Australia: Tribalism Holds up Appointment of African Crime Taskforce

Disputes between tribesmen from the Nuer and Dinka tribes—originally from the Sudan and Ethiopia—have delayed the setting up of a special taskforce supposed to “deal” with the rampant African gang crime rampaging through Melbourne, Australia,  officials have admitted.

According to reports in the Australian media, infighting over positions between the Dinka tribesmen  (originally from the East and West Banks of River Nile, from Mangalla to Renk, regions of Bahr el Ghazal, Upper Nile, and the Abyei Area in Sudan), and Nuer tribesmen (from the South Sudan and southwestern Ethiopia) has caused a delay in getting the taskforce up and running.

The “African-Australian Community Taskforce” was supposed to help Victoria Police deal with Melbourne’s African gang crime problem, and was announced with great fanfare at the beginning of the month.

However, it is yet to “choose its members because of tribal divisions, according to the chief commissioner” of Police in Victoria.

The taskforce had “been charged with providing information to police on emerging issues and hot spots, allowing officers to act swiftly, and establishing a more efficient channel for police to engage with community leaders and receive advice on preventing youth crimes and antisocial behavior,” the reports added—as if any of this would actually stop the nonwhite crime plague.

Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton told media that although the taskforce had met a few times, it was yet to finalise its membership due to “internal political issues”.

He said there “was concern growing within Victoria Police that tribal divisions between Dinka and Nuer ethnic groups had caused delays in formally establishing the taskforce.”

“It’s been a number of weeks now, we want to try to get those issues settled as soon we can so we can get the maximum benefit out of it,” Ashton said, admitting that “We’ve got issues with African youth offenders, it’s been an ongoing problem for us for quite some time.”

Ashton said members of the South Sudanese, Somali, Maori and Pacific Islander communities had been “helpful” in ensuring major events like White Night and New Year’s Eve ran smoothly—in other words, they had managed to restrain at least some members of their “community” from rioting and robbing other attendees.

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  1. Oh my goodness these people deserve to lose their country if this is the best they can do with in dealing with illegal invaders. They talk about these gangs like they are 11and 12 year olds, these are grown men terrorizing their towns and country. Step up to the plate and do something.

    1. Agree. 80 yrs ago, about 2% of the nation were traitors – while we tried to fight off the Japs, they were commie unionists destroying troop’s food and equiptment. Now, its about 30% of the population, who are tried n true traitors, socialists – and working to see us invaded and down the gurgler. How and why ? Because, For the last 30 yrs, 80% of our teachers and uni lecturers have been and are, Marxist. ie the message they taught our kids, ‘this is not your land , we whites have done terrible things in settling in Oz, we should have no borders, we should have lots more multi culti, die-versity mass immigration ” . And hence , its hard to find patriots in our land. Especially amongst the young adults who’ve been indoctrinated in this way. And friends in teaching careers , tell me its still going on big time – this un-australian brainwashing..

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