What Racial Group are Chechens?

The blatantly false description of now arrested Boston marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev as “white” on his FBI wanted poster during the recent manhunt for him, has raised two pertinent questions: (1) what racial group are Chechens exactly, and (2) how does the US government define race?


To answer the first question: Chechens are in the present day a mixed-racial population. The location of their region, at the crossroads of east and west, has meant that various racial groups have passed through the country—and left their genetic traces—at different stages in history.

In ancient times, the region appears to have been first populated by the oldest European racial types (called “Mediterraneans” today) and then by Indo-Europeans. However, these European racial groups were then devastated by a series of non-European invaders.

The north of the country was held by the European Circassians while the Asiatic Avars invaded from the east, and a number of other smaller Turkic invaders penetrated the region, especially during the era of the great Muslim invasions of the Middle East.

The most dramatic non-European invasion was that of the Mongols in the 13th Century. This had a devastating impact on the region which was repeated once again the next century under the Asiatic-Turkic invader Tamerlane. (It is no coincidence that one of the Boston bombers, suspect 1, was named Tamerlane, as it became a widely-used name in Chechnya since the 14th century.)

After that period, Chechnya fell under the influence of the mixed-race Ottoman Turkish empire, particularly in a series of wars against the Russian Tsars who were expanding southward. After the Russians finally conquered the region, it was incorporated into greater Russia and then into the Soviet Union, a move which brought a fresh input of genes from European Russia.

As is to be expected from this historical mélange, the DNA of present day Chechnya reflects the wide diversity of racial origins.

According to the most recent survey of Chechen genetics, “Parallel Evolution of Genes and Languages in the Caucasus Region,” (Oleg Balanovsky et al., Molecular Biology and Evolution 2011),  56.7% of male Chechens display the  Haplogroup J2, which is associated with the Semitic populations today found in Israel, much of the Middle East and southern Italy.

Other male haplogroups found in Chechnya include the Semitic J1, the European L (7%); the Middle Eastern and non-Semitic G2 (5.5%); the northern European R1a (3.9%), the Asiatic Q-M242 (3%) and the western European R1b-M269 (1.8%).

On the female side of Chechen DNA, as is also to be expected, there is a much closer correlation to European DNA. This is because invading armies are almost always male, and the female population of a conquered territory almost always survives an invasion—at least for one generation—and are taken up as wives by the male newcomers.

Overall then, it is safe to say that although there is a small European element present in Chechnya, the region is largely of mixed race, with an accent on a Middle Eastern and Semitic input.


Why then, leading on to question two, did the FBI announce that “Suspect 2” was “white,” especially when his picture clearly shows that he is not?

The answer lies in the pathetic—to say the least—racial categorizations used by the US government in all official census returns.

According to the official guide, the US Census uses the following categories of racial definitions:

“American India/Native Alaskan;


Black/African American;

Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander;

White (divided into non-Hispanic white and Hispanic white); and

Two or more race.”

White is officially classified as “Caucasians from any part of the world (including the Middle East) that do not identify with any of the other racial groups.”

In addition, “the US Census Bureau does not classify Muslims or Arabs as racial categories” saying these are “ethnic and religious categories.”

In these “definitions” lies the answer to question two: in a nutshell, the racial definitions used by the US government are unscientific and bear no relation to racial realities.

This has, of course, important ramifications beyond the misclassification of a Chechen bomber in Boston.

It means that white population figures in the US (according to the 2010 census) appear greater than what they actually are, due to the inclusion of who knows how many people such as Dzhokhar Tsarnaev as “whites.”

Secondly, it artificially inflates the official US crime figures for “whites” by including Hispanics and Middle Eastern crime rates among European Americans, making them out to be far more criminally inclined than the reality.

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  1. I’m an ethnic Russian. Ethnic Russians (that is to say, real Russians) are Slavic, and therefore white. In Russia, as well as the rest of Europe, the term “Caucasian” is not used to denote the white ethnicity. Instead, the term WHITE, or EUROPEAN is used. Having said that, “faces of Caucasian ethnicity”, is a term used used to describe the people living in the Caucasus region who happen to be georgian, azerbaijani, armenian, Chechen, Ossetian, etc… Chechen, or Nohchi, are middle eastern people, and Russians call all people of the Caucasian ethnicity BLACK, not white. You would know this if you were to ask any real Russian person. This isn’t some hypothetical statement; it is a bone-hard chilling fact. A fact that is simply ignored by the west, because in the west the term Caucasian is used to denote the white ethnicity. Because of this, people from the Caucasus like Armenians, Georgians, and Chechens call themselves WHITE in the west, and play right into the hands of people who simply don’t know any better. The fact is that “Faces of Caucasian Ethnicity” are called black in Russia and the rest of Europe. Now, while this does not actually make them black African, it is certainly something that is used to differentiate them from the white race. You can tell me that I’m wrong all day long, but look at photos of Anna Kournikova (who’s an ethnic Russian), and compare them to photos of Kim Kardashian (who’s half Armenian), and honestly tell me with a straight face that Kim Kardashian is white. You know she’s not, I know she’s not, but the west seems to think she is. Now, she’s only PART “Caucasian”, and the contrast is quite apparent there. Tsarnaev brothers are full-blooded Chechens, by definition “Caucasian”, and therefore, not white in the slightest. It’s like calling Osama Bin Laden white; it’s completely ludicrous, and people need to be educated on the matter.

