Germany: 13% of All Registered Invaders “Vanish”

Around 130,000—or 13 percent—of all the nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees in Germany, and who were registered on that government’s “Easy” data system, have simply vanished without a trace.

Making the admission in answer to a parliamentary question, a spokesman for the German Ministry of the Interior also said that the large number of “missing refugees” meant that they had “submerged into illegality.”

Officials admitted that 13 percent of the 1.1 million invaders who were registered as “asylum seekers” in 2015 simply didn’t arrive at the center to which they had been assigned.


The admission of the extent of the “missing” invaders demonstrates clearly the dangers of the “freedom of movement” Schengen principle, and also how the Dublin Accord (in terms of which, “asylum seekers” are supposed to be sent back to the EU country in which they were first registered, has collapsed after Merkel ordered it subverted.

In addition, Merkel’s reckless decision has meant that all of the European Union now faces a radically higher security and criminal threat posed by an army of over 130,000 nonwhites from who knows where, roaming free and unchecked through all of western Europe.

Whereas in 2014 Germany was sending every fifth asylum seeker back to the country where they had entered the EU, in 2015 this ratio had dropped to one in every ten.

In 2015, Germany requested these first countries of registration—mostly Greece, Italy, and Spain—to take back nearly 45,000 nonwhites in terms of the Dublin Accord.

However, only some 3,600 were actually sent back, and at the same time, other EU states sent 3,000 “asylum seekers” to Germany.

Meanwhile, a German police report from Kiel has revealed that three white teenage girls in northern Germany were harassed by a large group of nonwhite invaders in the northern German town on Thursday, in an incident which echoed the New Year’s Eve attacks.

As the teenagers, aged between 15 and 17, went for dinner together, they were followed by two young invaders, both from Afghanistan, the police report said.

The two nonwhites then started filming the girls with their phones as they sat in a restaurant near the harbor. According to statements the girls gave police, the nonwhites then appeared to send the video or pictures to other people.

Within a few minutes a group of up to 30 more nonwhites had arrived outside the restaurant. At this point, two of the girls ran from the restaurant and managed to shake off a group of around ten of the nonwhites who followed them.

The girl left inside the restaurant was then approached by some of the other nonwhites—but this time the police had been alerted by other diners and arrived to intervene and arrest many of the perpetrators—all confirmed to be “asylum seekers” from the local invader center.

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  1. Looks daft but the micro-State of Kiel Road End should elect a Minister of Finance, Revenue Office to collect their own Taxes, have their own schools and Bank and then declare independence for the incompatible Afghanistan Peoples Republic of Kielside Road End and then the Germanic Barbarians can appoint an Ambassador to represent German interests in the new State and have an Extradition Treaty to catch the criminals in the place.

  2. Oh dear, who could possibly have imagined that this could have happened?

    Our elite politicians in the EU have been out-smarted by a bunch of uneducated, low IQ human garbage, who could not see what the average person on the street predicted.

  3. …and then the police said naughty naughty, and let them go. Afghanistan, Morocco, Algeria..ffs..not Syria! Time for German men to film the invaders, so they can gather, and rescue girls and deal out justice.

  4. Re: the police report – a similar thing happened to a group of girls I was with in north Cyprus in 2007. We were staying in the south (Greek) side and travelled to Kyrenia for the day. The girls wanted to swim in the harbour by I was against it because I knew the reputation of Turkish (Muslim) males. They ignored me and took off their street clothes having swimming wear underneath. This is something you can do in Australia (where I am) and in Greek Cyprus no worries, but in Muslim Cyprus? No way! I watched the local males pull out their phones and within minutes cars of Muslim youths were pouring in to the harbour to watch the girls. They got panicked, got out of the water, got dressed, and we removed ourselves pronto! It would have been nasty had we stayed. I just can’t help but say that Muslim males are all potential rapists and have little respect for women.

  5. They are all going back to refugee centres in order to re-register for asylum/’salaries” so they can double-dip the welfare system! I am in Texas and I know this! I cannot believe what Europe’s leaders have done to their people. I fear there will no longer be a Europe as we know it ever again…

  6. The erection of fences surely proves these people are not wanted. The fact that they still come proves they have contempt for Europeans and are indeed invaders.

  7. The UK’s contribution to the coffers of the EU will undoubtedly rise by billions of pounds because it is estimated that each of these refugees are going to cost Germany £16,000 per years because most of them are unemployable. Germany’s economy is already in dire straits and then they still have to sort out the VW scandal which is going to cost the German economy an absolute fortune. This shows that these people have not come to Europe because they are fleeing war zones but have come to live of Europe’s welfare systems.

    Mrs Merkel should be arrested and tried for treason or sectioned because she obviously is not right in the head.

  8. Very disturbing reading of what would appear the reemergence of Muslim ‘rape crews’ in Germany. Why does the German police not act ? Will they turn their backs again on systemic rape by gangs of young Muslims in Germany again as they did in Cologne ?

  9. Hearken to what Jakob Augstein,the son of Rudolf Augstein, founder of Der Spiegel, has to say in defence of the rapefugees. It’s a rare case of degenerate psychopathy even in this apocalyptic time. This Jakob Augstein, a fanatical leftist, writes on Facebook that the inhabitants of Clausnitz (East Germany), who attempted to prevent a busload of refugees from entering their town, are worse than “Muslim rapists.” Why? “Because the German women who were raped in Cologne were powerless only during the raping.” Whereas the rapists are and will always remain the weaker ones due to their “cultural, educational, social, legal and financial” inferiority to the raped women. “The events in Cologne turned the hierarchy temporarily upside down. The relation of power switched as, for a brief moment, it became reduced to physical strength … These raped women have money and enjoy the protection from the state and its institutions.” And finally: “There was no Cologne. This Cologne is a product of the media, politics and racist resentments.” Isn’t he a total sicko? I wish you, son of a bitch, to get an identical treatment at the paws of your poor victims-rapists as the women of Cologne did. I hope you live it up.

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