Australia Becomes Latest State to Reject UN “Compact on Migration”

The government of Australia has become the latest state to reject the United Nations’ “Compact on Migration”—which seeks to justify the mass invasion of white nations by nonwhites—joining the US, Israel, and several European nations.

According to a statement issued by Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his home and foreign ministers, adopting the pact “would risk encouraging illegal entry to Australia and reverse… hard-won successes in combating the people-smuggling trade,”

Morrison was an architect of Australia’s sensible policy of detaining on remote islands those nonwhites attempting to invade his country by boat.

That policy stopped the mass nonwhite invasion in its tracks.

“We believe that the compact is inconsistent with our well-established policies and not in Australia’s interest,” the ministers said.

They added the pact “would also be used by those who have sought to undermine Australia’s strong border-protection laws and practices.”

The UN Global Compact for Migration lays out 23 objectives to open up “legal migration” and better manage migratory flows as the number of people on the move worldwide has increased to 250 million—three percent of the world’s population.

The pact has already been rejected by the US, Poland, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Israel.

Earlier this week Morrison announced he would also seek to slash legal migration into Australia, from the current official cap of 190,000 per year to around 160,000.

In addition, Morrison has also announced that his government is considering a plan to cancel the citizenship of those “immigrants” identified as serious terror threats, or if they’ve been flagged for extremism.

The move comes in the wake of yet another set of arrests of nonwhite immigrants in connection with the eighteenth major terrorist incident in Australia since 2005—all  of which have come about directly because of the mass nonwhite invasion of Australia.

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  1. The basic premise behind the Global Compact is that large scale illegal Third World immigration to the West cannot be stopped, and that existing controls expose the migrants to hardships and danger as they try to circumvent them. Therefore this illegal immigration should be legitimized by renaming it and reducing or removing controls. In practice this means that a pathway to migration to the West for those whose education and skills would not normally qualify them for visas should be created by reducing the qualifications required for visa applicants.
    Without Trump I doubt that any national governments would have had the courage to defy the United Nations over the Global Compact. However, thanks to his example the rebellion against the immigration madness promoted by the globalists is gathering pace and another country has now came out in opposition. Strangely enough it is a government led by the Liberal Party that has joined the opposition to the Global Compact. Normally voting for a political party with the word ‘liberal’ in it’s title is tantamount to giving permission for your country to be flooded with hordes of Third World immigrants.

  2. Well done, Australia! Dutch MEP Marcel de Graaff warned that this UN pact will actually make it ILLEGAL to criticize immigration!

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