    1. Great comment, stating situation as it is in Europe. I can only assume that 25 people, who voted it down, want to lick Kardashian’s huge ass thinking she is white.

  2. Officially, per U.S. Federal Government categorizations, “white” designates the peoples of Europe and the original peoples of the Middle East. I believe this is close to a literal quote and clearly would include Semitic peoples.
    Although some Chechens would appear to be “Middle Eastern” in appearance, it is obvious that in the Boston area and in the greater U.S. northeast they could readily blend in with groups from Southern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean, generally Christian, who had settled there in the early 20th century. I believe if you check further on the Chechens, quite a number look vaguely Slavic; some have red hair. On another point, their language is now believed kindred to Basque. All in all,
    some can be distant enough from standard police conceptions of an Arab terrorist to prove a more difficult problem for law enforcement than has been the case until now.

  3. J2 to which the Chechens belong is not a Semitic haplotype; rather, it is a mediterranean haplotype. The reason the two brothers look a bit semitic is because their mother is J1 (dagestani/semitic).

  4. J2 is an iraqi marker, far from the Mediterranean. The Original Caucasus people come from Ancient Mesopotamia. This has been linguistically confirmed. It has nothing to do with IE, hence how centum-speaking tocharians have zero j2, and are all r1a, while centum speaking greeks and italians have it from neolithic/pre-IE admixture. Genetically, Caucasus people are closer to Iranians than they are to Europeans. All of the Caucasus was considered part of asia until the 19th century, following the russian conquest. The original Mediterranean was actually inhabited by ME-type people. The Etruscans of Italy, for example, are confirmed to have genetic links to Anatolia/Turkey. Most Turks in Turkey are just Turkified Anatolians. Cypriots are hellenized eteocypriot semites. They aren’t greeks, they are genetically closest to sephardic jews and druze arabs. Even Ashkenazi Jews are more european than they are, ashkenazis are ME/Euro hybrids who cluster with other hybrids like southern italians and greeks. Southern Italians/Greeks/Albanians are actually genetically closer to Turks than they are to most Europeans. Turkey was originally inhabited by Anatolian Pisidian/Lydian/Carian and Hatti, etc. people. The Greeks invaded and colonized Anatolia and Cyprus. That’s how they become Greek-speaking and now turkish speaking. So, yes s.italians and greeks aren’t completely white (see the Dorian invasion, etc., the IE incomers mingled with the pre-IE natives), they have heavy Middle Eastern blood. People from the Caucasus are sort of similar to depigmented Middle Easterners (related to sumerians), that’s how they look similar to ME/euro hybrids in s. italy and greece. The Golden Dawn leader, for example, is not white.

  5. Chechens are partly of Middle Eastern ancestry… but Middle Easterners (although more brunet than Europeans) are white , as well as Europeans. And Chechens are predominantly caucasoid, with very few negroid (black african), mongoloid or australoid admixture. So Chechens belong majoritory to the white race.

    1. Chechens/Georgians/Dagestanis/Caucasians are not europeans. They look like Turks, it’s just that northern caucasians are lighter pigmented. The reason why southern italians, greeks and also albanians, etc. can look similar is because those se europeans have heavy middle eastern blood and aren’t completely white. They’re borderline. Middle Easterners look more like Mixed Latinos than whites. Even the Ainus were said to look ‘caucasoid’; doesn’t mean much, because there are other features to consider.

    1. That is a site made up by the chechens themselves by the way. Some (1st) photos are ethnic Russians or mixes. Remember that chechens used to steal Russian women (long history of it) in 19th century. Their presidet certainly looks like an arab with red hair which is not unusual

  6. Chechens are white.It doesn’t matter if they are muslim.There are more white muslim nations.Bosnians,Albanians are also muslim and white.Chechens are also the toughest white people.They lead white people.

    1. they are not. they are more Arabs with or without light hair and they do not look European. They may be tough but most certainly not European

      1. As a Chechen, I can say for sure(I have seen both Chechens and Arabs more than anyone else here) we look more Slavic than Arabic, partially because we mixed heavily with Russians and Cossacks. I don’t think we could be classified as European White, but we probably fall into large White race, which as I understand consists of different subcategories. Anyway, white or black, I am proud of myself and my nation and don’t trust Mainstream Media

        1. Mixed with Russians? R u insane? Did you see autosomal results? u r not Chechen you r just typical russian troll or half-russian bastard., u wannabees write this bs everywhere by using dumb nicknames like Akhmed. Marriage to Russian woman have always been a shame for Chechens and you should know that, and interracial marriage generally is prohibited among Vainakhs. Qotalgh yin hum ho mayar’ “Akhmed”. Lol

  7. Tsarnaev brothers look armenian, and they are only half chechen. From Akhmed: we mixed heavily with Russians and Cossacks…. Huh what? This Akhmed bloke who left a post above is 100% not chechen but russian.

  8. This is the first site that I have found that states a realistic
    view of race. So many mixed-race people are accepted as
    white. Most white Americans have no idea of what a white
    person looks like. The first step in destroying a race is to
    blur the distinctions between the races. It seems to me that
    a tendency exists in the casting of television and movie characters
    to select mixed-race people who can “pass” for white.

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