UK’s Biggest Fraud in History: African “Banker” to be Deported Back to Ghana

An African convicted of Britain’s largest ever financial fraud—which involved $2.3 billion and nearly brought down Switzerland’s largest bank, UBS—is about to be deported back to his native Ghana, unless Britain’s Pakistani origin Home Secretary and former Managing Director of Deutsche Bank, Sajid Javid, changes his mind.

News of Kweku Adoboli’s pending deportation—which comes after his release after serving less than half of his seven-year sentence—and his fate being decided by a Pakistani-origin immigrant—serves as a microcosm of the raceless chaos which is enveloping the west under race-denying liberalism.

Adoboli, who was born in Ghana but “describes himself as British,” has been detained under Britiah law which says that all foreign nationals sentenced to more than four years are automatically considered for deportation “unless they can show that there are compelling reasons to allow them to stay in the country.”

According to reports, Adoboli, who has been living in Scotland with friends since his release, was detained when he made his fortnightly check-in at a police station in Livingston. He was taken to Dungavel, an immigration removal centre in Scotland.

“He has appealed to the home secretary, Sajid Javid, not to deport him because of his longstanding ties with the UK and the fact that he is working hard to educate people to avoid making the same mistakes he made at UBS,” the far left Guardian newspaper said.

His solicitor, Jacqueline McKenzie, said the case raised wider issues about the deportation of offenders who have grown up in the UK and are settled here. “This is a really unfair situation for Kweku,” she said.

A court recently denied him permission for a judicial review of the deportation proceedings, and granted a request by the Home Office to be allowed to deport him even if he renews his application for a review.

His MP, Hannah Bardell, has appealed to the Home Office to stay removal proceedings against Adoboli, but in a letter dated 24 August, Nokes wrote that the Home Office was satisfied its actions had been proportionate and that all the issues raised, such as the length of time Adoboli had lived in the UK, had been fully considered. “As such, the arrangements for Mr Adoboli’s deportation to Ghana will proceed,” she wrote.

A Home Office spokesperson said: “All foreign nationals who are given a custodial sentence will be considered for removal. Foreign nationals who abuse our hospitality by committing crimes in the UK should be in no doubt of our determination to deport them and we have removed more than 42,800 foreign offenders since 2010.

During his trial, Southwark Crown Court heard Adoboli was “a gamble or two away from destroying Switzerland’s largest bank,” and had lost the money in “unprotected, unhedged, incautious and reckless” trades.

Adoboli worked in UBS’s global synthetic equities division, buying and selling exchange traded funds (ETFs), which track stocks, bonds and commodities. The court was told that at one point he stood to lose the bank $12 billion.

In his sentencing remarks, the judge, Mr Justice Keith, told Adoboli: “Whatever the verdict of the jury you would forever have been known as the man responsible for the largest trading loss in British banking history. The fact is you are profoundly unselfconscious of your own failings….”

Det Ch Insp Perry Stokes, from the City of London Police, which investigated Adoboli, said: “This was the UK’s biggest fraud, committed by one of the most sophisticated fraudsters the City of London Police has ever come across.

“To all those around him, Kweku Adoboli appeared to be a man on the make whose career prospects and future earnings were taking off. He worked hard, looked the part and seemingly had an answer for everything.

“But behind this facade lay a trader who was running completely out of control and exposing UBS to huge financial risks on a daily basis.”

“When Adoboli’s pyramid of fictitious trades, exceeded trading limits and non-existent hedging came crashing down, the repercussions were felt in financial centres around the world.”

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  1. That man is not, never has been and never will be “BRITISH!” The political elite and do-gooders that are out to ignore that are as bad as he is. The UK has far too many people who brand themselves as ‘British’ but only because they think it gets them protected. In their own country’s, they’d be disposed of quietly. Get rid of them all and return the UK back to the country I was born and brought up in.

    1. Allowing him (and any other non-White person) to call himself “British” is a trick of the communist Marxists. Decades ago, we allowed the communists to let all foreigners call themselves by our name. It all started with the hyphenated movement: African-British, Mexican-American, Chinese-Canadian, etc. What that did was dilute our identity as a distinct people. It made our nationalities secondary, temporary and interchangeable among the “real” peoples of the world, a moniker that could be tacked onto anyone from anywhere. If anyone can claim my identity, do I really have one?

      That’s the whole point behind the scheme of calling foreigners by our name, to destroy our identity…not theirs. They still get to be considered and called Mexican or African with or without the British or American add-on. We, however, remain those nondescript Brits, Americans or Canadians that go with everything. Finally, when all White nations are filled with enough hyphenated residents and display the same menagerie of peoples walking down any street, when our demographics all show the same basic percentages of the same mish mash of peoples, and nearly everyone in their respective countries believes that they were always “a nation of immigrants” that was founded as a “melting pot”…then international borders will finally come down. Who needs borders anymore when every western country looks exactly the same? We’ll be one mixed up happy global family.

