Australia: “Whites Minority in 50 Years”

At current rates of nonwhite immigration, Australia is set to become a minority white nation within the next fifty years, according to Canberra-based white rights activist Matthew Grant.

Matt Grant

Grant, who attracted national media attention when he spoke at the recent Bendigo anti-mosque rally in Victoria, said in an exclusive interview with the New Observer that most white Australians oppose the idea of becoming a minority in their own country, but are currently intimidated into keeping quiet.

This problem is something he, and other activists, intend to correct by embarking on extended political campaign and electioneering in the near future.

The interview proceeded as follows:

Q. Please tell our readers a little about yourself.

A. I’m a Scottish Presbyterian who spends lots of time in the National Library; I’m also a Nationalist, in the traditional Australian sense in the word, in that I believe in the National Community as the basis from which all other political ideals should be derived and fought for, the security and health of the nation (in our case, the white European settlers of Australia) being of the utmost importance.

Q. Please tell our readers about your activity for Australian nationalism. Are you with any party/movement?

A. I run a Fraternity for people under the age of 25 who are of European heritage. We are a self-help organization designed to build solid lifelong ties and moral convictions in the membership.

Politically I’m not officially associated with any party as of yet, however I am growing rather close to the likes of the United Patriots Front and the Australia First Party.

I am an advocate for White Australia in my generation, and I have been working slowly to increase the spread of information on the topic through my website and my Facebook page, Generation: Tradition.

Q. Tell us about your recent Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) interview.

A. My ABC Interview was secured when I met a reporter at the October Bendigo rally. She was interested in what she thought was an “anti-Islamic” nationalist movement, and as the UPF wouldn’t speak to her, I said I would.

She had prepared a large set of questions pertaining to Islam, and was not expecting me to advocate a White Australia policy and express opposition to non-European immigration.

About five minutes of the half hour interview was aired, and the producer has refused to hand over any of the edited-out parts.

What I said was that race-consciousness does not consist of hating other races or people, but is simply the motion that all countries ought to remain racially and culturally homogeneous. In this way, the strongest sense of common identity and community spirit can be established. This is what I as a nationalist believe in, given that community self-help is better than a welfare state.

It leads to the best kind of community in which there is excellent cohesion and which fosters an environment of decent morality.

Q. What is the current racial-state-of-play in Australia?

A. The actual figures are impossible to know. Firstly, since 1972 the department of immigration has not been allowed to record the religious or racial backgrounds of any immigrant passing through our borders. They are just “people” and the national census does not list race, only nationality. In this way, any Chinaman or African can just write “Australian” because he feels like an Australian this year.

I would estimate the country is still 80 percent white. The cities however are reaching Asiatic populations of 35–40 percent in many places, which isn’t very good.

At the current trend of immigration, we are taking in 190,000 people a year. I would bet a few dollars that the majority of those immigrants are nonwhites. This means that we are in the dire situation where, in the next half century, the white race could indeed be a minority in the country we have built.

Q. Are there any parties actually concerned over this issue? If so, which ones?

A. Australia First and Nationalist Alternative are the only two parties that I’m aware of that openly show concern to this issue. Both have very interesting pasts as parties and I would recommend that nationalists look them up.

Q. Are there any indications that average white Australians are concerned over these issues?

A. Absolutely. You may not see it on the TV or the Internet too frequently, mainly due to very carefully instructed omission by government agencies and the media, but around the dinner table and at the barbecue, people are waking up to the destruction of their country.

All it will take is a big gulp of courage and the majority will openly advocate for a “White Australia” again.

The only reason they haven’t yet, is because they think they are a minority. The average Australian who likes the idea of White Australia thinks he is a “racist minority,” and so, all true Australians feel isolated and too afraid to have their viewpoint heard. Little do they know that they are indeed the majority.

Q. Tell us about your plans.

A. In the next couple years I will be moving out into rural New South Wales, which I believe is a strong heartland for nationalist sentiment in this country.

I will be organizing with the locals and some of my assistants, who are already interested in the project, and we will fight elections, liberate towns from their communist-inspired mayors, and build a fortress of nationalism in the rural regions of NSW.

This is something that the establishment parties are going to be dreading, but the time has come—they have betrayed the country folks for far too long.

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  1. All white nation’s will be over run by the muslims in less than 50 yrs,they have been infiltrating everywhere for a couple of generations,and they have been breeding at our expense too.

    1. Whites globally r only 2% of the world population. You have to get the word out. White women need to have babies!
      Stop aborting your children, stop using plan b! Tell them the truth. About abortion activist especially feminism extremist! They own large amounts of stock in planned parenthood, plan b, and the medical equipment companies that make abortion products. White women r being played for a fool. Your baby parts are then sold! For rich cosmetics to stem cell research to keep the richest people in the world alive longer! Stop worrying about me time, and getting your career going. I can promise u, it will still be there!
      The push from FEMINIST extremisium is to wait till you r 35 to have kids, not to have kids, or the bull that the world is over populated, and they say since your white and must be overeducated then any brown skin woman, it’s up to u to save the planet for not having children!
      Look who tells u this! Look who wants to make money on your abortions, did they have kids?
      Also if a feminism extremist has no children and is telling u to wait or not have any at all… Question this ideal? Why does these women feel this way…
      Because only when you have children do u see your future and the future after u die! And that future right now, is whites r killing their race off faster than Muslims, aFricans, Asians combined!
      Stop it! Have children! Be proud of it, be proud of being white! Stop apologizing for being white! U owe no one because of your race. Past issues is just that. The past, you r not the ones to pay for your great great great ect fathers sins..
      You r you, and that’s GOOD!
      Have beautiful babies. And save your RACE!

  2. Send them packing.Apparently South Africa is looking for as many illegal immigrants as they can get.Join them for a free for all at the overburdened tax payers expense.

  3. Very interesting chap, indeed. What is the most impressive that he has a clearly defined plan of action … let’s hope he will be the Prime Minister one day!

  4. Yes, good for him. All young whites have been betrayed by their elders, unfortunately. Let’s hope they will change.
    . . .
    I noticed a depressing but amusing picture of the possible future of white’s cities: flooded with blacks, like abandoned monuments in south-east Asia overrun by monkeys. Or more palatably to PC types, like Muslims in Egypt surrounded by the remains of an incredible civiliastion.
    . . .
    May I suggest that in future, Matthew Grant should be accompanied with a small video camera. And video the event himself for a backup copy.

  5. It’s interesting that everyone you speak to at street level, both in Australia and the UK, all without exception, are of the same opinion. Unfettered Immigration must stop otherwise we will lose our countries. Politicians of course don’t see this, or more to the point don’t want to see it…………

  6. It’s more serious in Europe than in Australia, as many/most non-white immigrants in Australia come from compatible cultures (i.e., not the Middle East).

    Look at it this way: I’d rather see many Chinese, Indians, Philippinos instead of left-wing Europeans!

    I’m not saying that it’s good, but the situation in Australia is by no means dire, because the immigrant populations aren’t hostile to native Australians – unlike the situation in Europe!

  7. My city is changing so much,We are being over run by non-whites people who were not born here. I suspect in 2 generations time the entire eastern suburbs of Perth wil be majority non-white.

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