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UK: “Inner City” ID Voter Law

Southeast Asian—that is, Indian, Bangladeshi, and Pakistani—voter fraud in Britain is so rampant that the U.K. government has been forced to introduce a law making it compulsory for voters in “inner city areas” to show identification before being allowed to vote in future elections.

The U.K. Minister for the Constitution, Chris Skidmore, announced that checks will take place at the 2018 local elections in areas the Electoral Commission has judged to be at the highest risk of “vote-rigging”—all areas with “high concentrations” of Asian residents.

In an official statement released on the U.K. Government’s website, Skidmore said that to “reduce electoral fraud,” the government would also take measures to “prevent the intimidation and undue influence of voters at the hands of activists and supporters, end the dubious practice of postal vote harvesting,” and, significantly, “consider measures for nationality checking that will prevent fraudulent voter registrations.”

This latter measure, Skidmore’s statement continued, means that for the May 2018 elections, voters will be required to “bring ID to prove who they are before they can vote, preventing anyone fraudulently taking another person’s ballot paper.”

Local authorities will be allowed to use different types of identification, including forms of photo ID such as driving licenses and passports, or formal correspondence such as a utilities bill to prove their address backed by a signature check. Voters will be asked to produce ID before they can be given their ballot paper.

The proposed reforms come in the wake of another government report which identified 16 Asian-overrun inner city areas around Britain where voter fraud was rampant, and where dozens of criminal prosecutions had taken place.

In 2014, the U.K.’s Electoral Commission, which oversees elections in that country, said that “fraud is more likely to be committed by or in support of candidates standing for election in areas which are largely or predominantly populated by some south Asian communities, specifically those with roots in parts of Pakistan or Bangladesh.”

Among the areas identified as problematic include Birmingham, Blackburn with Darwen, Bradford, Burnley, Calderdale, Coventry, Derby, Hyndburn, Kirklees, Oldham, Pendle, Peterborough, Slough, Tower Hamlets, Walsall, and Woking.

Last year, former mayor Lutfur Rahman from Tower Hamlets in east London was stripped of his post after being convicted of “voting irregularities.”

Tower Hamlets was specifically mentioned in Skidmore’s full report, where it was said that “Last year’s election court judgment in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets was a wake-up call that more needs to be done to protect the integrity of our democracy.”

Skidmore also said the issue of “the use of languages other than English” in polling stations “could hide coercion or influence.” To combat the “potential for such illegal activity,” he wrote, the government is “mindful of the broader integration agenda and the importance of all citizens being able to speak English to engage in society.”

Skidmore’s report also revealed that the biggest problem facing any system of automated “nationality checking” was the incredible fact that “there is no national register of U.K. nationals.”


    1. In Denmark, you will receive a personal “voting-card” by mail, and you will be checked with your social-securitynumber, before You can vote!
      (But they still have a pencil in the voting-box? i always bring a pen:))

      1. Here in Flanders you also get a voting card in the mail.

        It tells you where and when to show up for the voting, and you MUST bring your identification card+voting card with you.

        When you vote you give both papers to the people in charge and only then can you vote. The voting card get’s a stamp when your done voting.

        1. That proves,without any doubt,that our system has been corrupted to suit the immigrants.And anyone with a mentality beyond daytime tv,knows it.

          1. I have turned up to vote without the card received through the post, just gave my name and address and then handed the voting slip.
            If the staff operating the desks on election day were to turn anyone away without that voting card, the proverbial would hit the fan, mainly because there is a tendency for people to be anti-authority at the best of times and being told to go home and fetch the card would be front page news.

    1. These cheating foreign immigrants many of whom cannot speak or write the English language and have been living off the back of British, white taxpayers for decades claiming every welfare handout they can get their hands on should have their right to vote taken away.

      Not willing to work and pay taxes, unwilling to learn English – NO VOTE
      After two years of unemployment, dependent on handouts, and still unable to speak English these immigrants should all be deported back to the third world cess pits they rightfully belong in.

  1. These measures are a step in he right direction but won’t stop fraudulent postal voting and it doesn’t deal with gerrymandering by mass immigration or the bribes paid to immigrants by successive UK Govts in the form of welfare, healthcare, housing, jobs in the public sector and positive discrimination wherever possible.

    Let’s add the fact that LibLabCon are all one and the same and 4 million UKIP voters have been effectively disenfranchised. And,the House of Lords is an unelected anachronism as is the House of Windsor. All in all, reviving democracy in the UK is a Herculean task.

