No “Migrant Crisis”: UN Ships Africans Home

Thousands of African would-be invaders of Europe are being flown home from their invasion launch pads in Libya, courtesy of the United Nations—conclusive proof that there is no “migrant crisis,” as the UN would not be shipping them back if there was any genuine reason for the Africans to be “fleeing” or to be claiming “asylum” in the first place.

According to the United Nations “International Organization for Migration,” (IOM) that agency is stepping up the rate at which it flies Africans home from Libya, and aims to ship at least 15,000 back in December 2017 alone.

The IOM says that the acceleration of returns is an attempt to “ease severe overcrowding in detention centers,” where numbers swelled after boat departures for Italy from the smuggling hub of Sabratha were largely blocked this year.

The IOM has already flown back more than 14,500 Africans to their countries of origin so far this year as part of its voluntary returns program. Nigeria, Guinea, Gambia, Mali and Senegal have seen the highest numbers of returns.

The invasion launch pad in Sabratha on the Libyan coast was disrupted earlier this year when “armed groups” began preventing boats from leaving.

After clashes in the western city in September, the IOM said, thousands of invaders who had been held near the coast “surfaced” and were transferred to detention centers under the nominal control of the U.N.-backed government in Tripoli.

“We are seeing an increasing number of migrants wishing to return home especially after what happened in Sabratha, it’s all linked to Sabratha,” said Ashraf Hassan, head of the IOM returns program.

In the aftermath of a CNN report on Africans being sold as slaves in Libya, some countries of origin have begun accepting charter flights returning migrants from Libya for the first time.

As a result, the IOM has “shortened” procedures for screening the Africans in Libya, and has started regular flights from Tripoli to Nigeria and other African states.

The fact that this can even happen is conclusive proof that there is no “migrant crisis” and that these Africans are simply trying to invade Europe. They are not “fleeing war” but merely seeking to parasite off liberal European welfare systems.

Evidence of this came with a Reuters report that the “thousands” of Africans flown back from Libya “are likely to attempt the perilous journey to Europe again unless they find jobs at home,” according to Mariama Cisse, who coordinates the Senegal government’s  program for returnees, including job training, loans and community projects.

That West African country has some of the highest numbers of invaders who get trafficked, imprisoned and sold in lawless Libya while trying to reach Europe, according to the IOM.

“If we don’t provide for their needs, they’ll leave again,” Cisse told Reuters.

The European Union has already given Senegal over €160 million (US $189 million) for “youth opportunities, reintegration and development projects,” IOM’s chief of mission in Senegal, Jo-Lind Roberts, added,

“But returnees in need of assistance are increasing, with many more expected in the coming months,” she said.

More than 2,600 Senegalese have flown home this year with IOM’s voluntary repatriation scheme compared to about 1,800 in all of 2016.

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