8,991 Invader “Minors” Vanish in Germany

At least 8,991 nonwhite invaders in Germany who claimed to be minors have “vanished” since January this year, police have admitted—more than twice as many as all of last year.

The Federal Criminal Police Office (Bundeskriminalamt) has confirmed that by July 1, at least 8,991 “unaccompanied refugee children” and “young people” had been reported missing.

Most of those claiming to be children are supposedly aged between 14 and 17 years old—but the widespread use of false ages among the invaders to claim extra benefits and qualify even more quickly for “asylum” makes these figures theoretical.


The number of “minors” who have “gone missing” this year has doubled since January, when “only” 4,749 invader “minors” were known to be “missing” from the state-provided centers.

The majority of those registered as missing were supposedly aged between 14 to 17 years (8,046), while 867 claimed to be under the age of 13. In addition, another 78 claimed to be 18 or 19.

The BKA added that it was “hard to keep tally” as so many of the invaders arrived without identity papers and their low level of education and literacy meant that they often spelled their name many different ways, even when they were not being deliberately deceptive.

In February this year, the European police agency Europol estimated that at least 10,000 “unaccompanied refugee children” had gone missing after arriving in Europe. More recently, it said the number is now considerably higher.

In May this year, it was reported that many “unaccompanied minor refugee”-criminals arrested in Germany over the past few months have proven so violent that they can no longer be detained in youth offender prisons and have had to be moved to adult institutions.

The nonwhite invaders have smashed up the youth prisons, destroyed property, and assaulted guards—and are now under lockdown in more stringently-controlled facilities.

In Vienna, Austria, at least 30 percent of all nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees have now been arrested for criminal offenses—including at least seven aged under the age of ten.

The level of crime committed by these “unaccompanied minors” was already so high last year that the Die Welt newspaper reported that police in Hamburg had “capitulated to the criminal refugee children.”

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  1. These reports are so infuriating! It is obvious the Western (((governments))) do not represent the interests of European derived peoples at all. In fact, they are actively working against their interests in a manner that qualifies as nothing less than ethnic cleansing. Meanwhile, there are many deluded whites who cheer their own dispossession as a moral imperative, a sickening effect of the current (((education))) received by virtually all. It is apparent that the diverse group collectively identified as the Alt Right is working to establish a counter culture to act against these (((forces))), so awakened whites need to do all they can to support the building of this infrastructure. This is a Herculean task, especially considering the system is currently rigged to tax us to pay for our own dispossession. Just as the Spartans taught their sons the greatest glory they could achieve is to die in battle defending their people and nation, we must teach our daughters the greatest glory they can achieve is to birth, love, and prepare our next generation to carry on our civilization. This is how we achieve immortality.

  2. Anyone who read koran will know islam is an extreme religion. Merkill is importing extremism and trying to destroy eu to implement her forth reich. Unfortunately, there is nothing much the eu people and leaders can do except to vote to leave eu.

  3. “8,991” – that’s a nice, precise figure at a time when the Germans simply do not have a clue how many so-called, ‘immigrants’ are in the country. The figure seems to slide between ‘just over a million’ to 2.5 million last year alone.

  4. Of course they are going to spell their names in different ways. If they can read and write at all the migrants would have to write their names phonetically since their own alphabet if they have such a thing, would be in a different script from our own. If migrants write their names in their own language, Europeans are not going to be able to read or pronounce it.

  5. Nothing short of a military coup, or an invasion by a white military foreign force, would do. One or the other, and the cattle trucks will start filling up. Can’t see any other way out.

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