    1. You are totally correct here dunroamin. The abuse of postal voting is huge. The Pakistanis register old folk who are at home all day not working or even shopping and then others not even in the country. The head of the community then puts the X in or tells them where to put it before posting. Postal ballots should be banned for all who are not in a hospital or hospice.

      1. Don`t forget those oh-so- kind Asian gentlemen who arrive at the polls bearing a bagful of voting papers
        they`ve thoughtfully `collected` from `other people`.
        There`s no excuse whatsoever – white voters quite rightly would never get away with it.

  2. YOUTUBE-GEORGE GALLOWAY- INCITING HATRED IN TOWER HAMLETS- this is the type of politician that british voters have allowed to rise into politics, totally biased against his native british people easy to see where his support comes from…

    1. Yep, George Galloway has always been nothing but self-serving controlled opposition. He’s loved by the political Establishment because he pretends to be a maverick politician and this allows the political Establishment to fool the dumbed-down voters into believing that the UK political system is pluralist – but It’s far from it. It is totally controlled by the pro-EU Lib/Lab/Con one-party-with-three-names. Galloway is thick as shit with Muslims, his kids are Muslims and Galloway dresses like one – yet this traitor never has a good word to say about the indigenous British people and won’t lift a hand to help them. He’s too busy promoting every minority cause
      that he can ’cause that’s where Galloway’s sympathies most definitely lie.

      1. Galloway is a fool .He has spent his entire life milking the system,rather than working.The tw@t even apeared on a mind numbing tv show,dressed as a cat,and behaved like a ponce,in order to keep the money coming in.No self respect with this bloke.

    2. Galloway is a pawn of Jews. There’s a youtube debate in which he specifically states that he was housed, fed, and driven around byJews when they thought he would help them ruin South Africa.

      1. And ruin they did Rev. Incidently, I was listening to Radio4 the other night (yeah I know) when one of the voices began to praise Joe Slovo… since so many of the voices on R4 are Jewish (much more than on TV) I believe that they begin to feel a sense of security, much like when they print their true feelings and thoughts in the Jewish Chronicle or Times of Israel, because dumb goyim don’t read them…or aren’t supposed to.

  3. Apart from the fact that voter fraud has been going on for decades within these communities, there should be a law that says the ‘Head of the Household’ as listed on census returns is made responsible for ensuring that any postal vote from his house is not given to any third party, but delivered by them to the local authority or posted by them. Add to that it should be made a criminal offence for any political activist to actually collect postal votes at all. However, as has been said so many times, these people lie through their back teeth, have a wall of silence against the authorities and have excelled at playing the racist card from the day they set foot in this country and even those born here.

    1. Our government is,and have been for years, actively sponsoring these people with all sorts of community grants.The pavements are certainly paved with gold for them.

  4. Fraud in the voting booths is not the problem, it is the unchecked and abused postal vote system, expanded by Blair (for reasons of his own) that is the main cause of voter fraud in some communities. Blocks of votes handed to “community leaders” or mosques for completion for the correct candidate. There also needs to be some way of preventing people from voting more rthan once. I think that the whole exercise is just a sticking plaster on an amputation, designed to show that the government is doing something about the proble. At the end of the day, it will be down to local councils, councils topped up with the voters placemen that will decide how it’s done, so don’t expect change any time soon.

    1. Pretty much every asian has several identities that is used to screw the benefit system.So its obvious that they are going to use them to vote for the muslim candidate.We need a government that is willing to get to grips with ALL the fraud that these people are involved in.UKIP is the only option.

  5. A considerable number of ethnic Britons have neither a passport or a driving licence.
    Are these people going to be disenfranchised?

    Such are the ‘benefits’ of diversity.

    1. Disenfranchised,no,they should be deported immediately.If they refuse to name thier country of origin,that can be established via DNA.If that country refuses to accept them,they should be dumped in a dinghy,off the coast of it.

  6. The UK Electoral Commission refused to do investigate the massive Muslim votes fraud in the central London borough of Tower Hamlets. It took brave people, ordinary voters, who risked losing their own homes to finance a court case which resulted in the fraudulent Mayor Lutfur Rahman being kicked out. To this day the Bangladeshi-born Rahman has not been prosecuted in a criminal court. In another UK case a number of Muslims appeared in the dock for rigging the votes. The judge said their actions would disgrace a third world banana republic.
    As mentioned before, it’s the postal voting system which principally enables this fraud. Dozens of non-existent voters suddenly appear to be living in properties which could not possibly contain such numbers. Bundles of semi-completed ballot papers are collected from addresses by one person who fills in the actual voting section. Governments have been well aware of this malfeasance and have done nothing to stop it. The latest decision goes some way towards tackling voting fraud, but by no means far enough.

