Trump Gives in to Jewish Lobby

The Jewish lobby in America demonstrated its control of the political process when Donald Trump retreated from all his previous policy positions on Israel during his speech to AIPAC on March 21.

Trump’s speech—written especially for him by “friends in Israel”—included dropping his “neutrality” stance, his acceptance of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and his decision to once again oppose the “nuclear” deal with Iran.


Trump’s retreat on all these policy positons have now cleared the way for the right wing Jewish lobby to coalesce behind his nomination bid.

The left wing Jewish lobby, however, remains one of his many implacable enemies, along with most of the controlled media, regardless of his opportunistic flip-flopping on Israel.

According to the Times of Israel, Trump named his son-in-law, New York property developer Jared Kushner, as the “chief adviser” in preparing his address to the AIPAC conference.

When asked who helped him write the speech, Trump answered: “My son-in-law Jared,” referring to the husband of his daughter Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner.

“He’s here. He’s coming to AIPAC,” Trump said. “Jared spoke to many of his friends from Israel and we put it together with a lot of great people.”


The Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) gleefully reported on Trump’s retreat before the AIPAC crowd—which numbered some 15,000 and included an incredible two-thirds of US Congressmen—by announcing that “Trump abandons talk of Israel neutrality, wins cheers from AIPAC crowd.”

The JTA said that in his speech, Trump had “softened two positions that have created unease among pro-Israel activists — his insistence on remaining ‘neutral’ in brokering Israeli-Palestinian peace and his refusal to commit to recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.”

On Jerusalem, Trump vowed to move the American embassy to the city, “the eternal capital of the Jewish people.” And he said the Palestinians must accept as a given the closeness of the US–Israel relationship.

“The Palestinians must come to the table knowing that the bond between the United States and Israel is absolutely unbreakable,” Trump said. “They must come to the table willing to accept that Israel is a Jewish state and it will exist forever as a Jewish state.”

(Needless to say, Trump—or any politician beholden to the Jewish lobby—would never dare say that any other nation has a right to maintain its exclusive ethnic identity. Even suggesting that any other nation should stop illegal immigration—while allowing legal immigration—immediately attracts the Jewish lobby’s hate, as Trump has found out.)

The JTA report then went on to say that Trump “delivered broadsides against his likely rival in the general election, Hillary Clinton, calling her a ‘total disaster’ and blaming her for last year’s Iran nuclear deal,” a line, the JTA said, which earned him “laughter and applause.”

There was no sign of the threatened left wing lobby protests against Trump, probably because AIPAC generally represents the more “right wing” of the Jewish lobby in both America and Israel, where it is closely aligned with Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party.

This was shown most clearly when Trump drew his largest applause for his sentence “With President Obama, in his final year — yay!”

The AIPAC Jewish lobby led opposition to the Iran “nuclear deal” and clashed repeatedly with the Obama administration over this matter, which they interpreted as being somehow proof that Obama was anti-Israel.

The fact that Obama has been slavishly pro-Israel, and that the Iranian “atom bomb” threat never even existed, did not factor in their calculations—because, as Trump has also found out, it is a crime in the Jewish lobby’s eyes even to be neutral with regard to the Jews-only state.

While Trump’s back down on all these major issues came as no surprise to anyone familiar with the man’s made-up-on-the-spot politics, it does serve as an instructive lesson on just how much power the Jewish lobby has over American politics.

In addition, it has demonstrated conclusively that anyone expecting any change in a Trump presidency with regard to Israel’s parasitic relationship with the US, will be sorely disappointed.

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  1. Until Trump actually does anything he talks about like building walls and whatnot, he is just another shill for the Chosenites. But to his credit, he has nevertheless shifted the narrative more right in such a short space of time than most of us could have hoped for. One step at a time. One solid step at a time.

    Thank you for you informative articles. Such information is pushing the narrative our way!

  2. So every man, woman and child in the US will continue to each contribute $30,000 per year to Israel? Looks like there will be a revolution even if Trump wins.

    1. Your already in a revolution. And have been for many years. War is always the out come of revolution.
      To quote John Adams 2nd president ” The revolution was not the war, The war was because of the Revolution”.
      I do agree with You. And Your clarification is spot on.
      Keep on keeping on.


      1. Gambia (Africa) just had the first peaceful revolution. It is possible! Cange in the world must not be inspired by violence! The rich have to give more, people should be able to stay in their countries and not become refugees!

  3. I would like to clarify my previous post. This $30,000 per US head per year is actually debt. Future generations of US citizens will have to repay this debt, plus interest, to the Jew controlled Fed. Of course it is impossible to pay off because the whole monetary system is flawed! But it will ensure future generations are totally enslaved by these parasitic Jew banksters.

  4. No surprise there. America is under the control of NeoZion. Trump has two children married to Jews. He is a wealthy New Yorker, a businessman and a pragmatist. No candidate can work in a different sandpit until certain pillars of influence change the game, because the game is presently a Zionist Truman show.

