Cologne: German Patriots Strike Back

German patriots, pushed to the point of no return by the endless wave of sex and criminal attacks on white women and girls in Cologne and the surrounding area, have started to strike back with coordinated attacks upon nonwhite invaders in the city’s streets.


According to an official Cologne police press conference held in the city center this afternoon, four separate attacks on “asylum seekers” took place on the evening of Sunday, January 10.

Criminal investigation department chief Norbert Wagner told the press conference that six “asylum seekers” had been injured, and at least two had to be hospitalized because of their injuries.

According to an earlier press statement released on Sunday, the Cologne police said that they had “received information that there were groups of people who were deliberately seeking confrontations in the city center.”

The police had, they said, immediately deployed in “large numbers” to “ensure the safety of visitors to the old town” area. The police operation lasted from 16:30 until just after midnight, Wagner said.

In the course of the evening, more than 150 German men were stopped and checked. Four were taken into custody and 199 restraining orders were issued.

However, despite their efforts, at about 18:40, six Pakistanis were attacked by a group of about twenty men. They were all beaten, and two of them were taken to a nearby hospital where they were discharged after treatment.

Later, on the Trankgasse Street, another group attacked a 39-year-old “Syrian.” The invader was injured, but did not require treatment, the police statement said.

The police has as of yet not provided any details of the other four incidents.

According to the police, thirteen of those they stopped and checked were “known to the police as right-wingers,” eighteen were employed in the Cologne nightclub protection industry (“bouncers”) and two apparently had links to the “Hells Angels.”

Police team leader Michael Temme assured journalists at the press conference that the police will “proceed immediately with all available means against the perpetrators of violence.”

Beginning with immediate effect, he said, the police would deploy in large numbers at the railway station and in the rest of the old city center, and, he said, these “forces could be increased according to need within a very short time.”

There was, of course, no such police reaction after the mass sex attacks by thousands of nonwhites over New Year’s Eve—further proof of the inherently anti-white nature of the German establishment.

Furthermore, the police would never consider stopping hundreds of the nonwhite invaders in the street for fear of being called “racist.”

According to the Cologne Express newspaper, an impromptu group which that paper described as “rockers, bouncers, and hooligans” organized themselves on Facebook to “go into the center of Cologne on a manhunt” in retaliation for the mass sex attacks on New Year’s Eve.

The paper said that the Facebook group—apparently since deleted—said that following the New Year’s Eve attacks it had “become necessary to clean up properly.”

The paper added that it had no concrete evidence that the attacks in the city center were the result of the Facebook group, but the police press conference on January 11 also asserted that the attacks had been coordinated via Facebook.

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    1. Let’s hope not, after all, cockroaches have survived longer than most other living creatures, and they say that the cockroach would be the one creature most likely to remain here after a nuclear holocaust of a massive meteor strike wiped everything else out…I don’t want to think of Muslims as being that invincible.! 🙂

  1. Very best wishes to those patriots now fighting back.!

    Remember you’re up against two enemies, the invaders, and your own government and its agencies.

  2. There is just no other way to convey the “message” to these idiots in Berlin – public unrest and disorder en masse!

        1. “ensure the safety of visitors”. As the British used to say, when we had a
          police force, where’s a policeman when you need one, and that was the
          ‘good old days’. I can only imagine that Merkel, with about 20 layers of
          insulation, is behind this rent-a-mob. Although her plans are moving
          forward apace she could be stymied at the last minute so needs to
          demonise a section of the population, so that she’s ‘marginally’ more
          popular than someone else in the precursor to implementing a very
          ‘reluctant’ Martial Law, which will quell all opposition, whilst amazingly
          protecting the invaders. What Really annoys me, and even frightens me,
          is that apparently her ‘electoral appeal’ has only dipped by 1%, and I thought it
          was only the British who suffered from terminal complacent apathy.

          1. Mike, sometimes I wonder if Germans realize that the person they voted in twice alraedy actually presents a real threat to Europe today!

            Take a look what Lisa writes in her post (Jan. 12, 2016) below:
            “She is in charge at the moment, she was democratically elected a long time before these so called refugees showed up and Germany is still (and hopefully will be) a democracy. The next “Bundestagswahlen” is in 2017”

  3. The German government should not be cracking down on Germans acting in self defense who are trying to protect German women. On the contrary, the government should declare open season on the invaders.

    1. No police defendied German women in Cologne but now Merkel has police out enmass to protect the migrants and assault Germans who are tired of her. Merkel’s arrogance will have the opposite effect that she envisions. She will be removed.

    2. The German politicians will side with the invaders, whom they gladly and willingly invited in.

      White protestors will be gunned down by German armed forces with no mercy given.

      1. I doubt that Johnathon, I’m sure the German armed forced will have family amongst the general civilians. This is however exactly why the EU wants it’s own military, so that it can crush one set of patriotic nationals with troops from a different country. It’s actually about time the Armed forces did something against this attempt to ethnically cleanse Europe. I imagine that they are sworn to serve their country, not Adolf Merkel. Most of the western European ‘leaders’ should be arrested and hung en mass.