  7. its time this practice was stopped.its been going on for yrs and all westminster knows about in burnley its epidemic.

    1. Which ? The practice of voter fraud or the practice of allowing them into our lands and giving them citizenship in the first place. Oh I see you’ve already acquiesced the second one so its back to half measures then isn’t it.

  8. Apart from the fact that these ethnic minorities are already kicking up a ruckus over this, the race card is about to be well and truly played big time. A ‘U-Turn’ is in the offing? However, my wife is totally housebound, and has used the postal vote for some years. I do not know who she ever voted for, but I posted it or in a couple of instances, handed it in. Having said that, based on how much ethnic minorities are the main recipients of the benefits of UK taxpayers, my wife and I have decided there is no political party that will stand up for us anymore, so voting is a thing of the past for us.

    1. I can understand your dissolusion,but if you really want to do something about it,vote for UKIP.They are the only hope we have.

      1. Ukip are most definitely not the only hope we have. Ukip will keep the side show going until Europe goes black….then its back to tribal my friend. If i were you I would think outside the democratic box…for now.

        1. I think you might be surprised at what UKIP are prepared to do if they came to power.At the moment they have to tread lightly on the racial issue,for obvious reasons.The BNP, and similar parties,are getting nowhere by being upfront about thier intentions.Its politics,and there is a game to be played if you wish to succeed.Dont sit back and do nothing mate,give UKIP your vote.

          1. Ukip won’t come to power though. Politics follows culture. Not the reverse. The struggle is a metapolitical one at this stage that will eventually result in violent culture clash as we are already seeing in Germany.
            Waiting(wasting) every four years to caste a ballot that has as much as a snowflakes chance in hell of ever acheiving its goal is wasted time, wasted resources and wasted money that could be put to better practical use.
            All this ‘playing it slow’ because we cannot say the truth is bollocks.
            There’s more to political activism than leafleting and electioneering.

          2. As much as i agree with your sentiment,rioting wont get us anywhere.The establishment needs to be beaten at it’s own game,and that,as we have just witnessed,is via the ballot box.There will be corruption involved,as we are seeing now over the brexit vote,but vigilance,coupled with awareness through alternative media,can bring the bastards down.Dont just sit by and rant,vote for UKIP,there is no other viable alternative mate.

          3. Actually there is a viable alternative but allow me first to explain why the ballot box route will not bring about our peoples salvation.
            During the rise of the BNP the media ran a campaign of open hostility to thwart the threat they posed to the establishment parties. It worked effectively.
            Despite Nigel Farage being much more media savvy and not being racist, ukip still received hostility from the media and the nazi tag from antifa and HnH.
            Despite receiving 4m votes(one of which was from me, you really should watch those assumptions that you make because I never said that I didn’t vote but that I believe that the ballot box approach to attaing power would not bring about the salvation of our people) ukip won a paltry number of seats. The various arguments and excuses as to why that is are irrelevant as we must deal with system as it works presently.
            These are just two hurdles that ukip face which lablibcon do not.
            However let us assume that ukip clears these two and the other hurdles that are and will be put before any political party let alone standing Government that goes against the script and ascends to power.
            Then what ?
            Close the borders ? Ok done. Borders shut zero immigration.
            This only slows our decline it doesn’t reverse it.
            Ok repatriation. Much harder to acheive. You would every eye of the world upon you. You would have civil unrest from the antifa and the various groups that were elligible for the programme which the UN would declare a state of emergency, the Queen, who loves her commonwealth multicult Britain would be against it and even ordinary Britains that dislike multiculturalism will lack the necessary resolve to see it through and thus you can only ever slow it.
            We as Britons must prepare for the continued managed decline of our nation by the system, of which in our multi ethnic society, parliamentary democracy is it method. Because as the other groups increase and Britons and Whites across the Western world generally, become minorities in our lands our voting power as an ethnic group diminishes comparitively (and ukip aren’t even an exclusively White British party they aren’t allowed to be due to the ruling made by the electoral standards comitee against the BNP. Wheels within wheels) and so eventually the ballot box approach will close aswell.
            So then what is the answer ?
            To ensure the survival of our people and of our race we must adopt the mindset, that we are under a hostile system that seeks our eradication as a people.
            We must begin to form consciously white ethnic enclaves and by the tactic of entryism infiltrate the existing political parties that hold the seats in the constituencies where these enclaves are.
            A handfull of dedicated activists can easily move into an already White majority area, that isn’t consciously White per se but simply by default, because diversity hasn’t fully developed there yet. I’m not advocating retreating please understand.
            This is the method by which you take control of the culture of a significant number of local areas and thus the political direction aswell.
            We must stop thinking in the short term.
            This is only part of the strategy being employed by at least two groups in Britain at present.

