55 Murders in 98 Days: London Collapses into Nonwhite Crime Nightmare

Britain’s majority nonwhite capital city of London is rapidly spiraling downward into a crime nightmare where there have been 55 murders in the first 98 days of 2018—a direct result of decades of government-promoted mass Third World immigration which has ethnically cleansed that city of the majority of its white population.

The racial link to the crime and murder plague in London was openly admitted by the black ex-head of the “Commission for Racial Equality,” Jamaican-origin Trevor Phillips.

In an interview with the Mail on Sunday, Phillips called for “tougher policing in black communities hit by knife crime than in white areas with less violence” and said “it’s not white boys in Surrey who are being stabbed or stabbing other people.”

Phillips also attacked political leaders “for failing to acknowledge that rising knife crime in London involves race,” the newspaper reported.

“We have to be honest and say the central issue is not white boys in Surrey being stabbed or stabbing other people. The victims and perpetrators are mainly from a narrow range of backgrounds, and we should not be afraid to say so. They are usually from black, Afro-Caribbean backgrounds,” he said.

Phillips called for the reintroduction of “stop and search” policing, a practice which was halted in 2014 following leftist claims that it “unfairly targeted black and minority ethnic people.”

The black crime wave enveloping London is often captured on mobile cameras and uploaded to social media websites, such as this one of blacks attacking and chasing police out of a street in the British capital:

Another article in the Mail revealed that blacks as young as nine are playing a sick game called “Scores” where they win points for stabbing people and committing crime. According to the report, the competition “between rival gangs bidding to outdo each other” is being fed by the perpetrators “boasting of their gruesome handiwork on social media.”

An informal ‘tariff’ of crimes goes from low-level items such as invading a rival gang’s territory to stabbing someone and ultimately up to murder, the report continued, adding that “more points are awarded if the knife is inserted all the way up to the hilt or if the victim is stabbed in the face or another area where a scar will be visible.”

The article also revealed that the blacks’ favorite “music,” called “Drill Rap” features “masked performers rapping about drugs, shootings and stabbings.”

As to be expected from the race-denying establishment, the UK’s Home Secretary Amber Rudd announced a package of “new measures” over the past weekend following a week of violent attacks.

The new measures announced by Rudd include plans to make the possession of certain types of knives and acid illegal, and to introduce “drug dealing telecommunications restriction orders” which will enable police to shut down mobile phone lines used by the drug gangs.

None of these measures will have the slightest effect, because the cause of the crime plague is not “environment” as the race-deniers believe, but simply the fact that London is majority nonwhite, and therefore has a culture which is a reflection of the majority of inhabitants now living there.

The only “answer” to London’s “crime problem” is the repatriation of its imported nonwhite population back to their home nations—anything else is a waste of time.

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  1. Third world immigration produces third world conditions very simple ! Why would any responsible and sane government flood the country with third world immigrants ? Treason it is called !

    1. From a capitalist’s point of view it is a perfectly sane thing to do because the nation state is an impediment to international trade and investment. Ultimately economics rule.

  2. Welcome to the new sh*thole London.
    Shortly the entire UK. Possibly will take it
    off as my travel destination.

  3. London surpasses New York City in the murder rate and yet, Britain has strict gun control. Take note, Americans. Removing most or even all the guns from a society does NOT make it safer and in fact, INCREASES, the crime rate 1.) because it leaves law-abiding citizens little more than sitting ducks and 2.) criminals NEVER give up their guns anyway! When someone is determined to kill another person, they’ll find a way to do it, gun, knife, automobile, whatever. Best to have a gun to defend yourself in any case.

    Ban assault knives!
    Ban assault automobiles!
    Ban assault baseball bats!
    Ban assault frying pans!
    Ban assault rocks!
    Ban assault bricks!

    1. United States murder rate: 4.9 per 100,000
      England and Wales murder rate: 0.91 per 100,000
      Funny how the British are five times less likely to be murdered compared to US citizens despite not having guns to defend themselves.

  4. Yep.

    And as sure as night follows day, you will read an editorial in The Economist magazine screaming about how ‘wonderful’ ‘diverse’ London is, and demanding even more immigration.

      1. Someone who has not lived in Britain may wonder what the reference to the Metro and Evening Standard is all about. These are free newspapers distributed in London which constantly promote mass immigration and degeneration. For example I remember reading a copy of the Evening Standard that included an article supporting remaining in the EU, an article about transgenders, and an article about a mixed race celebrity. The Evening Standard is edited by George Osborne a former minister in the Cameron led Tory government that ramped up net immigration to an all time high of 330,000 and introduced same sex marriage.

    1. Multi Culti heaven ?? Yes exactly what Oz traitor leaders are saying. Its all lies. 80% of aussies want immi stopped NOW.

  5. The police run away, lol. That was well shameful. I hope they’re volunteers, they shouldn’t be paid for that. If they scare that easy they should look for a different job.

  6. London is now a pathetic,dispicable,city…the United Kingdom is in free-fall,it is dying and it’s pathetic to watch it….

  7. its amazing how many times the same crime waves can occur in western nations and is blamed on overtaking other that the undeniable. ‘London’ no longer exists other than in our memories.

  8. It is common sense that importing large numbers of migrants from countries with high murder rates will result in an increase in the murder rate of your own country. Although the murder rate in England and Wales has been steadily decreasing since 2002 the concentration of immigrants in London has seen an increase in gang related murders there. Liberals are unable to anticipate this consequence of mass immigration from the Third World because they are ideologically committed to the racial equality and do not understand that in countries that are less culturally advanced than Britain there is inevitably more violence.

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