Wave of Nonwhite Sex Attacks in Germany

Following the nonwhite invader mass sex attacks in several European cities on New Year’s Eve, a steady stream of reports are now coming in of never-ending sex crimes being committed all over Germany by “asylum seekers” invited into that country by Angela Merkel.

tolerance mill

Nonwhite invader: “Slut! Hold still! Mrs. Merkel has invited me!”

Merkel: “Why do you compel the refugee to rape you? This only plays into the hands of the right wing! Be kindly willing, slut!”

 In the mill of tolerance.

Here are just some of the incidents reported by German police on their official news website. Please note that this is just a representative sampling of nonwhite invader sex crime attacks in Germany over the past few days—and it is certainly not complete or comprehensive.

These examples should, however, be enough to prove that the mass importation of Third Worlders into Germany has had disastrous consequences. Furthermore, it is clear that if the nonwhite invasion is not halted and reversed, Germany will soon collapse into Third World lawlessness.

In the North Rhine Westphalia city of Soest, police reported a sex attack by a 20-year-old asylum seeker upon a 17-year-old white girl on the bus to Möhnesee. The attack, which took place on Saturday evening, January 10, at 19:00, was prevented from being turned into a rape by the swift action of the buses’ other passengers.  The nonwhite was identified as coming from the Echtrop “asylum center.”

In the Baden-Württemberg town of Ellwangen, police reported that two “southerners”—the police code word for nonwhite—sexually harassed a 35-year-old woman at 21:15 near the town’s city hall. The woman managed to escape and flee to the police station.

Police in the city of Hamburg reported that on January 9, 2016, a 25-year-old Eritrean was arrested on charges of sexual harassment of a white paramedic outside a hospital.

Also in Hamburg, on January 8, 2016, police announced that they were looking for two “North Africans” for sex offenses committed at the Hamburg-Heimfeld, Stader Straße, S-Bahn underpass. Two blacks from South Africa—who have somehow conned their way into Germany under the blanket invitation issued by Angela Merkel—sexually harassed a 48-year-old woman. The victim managed to escape to a nearby gas station, where the police were informed.

On January 8, 2016, two men of “Arab descent” sexually harassed a 53-year-old white woman at 17:00 in Hamburg-Winterhude, Dorotheenstraße. The Arabs exposed themselves and made obscene movements, the police statement on the incident said.  The criminals were described as “20 to 25 years old, Arabian appearance, black hair, bushy eyebrows, and lighter beard.”

On January 7, 2016, police in Hamburg arrested a 23-year-old Somali “asylum seeker” for sexually abusing a ten year-old white girl. According to the police, the attack took place at 15:00 at Hamburg-Ohlstedt, Sthamerstraße. The Somali was found at the local “refugee reception center.”

On January 8, 2016, the Hamburg police reported that eight Afghani “asylum seekers” had sexually harassed a large number of white women on the Jungfernstieg in Hamburg’s Neustadt.

In the town of Oldenburg, Lower Saxony, police reported that “men from Algeria and Morocco” sexually harassed five women on Saturday night, January 9, 2016, in the city center. A rapid police response resulted in the arrest of five nonwhites, four of whom were positively identified as living in the local “asylum center.”

In the city of Paderborn, North Rhine Westphalia, police have announced they are looking for ten “North Africans” who sexually harassed several white women in the Old Torgasse / Brückengasse streets. The nonwhites also punched several of the women in their faces, police added.

In Hannover, police have announced that they are looking for an “Arabic-speaking man” described as “about 20 years old, dark short hair, a dark complexion, and with dark brown eyes” for a sex attack on a 45-year-old woman at 21:15 on the city’s Ringstrasse. Police are investigating a charge of attempted rape. The nonwhite grabbed the woman from behind as she entered a building stairwell, tried to pull off her clothing and bit her on the cheek. Her screams alerted residents of the building who came to her aid. The nonwhite fled.

Also from Hannover comes the news that a 28-year-old Sudanese “asylum seeker” has been arrested for sexually harassing white women in a nightclub on the Glockseestrasse. The nonwhite actually went into the women’s bathroom where he assaulted his victims when they entered.

In the Baden-Württemberg city of Weinheim, police announced that they detained two men from “South Asia” for a sexual assault on a 19-year-old white woman on Sunday evening, January 10, 2016, in the town’s railway station.

In the Lower Saxony town of Aurich, police have called for witnesses to a sex attack on a 15-year-old white girl by three men who “spoke no German and conversed in a strange language.” The attack took place on Thursday evening, January 7, 2016 on the Ostfriesland trail near the Kneippstrasse, police said.

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  1. They are just backwards, savage filth, with IQ’s which qualify them as borderline retarded.

    No amount of time and education could improve these animals, because the only education which interests them is that of their vile book, and all the savagery which it authorizes and encourages.

    1. Call me a conspiracy theorist if you like, I never have been before, but I believe the NYE attacks on western women were orchestrated by Merkel’ underlings with her full support. Hasn’t been used much as a weapon of war in Europe since WW2 came to an end, undoubtedly used in the former Yugoslavia, sexual attack is a very powerful, and very malleable way of bringing an opponent to it’s knees. Witness the events of NYE in Germany, Austria, Finland and other European countries. Mass assaults on the females attending traditional NYE festivities. Police crackdown on ‘media’, which probably self imposed that, a little news trickles out, the femonazi Mayor of Cologne basically accuses German females, living in their own cities of behaving wrongly, and inviting it? And she still holds office? and then, the coup de grace, an ostensibly peaceful march by Pergida, is attended by a totally detachable squad of rent a mob, detaches itself, and horror upon horror attacks innocent moslem held businesses in the area. Kristallnacht , the press hounds bay, and they are probably right, orchestrated by Frau Merkel who is now pretending to be horrified by the very forces that she has unleashed, for the destruction of Christian Europe, to be replaced by moslem Europe, which will be Dante’s inferno for anyone who doesn’t want to be a slave, and Europe, oyu’re allowing your politicians to visit this on you? It’s not a friendly visit, it’s for keeps!

    2. They do have a history of somewhat blind obedience. The British however don’t but I don’t see them doing much fighting back either.

  2. Once word gets out among the migrants that German law enforcement is impotent
    and overwhelmed they will become more brave, more ruthless with their attacks and
    robbery. You ain’t seen nothing yet. Wouldn’t surprise me if ISIS has sent many more
    sensing this German weakness. Such an easy victory.

  3. I have to ask myself what’s behind Germany, economically the most powerful state in the EU, willing to bring destruction on itself so readily. All the evidence is there, taking in about 1.5% increase in population of unemployable people from an alien and destructive ideology, people who can’t speak the language who, through invitation, think they can do as they please, regard women as easy meat….then blame victims when things go wrong – and German taxpayers have to fund this lot. Catastrophic.

  4. Poor refugees fleeing from a warzone would be grateful and humble and definitely would not make trouble. This lot have made trouble all the way to Germany and now they are really getting started. They are an invading army who are confident of victory and hungry for the spoils of war. Merkel has delivered the teenage girls of Germany to be their rape fodder.

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