A Tale of Two Mohammeds in America

Mohamed Amiin Ali Roble, a Somali invader who survived the 2007 Minneapolis bridge collapse, has been charged with attempting to join ISIS—on the same day that Palestinian invader Muhammad Dakhlalla was sentenced to 8 years in jail in Mississippi for trying to join ISIS.

The two court cases illustrate the real threat posed by legal Third World immigration to any Western nation.


Mohamed Amiin Ali Roble, left, and Muhammad Dakhlalla.

Roble, who was 11 when the I-35W bridge across the Saint Anthony Falls of the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, Minnesota, collapsed, survived that catastrophe and had been paid out more than $91,000 in settlement money for his injuries.

Authorities say Roble traveled to Syria to join ISIS just a few weeks after collecting the cash payout.

According to reports, Roble was injured when the school bus he was riding in plummeted about 30 feet as the bridge collapsed. He received the settlement funds on his 18th birthday.

His name first surfaced in May during the federal trial of three Somali invaders living in Minnesota who were convicted of conspiring to join ISIS.

Court documents filed this week show that Roble received three court settlements when he turned 18 that totaled $91,654. That money included a $65,431 payment from the state’s settlement fund.

According to evidence, Roble flew to Istanbul in October 2014 as part of an itinerary that included a trip to China. He was due to return to the U.S. in June 2015, but never did, FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force Officer Joel Pajak testified.

“We received information that Mr. Roble ended up in Syria with his uncle, Abdi Nur,” Pajak testified.

An FBI affidavit says Roble withdrew more than $47,000 from his accounts over three months in 2014 while he was in Turkey.

Referring to an informer using the code name “CHS,” the FBI affidavit sad that this “large sum is consistent with previously mentioned CHS reports that Roble was financially supporting himself and other members of ISIL, including by purchasing vehicles to be used by members of ISIL.”

Nur is among 10 Somalis in Minnesota who have been charged with joining ISIS. Nine other Somalis have already been convicted on terror charges in the state.

Prosecutors say the men were part of a group of friends in Minnesota’s “Somali community” who recruited and inspired each other to join ISIS.

The affidavit said Nur was last known to be living in Syria with ISIS, and that Roble and Nur accessed internet accounts from the same computer IP address within minutes of each other in May 2015, supporting that they were in the same location.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian invader Dakhlalla was convicted after pleading guilty to one count of conspiring to provide material support to a terrorist organization.

His fiancée, Jaelyn Young, an American black, was sentenced earlier this month to 12 years in prison and 15 years’ probation, including mandatory mental health treatment.

The two were arrested in August 2015 before they could board a flight from Columbus, Mississippi, with tickets for Istanbul purchased using Young’s mother’s credit card without permission.

Authorities said the couple had contacted undercover federal agents posing as ISIS contacts in May, seeking online help in traveling to Syria. Both have remained jailed in Oxford, Mississippi, since their arrests.

Dakhlalla is a 2015 psychology graduate of Mississippi State University who grew up in the college town of Starkville.

His father, a native of Bethlehem, West Bank, is a prominent figure in the town’s Muslim community and an occasional prayer leader at the mosque across the street from the family’s house.

Prosecutors said Young, who converted to Islam at Mississippi State, began to view Islamic State fighters as liberators.

They said Young approvingly cited a video showing militants throwing a man accused of being homosexual off a roof to his death, and also expressed approval of a gunman’s shooting attack on five members of the U.S. military in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in 2015.

“Young continually asked Dakhlalla when they were going to join (the Islamic State group) and began to express hatred for the U.S. government and to express support for the implementation of Sharia (sic) law in the United States,” prosecutors wrote.

By May 2015, she had begun seeking advice online on how to travel to Syria, eventually making contact with undercover FBI employees, according to prosecutors.

Young told the undercover FBI employees that she and Dakhlalla would like to be medics treating the wounded. Dakhlalla, in online contacts, said he was good with computers and media and wanted to contribute to the Islamic State’s struggle.

Court papers say Dakhlalla said online that he wanted to become a soldier, writing “I am willing to fight. I want to be taught what it really means to have that heart in battle!”

At one point, Young said she planned to camouflage the couple’s journey as a honeymoon, but later dropped that idea.

The FBI said Dakhlalla and Young both expressed impatience with how long it was taking for them to be issued passports, and the charges say Dakhlalla paid $340 to expedite passport processing on July 1. Both Young and Dakhlalla left farewell letters telling their families they would never return.

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