Has a Third World Workforce Messed up the New $100 Bill?

Has a largely Third World-origin workforce at the US Mint in Fort Worth, Texas, messed up—three times in a row—the production of a new $100 bill in a series of easily preventable mishaps which have cost taxpayers millions of dollars?

The Mint was supposed to have first issued the new $100 bill in 2011—two years ago.


However, what they claimed was a “printing error” left a white spot in the middle of those notes, and the entire print run had to be scrapped.

The second print run was completed, but, in an obvious inside job, was all stolen while being transferred to New Jersey’s Federal Reserve Building in East Rutherford.

The heist took place at 10.25am after landing at Philadelphia International Airport from Dallas, Texas. The cash was stolen from the plane.

The third print run has been spoiled because workers in the Fort Worth, Texas, plant “used too much ink” according to an official US Mint explanation.

The latest error will cost US taxpayers about $4 million because of the advanced safety features incorporated into the note, which include a blue ribbon woven into the middle of the bill with alternating “100” logos and Liberty Bells that move when the paper is tilted.

A copper inkwell contains a Liberty Bell inside it that turns green when moved.

The Federal Reserve Board recently announced that what must be the fourth printing of the bills was completed and that the new bill now will be launched on October 8, 2013—three years after the new design was first announced.

No-one is giving any explanation as to the series of mistakes which borders on a Keystone Cops-type carry-on, but a possible explanation could be found on the US Mint’s website careers section, where it states the following:

“The United States is built on the invaluable contributions of individuals from all walks of life.  It is the rich diversity of people who have contributed and continue to contribute to the growth of this Nation. Diversity is one our greatest strengths.

“At the United States Mint, we value and welcome the diverse background that each employee brings. Throughout the United States Mint, senior leadership is committed to ensuring that diversity management is an integral part of day-to-day operations fostering creativity and excellence in the work of all employees. Additionally, the United States Mint provides outreach to diverse groups to ensure that our workforce is reflective of society.”

According to the US Census Bureau, Fort Worth, Texas—where the notes were printed—has a “White alone, not Hispanic or Latino, percent, 2010” population of 41.7%—in other words, around 59 percent of the population is Hispanic or black.

If the US Mint’s workforce is indeed “reflective of society” in Fort Worth, this might very well explain much of what has happened.

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  1. Perhaps the US Mint employs Liberian PhD’s noted for their IQ’s of 67. Incidentally in any civilized community an IQ of 67 means you are “mildly” retarded.

  2. Not to worry. The bankers will happily step in once again to finance the “Fed” re this `minor mishap` and the US will sink even deeper in hock to the Rothschilds. It`s all in a day`s work to them they say, rubbing their hands.

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