    Israel should pay for itself and shed its own children as blood for regional wars. 9/11 is the iconic moment which should have demonstrated to the world the extreme corruption of the ruling elite. If the physics of that event didn’t sink in, the illegal war on Iraq should have removed all doubt.

    Nothing has really changed since other than a 19 trillion dollar debt and destruction of border sovereignty.

    To change the rules, so we are not in a Truman show, they need to be written, including:

    a new currency which will be impossible to monopolise or derail by them and which becomes the international currency (Israelis did study the blockchain with great interest early and concluded that the creator owned about half, and that is just what a single person can do, imagine what a team could),

    a communications system outside their detection, (hence their great dedication to subatomic particle physics/Hadron Supercollider, as the US doctrine was complete dominance of the electromagnetic spectrum, with the entire corpus of knowledge, RAISIN, stolen by Jonathan Pollard and handed to high level Israeli operatives ),

    media which they can’t control or influence (all traditional media, all major western search engine indexes and all major social media distribution formats are heavily controlled),

    removal of their numerical dominance in senior legal panels in every Western country such that “diversity” applies to them properly in judicial structures

    and finally advances in materials science and engineering to override their ability to dispossess vassal states from firearms, with new game changing weaponry. Consider, 3d printing as an early development. It was demonstrated that certain classic ballistic weapons could be readily printed and fired by downloading blueprints, even if just once due to the inappropriate polymer materials used. Imagine what laser sintered metal could do, or modern composites. This is only considering small incremental advances too. The use of those weapon designs was quickly nixed by US alphabet agencies. To stay ahead of regulation, something so advanced that there is no rule for it would ideally be created.

    Icing on the cake would be an emergent capacity from signals, media, currency to identify and link all of the traitors, just as has been infamously already misused to identify conservatives through the IRS and more intelligently, and legally, to identify “communities” through free modern technology and NSA.

    In short, a very tall order from the perspective of a society which has been programmed and atomised by the efforts of communist leftism on behalf of the globalist plutocracy, but all of these things could be achieved with effort to reorganise and deal with this problem before the violent dystopian feudal state progresses to complete realisation, as sadly history shows us our future knackering if the herd remains passive.

    Rant over, but to bring it back to topic, of course Trump is going to work with the ZOG because there is no other choice and frankly it could be an opportunity to work with the more reasonable ones. He certainly doesn’t seem keen on neocohens, if his remarks on the Iraq war can be taken at face value.

    Restoring the border is the first priority and this takes precendence over the myriad other hostilities against the USA far above addressing any inflammatory baiting from elite Zionists advocating unprocessed immigration to goy nations to weaken them.

    With the border secure, the nation can become stronger. Expect a fight every step of the way. There is a reason left or left-lite puppets are installed in all major Western countries.

  5. Jews don’t mind Trump at all. They hate and fear his supporters, red-state America, the gentiles in “fly-over territory” who flock to his speeches. That’s what terrifies and angers the Jews about Trump’s candidacy.

  6. I agree that Trump may disappoint a lot of people if elected. At any rate, it looks like the majority of Trump supporters are White disenfranchised, demoralized citizens who are fed up with the genocidal Jew world order. They’ve organized into a nice mass and will continue to make demands and criticize the Cultural Marxist thought police and the policies of repression they protect.
    On a positive note, Trump’s arrival has revealed to more US dupes the false democracy of what is really a one party system of deception ruled by the Jews. He’s called out the lying media and destroyed any credibility that they may have on the unwitting and he’s actively criticizing illegal immigration as well as legal immigration, to put a hold on everything until “we can figure out what the hell is going on here.”
    Of course he has to suck up to AIPAC if he wants to get elected. Any damaging references to parasitic Jewry would ruin him. Any criticism of anything the Jews do would cost him. So he does what he has to do and makes the hurdle.
    He’s not our salvation and their are problematic ties with intermarriages, etc.
    As a pro-active successful business man however, he may clash with Israel in the long term as just bad for business.
    It’s up to every White man and woman to work to save the White race from the “Barbara Spectre” agenda and to put it down. It’s up to us to make a future for White families and children, whether rich, average or poor.
    Whatever happens, there has been a lot of red pilling going on in the wake of Trumps rise.
    No matter who’s elected, Soros will continue to bankroll chaos and anarchy across the country and what Trump would do in the course of social upheaval might yield some results instead of the do nothing policy of letting BLM and CPA run amok all over the place.
    I saw the AIPAC speech and cringed all the way through it, but I’ll support Trump for the long haul.

  7. Don’t let what Trump says fool you. For some reason Americans are in love with Israel. The majority of us want to cut the funds to them and everyone else. So he will say what the sheep want to hear to get elected, then once there he will act like a true businessman and start cutting the appropriations we can’t afford any longer. Lookout freeloaders of the planet, your gravy train may be about to dry up.

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