          4. “We as Britons must prepare for the continued managed decline of our nation by the system” (Richard James)

            yes, but only if millions of stupid White people continue voting LibLabCon.
            You can’t blame the System if the people are too dumb/lazy/comfortable/worthless to care.
            So yes absent a mass ‘awakening’ for want of a better word, apart from emigrating (where?!) that leaves only your little by stealthy enclaves… which won’t work either if immigrants continue disproportionately fecund (and rural jobs pay nothing remember). Still, faute de mieux…

            Deportation? Where there’s a will, there’s a way: (“more than 250,000 foreign migrant workers”)
            I think that should probably be ‘alleged workers’ since reportedly it was due to acts of criminality by mainly Ethiopians and Saudis decided enuff woz enuff.

            Farage’s ‘UKIP is not against immigration’ at 5 minutes.

            Listen to the vomit-inducing media jock on this call-in, classic anti-White race traitor, all the usual sneering phrasing and scripted false arguments from (((central command)))

            — poster should add the radio station and ‘host’ names.

            Basically, Brits are just soft. Weakness attracts aggression in nature, and the same applies to human societies.

    2. Byrn we can’t give up, I have lost all faith in the three main parties, so my vote will go to UKIP, wish Nigel was still at the helm.

  9. With or without postal vote fraud, the system is designed to keep the establishment parties in power. Media complicity in this scam is there for all to see. One has only to peruse the comments thread on an article concerning muslims in the daily express online, to witness how easily people are hoodwinked, cowed and fall into line with PC dogma.
    Whether or not the government puts into effect any of these plans is besides the point. Not only are these token half measures ineffective in the struggle for the survival of Europe, they are seen, quite correctly, by muslims as pure weakness.
    Folks are still afraid of being called a racist so a half measure like this or like madmerkels burkha ban is enough to appease the overly compassionate (not a problem if youre country is racially homogeneous) into accepting a slower form of genocide.
    The problem is that there are folks who just simply cannot bear to be thought of as a racist.
    Listen, even if every invader was a model citizen, a hard working tax paying trainee architect who would never even dream of axe attack, rape, truck attack….they still do not BELONG here.
    Democracy can only work effectively in racially homogeneous societies. In multiracial societies, each group competes for a smaller and smaller piece of the pie. How they compete is determined by factors outside the liberal lexicon.

    1. I agree with everything you say, about ten years ago I was so naive never really thought about all of this, now I’m wide awake and to be honest quite scared for our future, this has happened so slyly, thanks to Merkel all has come to light why can’t the left and open borders see the destruction of our country as we knew it.

  10. A CHRISTIAN woman was stabbed by an asylum seeker after he heard her reading from the bible, (in Upper Austria.) Her alleged attacker is a 22-year-old man from Afghanistan who had taken offence to the fact that the woman had been invited by Christian residents of the property to discuss the bible. When questioned by police, the man accepted he had overreacted but claimed he was suffering from ‘personal problems’. Scum like this should be hanged!

    1. Totally agree with you antieu with the proviso that all other Muslims be deported without exception. The UK needs to get rid of the lot of them … they cost us a fortune and they`re nothing but trouble.

  11. The time will arrive when even the normal types of elections, be it local or national, there will be the increased level of apathy from the voting public that has allowed the current problems we have in the UK. As seen with this idiotic legal attack by individuals (with loads of money) that feel that the referendum has upset their rich lifestyle, our media have again failed to ask the very pertinent question, “are you happy with dictatorship from a cabal of non-elected human beings who demand blind loyalty without question because the majority of 27 other countries are so pathetically incompetent with their own finances that they go to meetings with a ‘begging bowl’ year in and year out. If these people are so enchanted with the EU, why don’t they move to France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Germany? The media is bought 100%, elected representatives want to retain their exalted salaries pensions and perks, and not one of them could give a toss about those on the minimum wage, a lot of whom probably are expected to smile when the serve them in fancy restaurants on taxpayer funded expenses. WWi & WWII were a waste of time and manpower, not one of them died for their country for the shambles we have today.


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