    2. I agree with you 100%, he is NOT British, and never will be, DEPORT IMMEDIATELY AND BAN IT FROM EVER RETURNING. Neither are all the other foreign invaders, including the Sajid Javid and Sadiq Khan’s of this world.
      Some of them may have been born in this country, but they by choice choose not to display any allegiance to the country that has housed, fed, watered cared for and educated them, after taking in their begging immigrant parents/grandparents who should NEVER have been given asylum in the first instance.

      1. Regarding: “the Sajid Javid and Sadiq Khan’s of this world…after taking in their begging immigrant parents/grandparents who should NEVER have been given asylum in the first instance.”

        Javid was born in 1969, Khan in 1970. Both born in Britain. Both of Pakistani origin.
        Pakistan has been member of the British Commonwealth since 1947 (except 1972-89). Before 1947, Pakistan belonged to Britain as a colony, so de facto was part of Britain.
        Did Javid and Khans’ parents or grandparents really have to beg for asylum in Britain?
        Or, Pakistan having close personal links with Britain, did they come into Britain easily and legally? Didn’t Britain willingly permit them to enter Britain and stay in permanently?
        If it’s a fault such people live in Britain, isn’t the fault entirely that of the British, including you?
        Further, is it right or a fault for the British to cut Britain’s links with a European body – however imperfect it may be – called the EU, but keep on those with the predominantly Third World “Commonwealth,” including mass immigration from there?

        1. No, it is NOT THE FAULT OF THE INDIGENOUS BRITISH PEOPLE, who were never asked if they wanted the entirely Jewish concept and word “Commonwealth” to be forced upon them.

          The ordinary Indigenous British people gained NOTHING from the “Empire” and NOTHING from the Jewish “Commonwealth”, as Victorian novelists like Charles Dickens illustrated quite clearly.

          They were never asked if they wanted to be PARASITIZED by countries like Pakistan & Nigeria, and they were never asked if they wanted the citizens of some 50 foreign countries to be given “Commonwealth Voting Rights” in British elections.

          They were never asked if they wanted to work hard to give part of their salaries to fill the pockets of foreign parasite dictators while decimating their own health service, police and military.

          They were never asked if they wanted devastating Mass Third World Invasion from the Jewish-inspired “Commonwealth”, or such Invaders to gain positions of power within their government.

          So the answer to your question, “Whose fault is it?” is…”ZOG”.

          1. The INDIGENOUS British people have never been asked about any controversial issue prior to any election because it is a guaranteed way of losing the election. Once elected the Government of the day will always blame the preceding one when the controversial items appear to be forced into law. My late wife was a child in London during the arrival of the ‘Windrush’ immigrants and her mother was never told they were coming. Two essential talents to be a Politician:- How to screw the taxpayer for as much as you can as often as you can; Keeping a straight face, lie through your back teeth when ever asked about the controversial issues. When I joined the Forces, I swore an Oath of Allegiance to my Queen and Country, and that is what BRITISH people did. How many of the MP’s do that today?

  2. Regarding: “This was the UK’s biggest fraud, committed by one of the most sophisticated fraudsters the City of London Police has ever come across.”

    But some Whites insist all Africans have a low IQ, don’t they?
    Who’s truly given evidence of having been dumb in this instance?
    In fact, supremely dumb.
    Well? 🙂

    1. Look. If he was ‘so damned smart’, he would have either:

      1/. Make the bank – and himself – a load of money, retire and live the life of Riley for the rest of his days.
      2/. Personally profit massively from the fraud, take the money, scarper and disappear.

      All that happened to him was that he was the bitch of Her Majesty, left penniless with no job, and likely to be sent back to his native hell hole with its hookworm and malaria.

      1. Dear Mr Portes,
        you’ve almost talked me into agreeing the British having let themselves be cheated out of $2.3 billion by an African from Ghana is evidence of great smartness of the British. What a smooth-talkin Brit “patriot” ya be. 🙂
        And now seriously. Britain IS DYING. So is the rest of Europe.
        The main reason of Britain and Europe’s dying is their wrong perception of themselves and their total self-complacency or lack of true self-criticism.
        Blunt and brutal self-criticism, and outward criticism, is urgently needed. Above all that of Britain – the country chiefly responsible for Europe’s and own destruction.
        Second is Russia.
        Both countries and nations are, in fact, very similar geopolitically and mentally to each other. They’re kind of twins. A pair of geopolitical twins in an old tacit agreement on how to keep the Continent down.
        I’ll try to express views such as these here. I’d call them European patriotic views. Pertaining to Europeans both in Europe, including Britain, as well as people of European descent elsewhere.
        If regarded as a “troll” etc. and censored by obvious non-trolls such as yourself, or indeed by people running this site, I won’t mind stopping talking.
        Thank you very much, responding to you has been a pleasure.

  3. Serves them right for employing a man who looks like that.

    In a sane world, he would be the office cleaner.

    Rest assured that that f*cking bank gave that black that big job over and above the heads of more talented white male candidates, who, given the opportunity, would have made a lot of money for that bank. Rest assured that those white men are the janitors at USB.

  4. His defence at court is that he’s being deported because of “racism”.

    Obviously billions of losses due to fraud has nothing to do with it.

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