Australia: Melbourne Residents “Installing Bollards on their Driveways” as Nonwhite Crime Plague Bites

Residents of Melbourne, Australia, have been forced to resort to anti-crime measures such as installing bollards on their driveways—to protect themselves from the rampant nonwhite crime sweeping the city, a direct result of the promotion of mass Third World immigration into that country.

According to a report in Australian media, “thousands of Melbourne residents are taking drastic steps to stop their cars being stolen during armed home invasions.”

“The crime is terrible. There are all these gangs kicking around these days and you can’t trust anyone” said bollard installer Brett Niddrie who has seen a major increase in demand for his services.

The owners say the bollards are a small price to pay for added security.

Where just a few years ago nobody owned a bollard, a local retailer told Seven News ‘every second house’ is buying them now.

For car lover Brett Niddre, the decision to invest in the poles was an easy one.

“The crime here is terrible,” he explained.

“There’s all these different gangs and all that sort of stuff kicking around these days, you can’t trust anyone.”

Sam Surace, who installs bollards, said business had been soaring in the wake of highly publicised crime in the area.

“Twenty years ago, nobody even thought about a bollard in their garage at home,” he said. “Now, every house is getting them just about.”

Sales of CCTV cameras have also spiked in the wake of the crisis. Some houses have spent more than $10,000 on home security systems.

The capital city has been scourged by a youth crime crisis, where mostly Sudanese “youths” are accused of stealing cars, invading homes and businesses, and theft.

Victoria’s Deputy Police Commissioner Andrew Crisp told media earlier this month aggravated burglaries were the “crime of choice” for the Sudanese.

“We’ve seen Sudanese youth become involved in aggravated burglaries,” he said.

“A lot of the time it’s to steal keys, so they can steal cars to commit further crimes. It has become the crime of choice for this particular group.”

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  1. If they’re breaking into the house to get the keys they’ll get the keys to the bollard. Are the Aussies dumbing down to the level of their imported detritus?

  2. It’s far less expensive to deport them all than go thru this farce of bollards & other security measures. The government’s duty is to protect the Australian public not provide shelter for bloody criminals. Trouble is with these people you never know when they’ll revert to type & start rioting & thieving. Send the whole lot home & shut the borders to them & their fellow continental types.
    Or is this in violation of the secret agreements made with the UN?

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