    1. no sue they won,t..this is just senior officers rhetoric for the politicians,,the troops (police) on the ground have families/wives ,daughters of their own and they are 99% behind the ordinary german people!!! Think about it…they are just going through the motions and it is unbelievable that merkel/cameron and all their cohorts can actually think that the police and forces would turn on their own!!!It just goes to show how arrogant and stupid the eu leaders really are.

  4. I hate the way they call the german protesters mobs, thugs, hooligans how dare they, how else will they get listened to, have their voices heard its those lefties that should hang their heads in shame what is wrong with these people too much wacky baccy

  5. A peaceful settlement solution to this problem will have to be consistent with UN Treaties, Conventions, Declarations, Covenants and Statutes and consistent with the Treaty of Fort Sully, Dakota Territory October 20 1865 The North African Gentlemen should choose a spot for their settlement, after this their Rights will be recognised Article 5 ” Should any individual or individuals or portion of a band… desire to settle permanently upon any land claimed by them for the purposes of agricultural or other similar purposes, it is hereby agreed by the parties to this treaty that such individuals shall be protected in such location against any annoyance or molestation.” then the North African and other gentlemen will be able to build their own schools, and other institutions at their own expense or with credit. There is no provision made for the raising of servitudes over German public funds to help aggressors who do not respect these arrangements in any of the UN documents that I have perused.

  6. Germany needs to vote in gun rights for citizens of Germany, just like we have in America. Investigate the corrupt media, including the BBC, and fire people or put them in jail according to their crimes. The stupid leaders of Germany need to deport SINGLE YOUNG MEN back to their countries to fight against ISIS. They aren’t refugees. They aren’t women, children, elderly, families. Deport these fraudsters immediately. Merkel, you Idiot, resign. Go prepare to meet your Maker and be Judged.

  7. We need to purge the west of All the Marxist fascists in Politics And all the institutions that are corrupted to the core all working hand in Glove with islam for the destruction of Christendom and our Culture as we know and Love!!
    All MSM ,Western Media have been supressing and down playing the magnitude of attacks by these savages!!
    Only Revolution will stop these evil twisted tyrants in the corridors of power!! Changing Merkel will not make a difference you need rid of the whole rotten establishment?
    They are all feeding at the same trough , just under different names as the moneymen keep the wheels turning on a fake democracy!

  8. I´m from Germany. And yes, i´m shocked and angry about what happend in Cologne and in many other cities at New Year´s Eve. Those individuals should be hunted down like the animals they are. BUT i don´t support any type of warmonger, left or right. Let´s be real here: Germany is one of the wealthiest and most powerful nations on this planet. And this is not the case because it´s Germany but because of the Germans. The education, the science, the engineering, the work ethics, the culture of free thinking and equal gender rights, the seperation between state and religion. You realy think that we will let those goat lovers with their pedophile self proclaimed prophet get in our way of living? This is not Sweden here. We are a nation of war, don´t fool yourselfs. Just because we played nice the last couple of years, doesn´t mean we can change that any time. Keep pushing us and you will find out first hand what it means to have Germany as an enemy, muslims.

    1. Lisa, a lot of people are shocked how is this possible that you allowed that sicko Merkel to bring over 1 mln goatshaggers into the country. When I looked at the pictures of young girls greeting those criminal-looking-Arabs at many railway stations I thought it was some sort of propaganda films from Lepzig during FDJ days of young Angie … how come she still hasn’t been ousted? Are you sure that Germans are so much different than totally brainwashed Swedes?

      1. First of all we didn’t “allow” Merkel to do anything. It just happened, simple as that. She is in charge at the moment, she was democratically elected a long time before these so called refugees showed up and Germany is still (and hopefully will be) a democracy. The next “Bundestagswahlen” is in 2017. Stupid people like those greeting the refugees at the railway stations just don´t understand why this is happening. Merkel knew there would be violence but I honestly don´t think she expected anything like Cologne. And yes, being one myself I know Germans are different than Swedes. German history is full of revolutions and wars. We may be a rational bunch but we can be very….passionate about “things” as well…

        1. “We may be a rational bunch but we can be very….passionate about “things” as well…” – tell me something I don’t know 🙂

          God bless’ya – cheers from Poland!

        2. Good for you Lisa, I hope you succeed. Here in the states we have a second amendment right not to protect us from invaders, that’s what the army is for, but to protect us from a corrupt and tyrannical government. Which I may add we are quickly approaching. Fight for your right to bear arms, then no horrible Merkel, or any creature like her can thrust their will on the good citizens.

  9. This anti immigration movement is alive and well across Europe and shows no sign of abating anytime soon, good luck with your endeavours and don’t stop until you have removed your Chancellor and the other traitors,

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