Third World Chaos and Voter Fraud Disrupts UK Elections

Nonwhite colonizer-controlled neighborhoods in many parts of Britain have already collapsed into typical Third World electoral fraud and administrative chaos, reports following last week’s elections in that country have revealed.

According to reports from around the country, British police are investigating more than fifty cases of voter fraud while in one local authority in London, which is run almost completely by nonwhites, Tower Hamlets, the administrative chaos caused a five day delay in getting results out for all of the city.

A scene during the Tower Hamlets, London, election “count.”
A scene during the Tower Hamlets, London, election “count.”

The electoral fraud so rampant in parts of the Third World which actually hold elections—such as India and Pakistan—has long been apparent in previous elections in Britain, but this is the first time that election results have actually been delayed due to Third World administrative chaos.

Warned ahead of time, police were deployed at more than 100 polling stations in the areas with the largest number of nonwhites in areas previously identified by the UK’s Electoral Commission as being “high risk” for vote-rigging.

More than half of the reported incidents of electoral fraud took place in the nonwhite colonizer dominated towns of West Yorkshire. There, in a rash of incidents prevalent amongst the Pakistani and Indian communities, thousands of “ghost” voters, false statements and multiple votes have taken place, mostly in favor of Labour Party supported candidates.

The other incidents have been reported in cities where nonwhite colonizers also have a large presence—Manchester, Bradford, London, and Birmingham.

According to a report in the far left Guardian newspaper, the “inquiries have emerged after the Guardian contacted police forces covering 16 areas that the elections watchdog has identified as being vulnerable to electoral fraud, particularly around the use of postal votes.

“As well as Birmingham and Bradford, they include Blackburn with Darwen, Burnley, Calderdale, Coventry, Derby, Hyndburn, Kirklees, Oldham, Pendle, Peterborough, Slough, Tower Hamlets, Walsall, and Woking.”

The paper added that West Yorkshire police, whose officers serve Bradford where former councillors have been imprisoned for electoral fraud, said they had received 21 allegations of electoral irregularities.

There are another 14 investigations across Greater London. Two prospective councillors in the Tower Hamlets and Enfield local authorities were arrested for making false declarations on election papers.

Even Peter Golds, a Jewish homosexual who is one of the few Conservative Party councilors in Tower Hamlets, has called the voting carry-on in Tower Hamlets “Third World.”

Writing in his column in a local newspaper, Gold said that “Sadly the count showed much of what is worst about the divided politics of this borough. Well before the 2am declaration of the mayoral election, the counting centre was besieged by a threatening crowd of Tower Hamlets First supporters.

“A member of Labour’s shadow cabinet, who had been attending the count, was told that he should not leave as the police could not guarantee his safety. He did leave shortly after.

“Another small group, including women, who were by this time exhausted, required a police escort to their car and still later our local MP and one of the mayoral candidates had to leave by the rear of the building.

“Behaviour that would be shocking in the third world, should not be permitted in the world’s greatest and most multi-cultural city.”

Earlier, Golds claimed that the counting procedure was an “omnishambles.”

He wrote: “We were asked to attend the Mile End Leisure centre at 2pm, Sunday for the council counts with the European count commencing at 4pm. We were let in at 3pm and then the chaos started.

“There were arguments, threats, and chaos at the counting tables. Tower Hamlets First supporters were challenging vote after vote, forcing supporters of other candidates away from the tables.

“Former Cllr Mohammed Shahid Ali (defeated Mile End) was bawling in Bangla down a mobile phone at a counting table. He was asked by a (female) officer to stop and he shouted that she (emphasise she) had no right to tell him to stop doing anything and that she (emphasise she) should go away. I drew this to the attention of the returning officer and Shahid Ali then needed to be restrained from attacking me.

“Despite everything we had been told, the count was a shocker. There was a 21% discrepancy in the votes in Island Gardens between the first two counts.”

The Electoral Commission has now said it will look into “issues” surrounding the poll after complaints of voter intimidation and large discrepancies in recounts.

A spokesman said: “Clearly there have been issues at the Tower Hamlets count and we need to make sure we understand what happened, and the reasons for it, before reaching any conclusions.

“As part of our review we will be talking to the Returning Officer and Regional Returning Officer. We will be looking closely at what happened during the count, as well as the planning that took place beforehand.

“Once we have concluded the review we will publish its findings in our report on the elections.”

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  1. Being a Brit, I'm not surprised in the slightest.
    Crafty, devious, dishonest, the immigrants have been coming to grips with a system built essentially on trust since the modern voting system was put in place. The British voting system was not designed to embrace "voters" who are essentially dishonest and mainly believe in Allah and his teachings as the supreme authority.

  2. I was at a count in Blackburn, Lancs (the lovely Jew 'Jack Straw' or whatever his name is) was there. One of the people counting votes put a pile of BNP votes underneath a single Labour vote, to make it appear as 20 or so votes. To be honest, I have sympathy for these third world savages; at least they make a fuss. I'm looking forward to a corrupt judge, social worker, lawyer, immigration official or whatever to being attacked by a third worlder.

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