German Police Seek 280,000 “Foreigners”

The German police are currently looking for more than 280,000 foreigners wanted for violating immigration laws—but they all seem to have “vanished.”

The number of fugitives has risen 140 percent over the last year, spurred on by nonwhite invaders who were denied “refugee” status but who wish to evade deportation.


According to a report in the German newspaper Die Welt, the figures of wanted persons comes from the Federal Criminal Bureau, as released to a radio station in Hesse.

The “foreigners” being sought are mainly comprised of nonwhite invaders who entered Germany during the 2015 “open doors” invitation issued by Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Despite warnings that such a step would invite swarms of Third Worlders into Europe who would otherwise have had no chance of gaining legal entry, Merkel has stuck to her guns—with the inevitable result.

Now Germany—and, because of the European Union’s “freedom of movement” rules, all of Europe—is faced with a growing problem of nonwhite invaders who do not qualify for asylum even by the EU’s own ridiculous rules—and who have no intention of leaving again.

According to the report, “foreigners” are put on the police’s wanted list if they are served with orders to leave the country, but by that time can no longer be found.

Die Welt said that some of the fugitives might have already left the country—but did not say where they had gone—and that in such cases they would have been placed on the list of people to be refused entry to the country.

This claim is of course yet another hoax, as Germany now has no real border posts or checks on people coming into the country—except at the airports—and as a result, the invaders are essentially free to come and go as they please via the land borders.

When asked if they could provide a number of how many people were currently living in Germany illegally, neither the police nor the Federal Interior Ministry could provide an answer, the report concluded.

Meanwhile, Merkel will visit three African countries starting this coming weekend in an effort to “stop the flow” of invaders, according to optimistic reports in the German media. Merkel will travel to Mali, Niger, and Ethiopia, and then once back in Berlin, will hold talks with the leaders of Chad and Nigeria.

A report in Die Zeit said that talks would focus on “migration issues” and the “battle against jihadist groups.”

“The well-being of Africa is in Germany’s interest,” Merkel told Die Zeit, indicating that more “foreign aid” to the Dark Continent was on the cards.

“Bringing more stability to Africa and improving living conditions on the Continent would help reduce the numbers of people seeking to leave. Ignoring the reasons that are pushing people to migrate will not make the problem go away,” she said.

Merkel’s line of reasoning is delusional. Africans want to come to Europe because they have destroyed their own countries. They will only stop coming when they are forcibly prevented from invading Europe and they become aware that their racial compatriots already in Europe are returned.

Giving money to Africans in Africa while still allowing them to invade Europe will only perpetuate, not alleviate, the current situation—a fact that only the race-deniers cannot see.

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  1. The EU and Police have given up, these people are here now and have no intention of leaving and nobody will force them to leave. Rape is now an acceptable crime in Europe, the foreign culprits are given a slap on the wrist and sent on their way and the courts try to blame the victim for the crime, how far backwards are we supposed to bend to appease these invaders, they have run riot and nobody does a thing, then Merkel invites more and the Italians are stock piling Africans waiting for the borders to open again, Europe is finished.

  2. Yes.

    The point is that blacks and pakis – no matter how much they instinctively hate whites, and wish to harm whites – come to Europe because, really and truly, they want to turn their backs on other blacks and pakis.
    That’s how hateful these people are.

  3. Perhaps they`re lurking in Sweden – another country with suicidal tendencies where Islam is concerned.
    What an advert for `open borders`….lol !

  4. Everyone who has a gram of intelligence should avoid going to Germany and France , Sweden as these are no very dangerous countries for tourist. Consider Switzerland , Hungary , Czech Rep , Poland or Slovakia as safe destinations.

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