worst sort of al-Qaeda linked terrorists, should be proof enough that this ongoing “war on terror” has nothing to do with fighting Osama Bin Laden’s followers, but rather with protecting Israel.

If the US Congress endorses Obama’s call for military action, America will in effect become al-Qaeda’s air force.

Is there a way Americans can stop this outrage?

Possibly—only possibly. Americans should, in massive numbers, make use of the “email your congressman” facility provided by the House of Representatives.

Let your congressman know that you are opposed to supporting the terrorists and murderers in Syria—and that you demand they vote against intervention in Syria.

Contact your congressman today by using this link.

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  1. Killing in such ways is barbaric, however mutilating bodies etc have been carries out by US troops from vietnam to Afghanistan, killing civilians in cold blood also has been carried out by troops from the US, in the Maywand district of afghanistan, investigators found the head of an insurgent on a stick left by retreating US troops, US troops have been filmed urinating on dead bodies and collecting body parts as trophies in Afghanistan and vietnam.

    1. So, you were there? You witnessed this first hand? Or did some liberal douchebag politician TELL you what you saw? Piss on them all! Should have dropped a MOAB right in the middle of that pile of shite!

  2. Well in Vietnam yeah our boys went off the deep end I have no reason to think otherwise but Afghanistan no way dont post your lies we americans dont want to get involved but our government does they lie to us sensor our media and think we are all retarded but we see what they are doing the bullshit they are pulling for there paid for carriers big business large corporations are what fuels this greed and power we see it we despise it but we are powerless to stop it they corrup or voting system they try to keep us silent play games with slight of hand like a magician at a birthday party but we see

  3. The drooling moron white voters that supported Obama want to continue flooding the US with these people. Any white person that supported Obama should be forced to live in a non-white neighborhood. That’s what these mental midgets want to force on the rest of us. When these new “Diverse Americans” rob, rape, and murder, I hope they pick either a white Obama supporter or a member of their family.

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