Doctors without Borders Fake Charity “Rescue” Ship Dumped 24 Tons of Toxic Waste in Italy

The pro-Third World invasion “Doctors without Borders” (MSF) organization illegally dumped more than 24 tons of dangerous waste in Sicily, polluting several ports, and its employees now face criminal charges in Italy—and their fake charity “rescue” ship the Aquarius will be seized if it ever enters Italian waters again.

According to the public prosecutor’s office in Catania, Sicily, an investigation into 22 MSF employees and two workers of the European Maritime Safety Agency has been launched for deliberately disguising the nature of waste products they offloaded at least 44 times during previous stops in Italy as part of their taxi service for nonwhite invaders from North Africa.

According to a joint statement from the Italian Financial Guard, a law enforcement agency, and police, the 24 individuals are “accused of disposing of waste considered dangerous in an illegal way on 44 occasions.

“The French charity allegedly failed to properly dispose of around 24 tons of waste and therefore polluted various Sicilian ports,” the statement said.

The prosecutor has also frozen €460,000 ($525,831) worth of MSF assets, which reflects the sum of money MSF saved by circumnavigating waste disposal norms.

Over the course of three years, the MSF has provided a taxi service for at least 80,000 nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees, by shipping them from North Africa to Italy.

Currently the Aquarius is docked in Marseille, France, after its Panamanian registration was revoked after its criminal activities came to light.

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  1. It’s irritating how lazy journalists are. What sort of ‘toxic waste’ are they talking about? It could be anything from old food through to lethal chemicals. The two named Medecins sans Frontieres people, Karline Kleijer and Gabriele Eminente, are undescribed. I’d guess they are Jews, or funded by Jews; ditto with MSF. But no info is given. Their description of their own work, or ‘work’ – humanitarian help or whatever – is simply repeated, as though it must be true. Whereas any white activist who said he was doing humanitarian work would certainly not be quoted without qualifications.

  2. “‘Doctors without Borders’ …illegally dumped more than 24 tons of dangerous waste…”

    Now THAT is taking your Hippocratic Oath seriously!

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